Bridging Dreams : Varanasi Boat School

varanasi boat school
Varanasi is the sacred place since ancient times. It is mentioned in Vedas, Puranas text. Despite being the oldest city in India and having historical significance,it is the most backward in time. India is home to half of the world’s illiterates. There is a regional imbalance in the spread of literacy. This is due to the ineffectiveness of primary schools in enrolling the students and retaining it. As a tradition in India, young children start earning additional money to support their family. There is a substantial level of poverty and high rate of population growth as compared to the low rate of growth in literacy.

Illiteracy is the mother of all issues in India. It gives birth to poverty, Unemployment, child labor, population growth etc. Many poor families cannot afford to send their children to school. We cannot rely on the government to establish schools.It won’t solve the problem.But to a certain extent in Urban India it will mitigate the issue. What about the Rural India, those who stay in far away remote areas, who do not have access to proper schools. It is easy to sit in the comforts of our luxury home and crib about the lack of literacy in our country and how our government is inefficient to tackle it. If people actually start making efforts, things could really change and not just remain an agenda for 2022.

To help these children achieve their dream, The NGO Guria, under the leadership of Ajeet Singh, started Initiative “Boat School” for providing informal education to the children of economically backward community who couldn’t enroll in schools. Its unique idea to develop an interest in learning and education by BOAT school. As in Varanasi, Ganga is considered Holy River and many families’ breads and butter depend on the river for sustenance. It’s just the first step towards a noble cause; gradually everything will be in place. It’s just matter of time. The magical transformation will give these children enhanced learning experience and way forward in creating a better place.

I am thankful to my parents for giving me better education and learning. I got #ScholarShip too. I believe in “Education for all’ Nobody should be deprived of basic education. We need better infrastructure so that these children’s can enjoy the fun activities in the Varanasi Boat School. They can learn new things after their daily labor to keep the excitement alive. It’s something I can say quality education will be more accessible. More and more families will send their children to the Boat school.

This is the right time to Do Right and shows your support towards the noble initiative and making Varanasi Boat school ideal learning place. The journey of doing right starts here.