Zindagi #JodeyDilonko Meet

I received an email from IndiBlogger for the Zee Zindagi meet.I decided I wont miss this event as  I  am always fascinated by Culture and  people of Pakistan. This time I wanted to be a part of new initiative taken by Zee Entertainment Enterprises (ZEEL)to promote cultural exchange by launch  of ZEE Zindagi channel . The Meet was organized at The Leela,Mumbai  where Bloggers interacted  with Pakistani stars.


It was arranged in two cities i.e Mumbai and Delhi  where in interesting debate started with questions  like which city is best for street food?( Mumbai&  Delhi at equal)  ,which city is better in terms of transport? ( ofcourse Mumbai is the best in connectivity, Mumbai gets brownie point here), etc etc.  it was first time at Indi Blogger’s meet that inter-city bloggers interacted with each other. Everyone there were enthusiastic and at their feet cheering for their home city.



Back to the Zindagi, Handsome hunk and Pakistani actor,Imran Abbas, arrived and got warm welcome. Great applause from audience.  Imran Abbas addressed the event followed by Q& A with Bloggers.  He was calm and answered all the question with ease and Urdu dialects comes being a Pakistani. There was surprise in the box, Didn’t knew Imran Abbas is good singer as well. On request he sang two songs- “Mera desh hai jaisa “ and popular hit song from Ashiqui-2 movie- “ Tum hi ho” enthralled the audience and  impressed everyone with his singing skills.He has collection of 15000 songs  & is big fan of Kishor Kumar, Mohd.Rafi  etc.Everyone cheered and  roaring applause came and once more ,once more started. Whatta Rockstar he is.



What I feel about ZEE Zindagi Channel that is it has content that is never seen before .The reason is stories are realistic in nature (Seen the trailers “Zindagi Gulzar hai -Do Dilon ko Jodti hai kahaani sarhad paar se” ,” Telefilms ka naya daur sarhad paar se”, “Kash mein teri beti na hoti – ek beti ke dard ki pukar sarhad paar se”,and Viewers wil get to see new daily soaps with different story beyond the borders( apart from Indian soaps)   and as mentioned by Imran Abbas , the serials are of 22-25 episodes mainly focusing on the story content and tight script which will keep audience engaged and  build interest to watch the show  unlike our tv serials which never ends and goes on till 1000 episodes!   Secondly rare concept of #JodeyDilonko ie which will connect audiences beyond borders.Thirdly Promoting Cultural exchange between the two nations and promoting peace and harmony, keeping aside political differences.ZEE Zindagi to be aired on 23th June,2014. Get more information on shows update log in to http://www.zindagitv.in/

Zindagi will connect hearts of people , and I strong believe both countries are interconnected with each other in a way somewhat in culture ,language customs, traditions, sports  which are bonding them together despite of political and economical differences by the govt.

Alas I had good time with my friends through Zindagi #JodeyDilonKo . Meet was  one of best experiences and met new bloggers (Jodey Bloggers ko)as well.

Jifi is here Experiences

Waking up on lazy Sunday and to get ready for attending the Event (cant think coz of Scorching).I left my home at 11.30 and had to pick my friend from king circle. However I reach late at café zoe. When I heard about 2nd event of this week, Jifi, New initiative by Kotak Bank for the Social Enthusiasts. I wasn’t much interested what’s all about but when I attended the event now I am damn sure this is gonna be revolutionary in Banking. Kotak is one step ahead of all other banks and keeping with the trend they have come up with such an innovative concept which is future of Social needs and great platform to connect with the youth with social media. 

There is couple of reason why I think this will succeed. They have great feature of Jifi such as Zero Balance Account(it also pays you interest on balance over 25k), just tweet and get your account balance,cheque book request and so on, an interesting one I liked is Loyalty points in terms of when you comment or like someone on Facebook. (Wow that sounds exciting) you can also transfer your points.( dats something interesting) redeem your points.etc etc.. and Last but not the least you get Jifi debit card.

Our guest of honor was Chetan Bhagat (Author of best selling novels) and I was really excited to meet him. It was interactive session with him. On every question he would give pleasing smile and answer it softly. And everyone was on its feet to meet him.



Alas the event got over at 4 pm , and I really enjoyed and met many new bloggers . It was Best Sunday for me. 

Magical time in Kolkata


A trip to Kolkata is incomplete if you don’t see Durga Puja festival.   The trip was never planned but it was decided quickly as my sis exams got over a week prior to the festival.  2nd hurdle was to book a ticket on Irctc as always it crashes down. Finally I managed to book tickets and we reached there just a day before. It was marvelous yet fun train ride.


First day early morning we had tea in bhan ( clay cup  ) served with hot singada ( samosa ) dats their passion to drink tea in traditional way. I was excited to sit in a tram. The ride on tram showed us heritage structures and scenic beauty of kolkata . I asked the conductor whats the difference between 1st class and 2nd class in tram , he replied 1st class has fan! .


We planned to see as many pandals as possible ( pandals are fabricated structures constructed  during religious festival ) Here I would like to say the pandals are so well designed and scrupulously crafted. The art work is of top notch, where you will see out of the box creative ideas and minds working and one thing is you will see unique designs in every pandal ,ranging from size, art, décor etc.  As I spoke to one of the committee member of pandal. He said their work start  6-8 months prior on what the theme will be and craftsmen and artisans start their work accordingly. The whole energy wrt to time, money is fully dedicated to Durga puja .Its incredible piece of art. You have  to see it to believe it ,you will know what I mean it. Another thing during these 9 days, Kolkata is immersed in the festival School, Offices, Market, all are closed so that people enjoy with their family and savour the lip smacking food at night. The night seems to be like a day and Kolkata police does wonderful job in maintaining the law and order. We tried to visit as many as pandals with the biggest and colour lighted pandals of north and south of Kolkata (Thanks to my dad’s friend, who helped us to note down the best pandals of the city) During that time we tasted authentic Bengali food, especially sweets like rosogulla, cham-cham, malai sandwich,  misty dai, etc .

