Freedom needs no Occasion: Taandav Movie Review

Movie – Taandav
Directed By: Devasish Makhija
Presented By:
Cast: Manoj BajpayeeDuration : 11  mins
Duration: 11  mins

taandav movie review, manoj bajpayee

Life can be quite overwhelming for any of us as we juggle our responsibilities. Our minds are constantly racing from one thought to another. No film has been able to depict this as well as Devashish Makhija’s short film Taandav that explores the dilemma of police constable Tambe.


Tambe, a lower middle-class Mumbai cop, is shown on duty during Ganpati Visarjan. We are immediately pulled into his psyche of mixed emotions, through different flashbacks of incidents in his life.


While Tambe is seen ‘watching’ the crowd, trying to concentrate on his duty at hand, he is unable to tear his mind away from the issues that he is facing back at home.

taandav movie review, manoj bajpayee

One, his wife is not talking to him (due to an argument) and Tambe is also under a lot of pressure to pay for his daughter’s school admission fees.


This only gets aggravated with the festival’s noise, beats, and drums. This film depicts the struggles of the common man (aam aadmi) through themes such as corruption, morality and the art of even letting go.


Amidst this chaos, an irate passenger complains to Tambe because an autowala refuses to take him to a locality. Instead of helping him, Tambe drenched in his own thoughts lands up doing the Tambe dance.


This lands up in him getting suspended but, despite this, he is also happy seeing how his wife and daughter laugh at his irrational behaviour.


The film is a direct reflection of how police constables and officers have to work in, despite being mentally stressed out.


Although the film is just eleven minutes, the ability to depict this tight script along with Manoj Bajpayee’s talent is remarkable, more so because there is no dialogue!


Bajpayee has made his character worthy of sympathy and endearing. We can immediately relate this film to how corruption exists in our society. We also see how policemen have incredibly pressurising jobs to do (on a daily basis) for a meager salary in return and how ‘dance’ is an outlet for any sort of frustration.


One of Bajpayee’s finest performances till date, Taandav is definitely one film that you should not miss out in.




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