Thank You, Dad – You’re the best!

A daughter’s first love and a son’s first superhero. Fathers come in all shapes and sizes, but one thing they have in common is a heart big enough to encompass every smile and every tear, every joy and every fear in their child’s life. I am too lazy to wander out.Why not buy gift for your father online. I felt nostalgic when I saw my childhood pictures, a smile on his face when he tossed me into the air and caught me every time. I smiled whenever he hold my fingers I would say in mind “My fingers may be small, but I have got my daddy wrapped around them”. Take me every evening at a playground and wait till I finish my game. I would cherish those memories for years to come. 

He would stay up till late night and give me company during my exam time.He is the one, who is there with you, even when no one else is. I cannot express the feeling and joy he would see when I return from school or even during college. For any smallest of the small things, he would guide me and ensure that I am on the right track. The journey from childhood till now made me independent, decision maker and loyal to everyone. It has been a learning experience to know the nitty-gritty of life. Father’s Day is the kind of special occasion that calls for the big guns when even the busiest work can be interrupted to reflect a while on the men who made us what we are.On this event on Father’s day Celebration, I am searching for something that would be useful and he likes that!. Exploring multiples websites did not yield me anything Until I found Best deals for awesome dads available online Finally I chose to gift him a DIY kit.He likes to manage everything himself.This one is for you.A special day for a special man.Gift him something that he is fond of, make him happy and give him the best treat of the season to be remembered. I would be glad to know about your father’s day celebration. Everyone has got those memories filled in with joy. Do share your childhood memories or any event  or occasion when you had the best time with your father.

Maharashtra Day Celebrations



Today Maharashtra day and also World Labour day is celebrated.We all celebrate Maharashtra Din On 1 May every Year.But does anyone know why we celebrate and what’s the history behind it? You will agree that most of us don’t know about it.Today everyone was hooked on to social media..on WhatsApp, Twitter, uploading facebook pics, video, status etc. # #महाराष्ट्रदिन  and  #Labourday were trending on my timeline.

Marathi People are integral part of  Maharashtra’s Freedom movement. All Maharashtrians irrespective of their caste, creed, religion or color are equally excited because it marks the day Maharashtra attained statehood. It was on this day that several decades ago in the year 1960 the state which was to eventually become religious culture hood,socially ahead, and commercially forward accomplished its mission.The Maharashtra government organizes the main function in Mumbai. Maharashtra Day is held at Shivaji Park in Dadar, Mumbai.The governor of the state takes the salute at the ceremonial parade, which comprises of members of the state RPF, BMC, Home guards, Civil force, Defence, Fire brigade personnel and Mumbai city police.
Let me tell you the history of how Maharashtra was formed

On 1st May 1960 a New state established called Maharashtra. Konkan, Marathwada, West Maharashtra, Vidarbha Region, Khandesh and Northern Maharashtra Region are the main five parts of Maharashtra. Maharashtra was established by the reason of Maharashtra Movement. Britishers were not interested in establishing regions by the classification of the languages. Mahatma Gandhi and Lokmanya Tilak were main architectures of establishing regions by the classification of languages. But after freedom of India.Pandit Nehru opposed to giving Mumbai to Maharashtra.Non Marathi people in Mumbai fully agreed with Nehru statement.Congress did not take any action on establishing Maharashtra. On 1938, Mr.Patwardhan and Mr. G.T.Madkholkar took a subject to establish new free Maharashtra State. In 1946, Mr. Mandkholkar established a Samyukta Maharashtra Samiti. Meanwhile, Dar Commission opposed to establishing regions by the classification of the languages.They said that people in Mumbai have mix culture.Then Pandit Nehru gave the statement that new three states will be established called Mumbai, Vidharbha and Gujrat. By this statement of Pandit Nehru, all Marathi people united and Free Maharashtra movement was started in that year. All famous personalities like Acharya Atere, Senapati Bapat, Sahir Amar Sheikh, M.M.Joshi took part in Free Maharashtra Movement. Morarji Desai and S.K.Patil tried to stop the movement.

On 21st November 1955, Police took action on Movement and 15 people were dead at the place. The state government declared Mumbai as Union Territory, due to this decision of Government, Maharashtra people were very angry and started movement and Soul Force called Satyagraha.Maharashtra State is formed by contribution of all this martyrs and Mumbai became Capital of Maharashtra.Nagpur became the second capital of Maharashtra.Every year People of Maharashtra Pay homage to those martyrs at Hutatma Smarak in Flora Town, Mumbai.

Wishing Happy Maharashtra Day and Labour Day to every Maharashtrian.