The Midnight Scare

I was returning home after the late night party at my friend’s place. As soon as I was nearby my house the street lights went off and all over the place it was dark, I got little scared ,praying to god and was walking down the street, the ghost phobia thought would get me unto death. I felt like someone is following me but didn’t had the courage to see back. I reached towards my building & there was howling sounds ringing into my ears as if somebody was haunting me. I felt how would I climb the Mount Everest & reach the top of my floor. Somehow I managed to get inside & walked upstairs till 2nd floor. My mind & body was shivering and I ran as fast as possible & reached 3rd floor and stopped as I was gasping for breath.Finally I reached my floor there I could hear my neighbor’s child s in a chirpy mood and loud voice said “Light aa gayi “(not Electricity)
I was relieved and had a last laugh after hearing that. It was scariest night for me. There is always ray of light (hope) after darkness.

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