Buying Genuine spare parts in Coimbatore

It’s quite boring to wake up on a Sunday morning when someone asks you to join for a religious ceremony My uncle had a client meet in the morning and he called me up to say “be ready downstair I am coming in 15 mins”. I had just 10 mins to wind up my stuff. So here I was ready waiting for him to pick me up. The religious function was around 100 km away. I was ready for a long journey, this time not on the wheels. My Uncle was at driver’s seat. He is safest driver I know. He doesn’t care about other cars and he drives at his speed. His funda is “Follow the rules, don’t break it, No accident will ever happen”. In a way he is partially correct ( not fully coz we are young blood bound to rip off the road at 130km/hr).
During the trip, our car was moving swiftly but at the end of the tunnel our car got stuck unknowingly. I stepped out of the car to check whats the problem. The front tyre was punctured. Now getting car tyre in Coimbatore at this point was an uphill task. I was thinking where would I get spare parts in Coimbatore.I called up my friend who informed a local guy and after 45 mins waiting in the scorching heat he arrived and he changed the tyre, so our journey took a halt for some time but it started again and finally we reached at the venue though little late but we made it .I was thinking the cause of tyre failure could be friction from moving contact with road surfaces, causing the tread on the outer perimeter of tyres to eventually wear away. When the tyre tread becomes too shallow, the tyre is worn out and should be replaced. The same wheels can usually be used throughout the lifetime of the car. Other problems face in tyre failure:
Uneven or accelerated tyre wear: can be caused by under-inflation, overload or bad wheel alignment.
Increased wear on a tyre facing the outside or the inside of a car: often a sign of bad wheel alignment.
Tread worn away completely: especially when the wear on the outer rubber exposes the reinforcing threads within, the tyre is said to be bald and should be replaced as soon as possible. Sometimes tyres with worn tread are recapped, i. e. a new layer of rubber with grooves is bonded onto the outer perimeter of a worn tyre. Since this bonding may occasionally come loose, new tyres are considered superior to recapped ones.

When you are on the long journey make sure you keep:-
Spare tyres – Many spare tyres for modern cars are smaller than normal tyres (to save on trunk space, gas mileage, weight and cost) and should not be driven very far before replacement with a full-size tyre. New cars are equipped to run flat tyres that may be driven with a puncture over a distance of 75 km to 100 km. This eliminates the need for an immediate stop.
Rotation – Front tyres, especially on front wheel drive vehicles, have a tendency to wear out more quickly than rear tyres. Routine maintenance including tyre rotation (exchanging the front and rear tyres with each other) is often done periodically to facilitate uniform tyre wear.
Tyre pressure gauges – which can be temporarily attached to the valve stem to check a tyre’s interior air pressure. This measurement of tyre inflation pressure should be made at least once a month, make sure to do it while the tyres are cold. That way, you’ll get a more accurate reading since the tyre’s air will not have expanded because of the heat
Tyre Pressure monitoring system – The use of a pressure sensor directly mounted on the tyres of a vehicle.The pressure inside the tyre is measured using a pressure transducer with the pressure information being subsequently sent to the vehicle to warn the driver of under or over inflation of a tyre.

After the function got over, I told my Uncle whenever you get in trouble always buy genuine spare parts in Coimbatore.They provide optimum performance and reliability to your vehicle. They keep your car at its peak performance level.Genuine Parts add to your safety and driving pleasure while ensuring that your car gets a long service life.

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