Are trousers really feminine?

Yes, we get it- ladies trousers are indispensable, particularly in the present fashion landscape and the daily rigmarole of office and commuting. The titular question may catch you off guard (aren’t we getting good at this? :D) but there has actually been a huge debate over the femininity quotient of trousers for ladies. For this, we’ll have to draw from history again which we believe is certainly what lends fashion its unique sense of attachment to culture and society.

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But enough of the rigmarole (we’re not about to embark on a thesis, so relax) and let it suffice to say that the West, the supposed Mecca of women’s fashion down the ages, was actually strict regarding gender-based dressing. Clothing for women has always been distinguished and differentiated from men except for purposes like battles and other emergencies. Trousers have always been categorized as men’s clothing (these simians always had it easy!) and societal disapproval prevented most women earlier from wearing regular pants like women. The East was always liberal though (hooray!) and Chinese and Malaysian women have long pulled on trousers to go to work (it’s another matter that they’ve only worked for half their lives). Trousers for ladies only became an acceptable trend in the early 20th century and spread like wildfire (we’re not exaggerating) throughout the 1920s and 1930s as well.

By the 90s, ladies trousers started assuming pride of place in regular collections for women churned out by designers of the time. Trousers for ladies started getting categorized into both work and casual segments. Paul Poiret, the acclaimed French designer, was one of the earliest designers to come up with designs revolving around trousers for ladies (wasn’t he a darling?) and created the popular harem pants in 1913 which were an instant hit inspired by the Scheherazade opera. Turning away from this delicious Arabian fantasy, however, let’s say ladies trousers became outfits of choice for women who were required to exert themselves physically everyday in factories and even during the war.

Even Coco Chanel loved ladies trousers preferably worn with the suits of her boyfriends ( the lucky woman she was) and she also started designing trousers for ladies who were involved in sporting activities including horseback riding trousers. Even Katharine Hepburn and Marlene Dietrich wore trousers on a regular basis and continued to shock fashion purists (bunch of old ladies they were it seems). The watershed moment was the featuring of ladies trousers for the very first time in Vogue in 1939 (yes, it was the original Fashion Bible back then). The journey was a little easier for ladies trousers since then and by the 90s, as mentioned, women were wearing trousers in larger numbers.

Coming to the femininity aspect, we believe trousers are as much feminine as skirts or other bottoms since the real deal here is you! It’s who you are, what you are and how you carry yourself which is intrinsically and uniquely feminine. We’re glad to say that most fashion designers and stores seem to agree with this view in recent times, going by the sheer variety of ladies trousers that are available globally.

Even movies started depicting women in trousers and there are too many examples to actually put down in writing here (unless someone commissions us for a unique movie-fashion bibliography!). Stars like Elizabeth Olsen, Zoe Saldana, Rosie Huntington Whiteley (that’s a huge name!) and Kate Moss have been spotted wearing trousers regularly along with a barrage of Bollywood celebrities. Ladies trousers have even been flaunted at award ceremonies and on the red carpet by fashionistas like Naomi Watts, Hannah Davis, Leslie Mann, Gwen Stefani, Anna Kendrick and countless others.

That just answers the femininity question neatly (boohoo critics and age-old skeptics) indeed. Coming to trousers for ladies, there are several exciting options that you will find at StalkBuyLove which prides itself on its diverse and distinctive collections for the new generation of power women. The Black Albatross Jeans is when you wish to play it cool while the Trudy Flare Pants works well for the workplace, formal gatherings, and even parties (try pairing it with a sequined top). The Ebony Bree Pants lends a girly charm to your look while the Blue Lan Pants are to die for! We also firmly believe that a masterpiece like the Athens Pants is a must have for every wardrobe, particularly for its elegant white color and racy design.

While you’re at it on StalkBuyLove, always ensure that you keep the waistband loose enough while wearing trousers. This works well to keep the hem from dragging unnecessarily on the ground (that’s another sweaty home wash you got yourself into!) and will also keep you suitably comfy. Choose trousers that fall smoothly into wide legged or straight boot cut patterns.

Always remember that ladies trousers are the fruit of a huge closet revolution and struggle to be accepted in the feminine fashion lexicon. You should definitely do your bit to take it forward by splurging some more on the same (does it look like we’re kidding?J)!

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