Khud Ko Kar Buland :Our Lives are in OUR hands!

Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get, right? No matter how much we plan, destiny never remains in our hands. This is exactly where we need to take a step back and reassure ourselves that we are not victims of our fate.


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Have you ever had high aspirations to study abroad, but suddenly your mother or father falls ill? Do you ever feel that you are at the mercy of the situation?


Have you ever wondered what would happen to your house while you are on a holiday, if everything would be safe? A common worry, I’m sure we all have felt this way when leaving our home and travelling.


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Life is full of uncertainties and we cannot avoid it. Can we predict if we fall sick or catch a contagious illness, while in our own hometown or while travelling abroad? Of course not!


At Birla Sun Life Insurance, we want to help you realise that you can take charge of your situation and be in control. You are not a victim to your situations. