#SniffSniff Event Experience

Being a part of #SniffSniff activity, I was equally excited as you are to know about the product. Finally, the D-day had arrived to unveil the product. Bloggers from all over the places reached the Venue. I was drenched in #Mumbairains. The mystery product was getting revealed  as the games and predictions were on high. There I saw Nivea Men hoarding. So I was confirmed it would be Deo. Mr.Animesh Gupta, our host of the event who is soft skill trainer and EI coach also .


He covered topics related on Body odour:


It was an interactive session, where everyone got insights on what exactly causes body odour, how can you prevent and control body odour.  The 2nd activity was fun games where we were divided into a team of 5 and each group, two bloggers were blindfolded(I was one of them). We had to smell different things and had to guess what it is. I guessed 4 out of 5 items correctly.  So now it was a time to unfold the mystery. The Nivea Men team was on stage. My friend told me some celebrity gonna be coming. So I was hooked up to see who’s that person.

event2Finally the Actor Arjun Rampal, who is hailed as the most handsome man in Bollywood  came on the stage. The handsome hunk looked elegant and stylish in a casual tee and rugged jeans. He spoke about his relationship with Nivea Men and answered questions on Body odour.  After interaction with fellow bloggers. It was time to reveal the product.

event1Nivea Men Deodorant was unveiled in the ultimate Bollywood style entry, Arjun Rampal with Nivea Men Deo, 360* turning podium smoke and lightening effects adding  to the spark. It could not get better than this!   Mr.Rakshit Hargave, M.D  of Nivea Men reveal the product – India’s first Deodorizer.  There was laughter moment when Nivea Men hilarious ad was shown. Interviews and Q&A rounds finally we came to the end of the event.

We had a bloggers photo session.It was  time to head back home and we got a goodie bag, that had new Nivea men Deo inside.


I attended the #SniffSniff product unveiling event by BlogAdda in association with Nivea.

#SniffSniff all the way to #BanBodyOdour

One afternoon, I was sleeping in my bedroom, after a  tiring session of the new workout regime. My Doorbell rang once, but I did not pay heed to it. I was all in my dreams of my  dream destination  at a beachside bungalow,Second bell rang now it was louder and longer, that disturbed my sleep and I woke up if there’s something wrong. I went to open the door to see there was courier guy, who was petite and gave me dead look.

sniff1The parcel packed in blue color written #SniffSniff. I was amused now what it is? Why would someone send this teaser?  Let’s look what’s inside the box. To my surprise, it was a human face and cloth line clip fixed on its nose. I immediately knew its something to do with the odour. But why me?  So many questions popped up in my mind. We need to take care of body odour


All day I was thinking what’s #sniffsniff would be. The very next morning there was another parcel  at my doorstep. The same courier guy, (no dead looks this time, I did not test his patience) gave me the teaser and I kept it on my desk. But couldn’t wait to open it. It was small gunny bag and coffee beans inside. The aroma of coffee was such that my neighbor came to ask me can you make one filter coffee for me too. Guys gimme a break. What the heck! Why they are sending “ME” .


If this was not over, after one day again the same courier guy came now I gave him serious look and asked him “mate what’s going on” He smiled and that’s the final teaser and went downstairs. This time when I opened it  I found a nose mask. I was running out of ideas and searching for a clue. I thought secret keeper wants me to safe from bad odour.  So far this is the big problem everywhere,  I completely support #BanBodyOdour.

Stay tuned to know more about the #sniffsniff. What would be it? The secret will be revealed soon

I’m using my investigative skills to uncover the mystery of#SniffSniff at BlogAdda.

Check it out here to know the mystery product  — #Sniffsniff