Exide Money Book : Your Finances in safe hands

Source - My Money Book

Source – My Money Book

In the world of technology, everything is paperless and in digital form. From shopping, e-filing, ordering  food, etc. everything is online. Just a mouse click and you enter the virtual world. However, to be secure, when it comes to financial documents, there are certain things that I believe in which traditional way is best way

We live in a stressful environment and due to fast paced life; we don’t keep our investment details at a particular place. And that’s where the entire hide and seek games starts. Let me make things easier for you. I am talking about “My Money Book “by Exide Life Insurance. This book is a boon to those who keep forgetting and don’t keep track of their investments.  It’s one book to keep all our records secured at one place, needless to worry about anything. It has almost covered every aspect of investments say Mutual funds, Insurance policies, Health insurance, Car insurance, Bank information, Lockers, Demat details, Loans segment, Fixed deposits, Property, PPF,NPS etc .

The cover is white in color; looks pleasant and inside pages are also in the white background that gives you completeness feeling. The book has been made in such a way that’s it’s going to be very practical.

The five things useful things about the My Money Book: –

Easy to understand– It’s very simple and easy to understand. You just have to flip through the pages wherein headlines (Red color) you know what it is.

I loved the Categorization–  Most of the financial needs where everything is covered  in Insurance, Bank details, Loans and Investments and subcategories under that like Mutual funds, Insurance , Health insurance, Car insurance, Bank information, Lockers details ,Demat information,  Loans details, Fixed deposits, Property,PPF,NPS

Complete information – It gives you comprehensive information say example in insurance policy, Policy number, policy holder’s name, premium amount, start date, end date, sum assured, maturity date,premium paying mode, renewal date ,contact details, advisor details, etc so once you fill up this information you can keep your original documents safe and that’s it.

Source - My Money Book

Source – My Money Book

No Data loss or Crash – As this is the traditional way of maintaining the investment details. There is no need to worry about loss of data due to file deletion, gadget breakdown or information misplaced etc.

Petite in Size – It’s very small book, light in weight and so easy to carry anywhere.

These are all good things about the book. Now there is room for improvement to make it more useful and cover other aspects of investment details. Some of my wishlist to be added in next edition of the Book would be:

History of Blood donation date and institute contact no. so that in future if anybody in your family wants blood then can contact the blood bank easily

In Bank Accounts – MICR Code, Nomination details, Timing of Bank Branch and list of bank holidays will be very useful

The untimely death of family member, it’s better to mention the Place of the original documents where it is kept in the house so the claim is processed easily.

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