I missed the last day of immersion as I had return ticket to Mumbai. I just loved the simplicity and friendly culture of Kolkata. After this trip I am definitely going next year to Kolkata.

śubha nababarṣa

101 Not Out

The very first thing in your mind would come is another article on Cricket or Sachin Tendulkar ( Not again! Media & press had all said everything about him  )  Yeah it’s not about sachin. It’s about my first 100 days completed in L&T infotech .

The August Journey till now has been like a roller coaster ride. Starting my 1st day I was running from pillar to post for document processing to verification checks alas it got over till the sun down. The Next three weeks infact four weeks to be precise were like fun yet boring at times ( typical bollywood flicks – Kabhi khushi kabhi gham )  and during that time I met seven stars ( friends ).  Let me introduce to all the gems with Akshay ( fun-loving guy) , Nitesh( jovial person with good sense of humor) , Nikhil(introvert & intelligent) , Shruti( petite gal – “ chota packet bada dhamaka “ , Snehal ( sober and kind natured gal) , Deepak( friendly guy) , Pravin ( critical thinker, good at heart) . later on the friends list got bigger day by day. made other new friends too.During the first three weeks , We were  neither allotted desk nor any computer system so big problem was how to manage the things. We used to spend whole day in conference room, sometimes half day in library,reading newspaper,magazines  or roaming around in the campus. In the conference room, Shruti would make the atmosphere lively with cracking jokes and speaking in typical gujarati accent that would make everyone smile.

The next month festival started – Magic of 9 and each day competition was lined up.  I participated in Photo Frame Contest and Salad Fiesta Contest. And won the 2nd prize in Salad contest. Thanks to ashish, aveek, nitesh, akshay for your moral support.  It wouldn’t have been better than this.  I felt like I m back to college ,again enjoyed in Dandiya night, traditional day etc etc.  Birthday celebrations were on the high! also attended trainings & seminars during the same period.

Oh my god! I get a Deja- Vu feeling. I wonder how fastly the time goes on you never know .I completed 100 days here and I feel as if I am working here since long time. The journey has just begun and I believe it will be enlighten and fruitful for the years to come.

Salute to Sachin!

Salute to Sachin!

I tweeted sachin tendulkar for his contribution to indian cricket and being outstanding & consistent performer, you can say Don Bradman of our era, inreturn i received Sachin Tendulkar’s personalized autograph via twitter. Its amazing feeling and i am on cloud nine. I will cherish it forever. :D

Mehengai hai mere dost

Arz kiya hai ,
Mehengai hai mere dost
Mehengai hai mere dost……..(1)
Subah ko sharad Pawar ne pyaz ke daam badakar rula diya,
Raat ko hasi ke favare se kapil  ne unpalo ko bhula diya
Mehengai hai mere dost
Mehengai hai mere dost……..(2)
Ghar mein biwi ko chahiye Audi car,
Office mein girlfriend mangti hai sone ke kangan chaar
Mehengai hai mere dost
Mehengai hai mere dost……..(3)
Office main target se pressure kar raha hai boss,
Kar diya maine uske balance sheet mein loss
Mehengai hai mere dost
Mehengai hai mere dost……..(4)
Is desh mein,
Asaram ji jaise bapu kar rahe hai jalwa,
Main baith kar kha raha hu ghasitaramji ka halwa
Uske papu ( asaram’s son ) ne bhi jam ke khayi Malai,
Aur yaha paise nahi rahe paint silai ke
Mehengai hai mere dost
Mehengai hai mere dost……..(5)
Boss se kehta hu toh pagar badhti nahi,
Aur mehengai hai ki kam hoti nahi hai
Aam admi ko katne mein hai bekaraar,
Yeh hai apni Manmohan singh ki sarkaar.

Everything has its time

Last night i made up that tomorrow i will catch my bus at 7.30 am so that i reach office before 8.30 am. But i missed my bus by 10 mins and i had to wait for another 15 mins at bus stop. I nominated myself for time management training session for the sake of it. My thoughts were its all rubbish, attending a session how it could change it. I attended the session and most important thing what i learnt was it changed my thought process and made me re-think.

When you don’t reach on time, we blame the situation, ( train was not on time, bus was late, it was raining heavily, etc etc ) there is always excuses for that. Its all about giving priorities. Do the thing which is important and urgent at first. A classic example of Time management is while going for an interview ;Make sure you have everything in place before the D day. make sure you know the route of your destination and how you would travel and approximate time reaching there (by  bus , train, or car) .This will certainly help you by saving time and also you reach on time. Keep your resumes photocopy ready (unnecessarily running in the morning to take photo copy ). This is one such example which is applicable to your everyday’s life. Plan and execute it and see how you can enjoy every minute of your life.

Managing your time is not difficult but it will take time to make it a habit. Most of the people whether it is personal meeting with friends or going on a date, or conference, they are late. why such things happen over and over again. Blame yourself for that. The trouble is you think you have time.I would say This is your life, this is your time. Manage your time effectively between your life and work.Time is more valuable than money.You can get more money,but you cannot get more time.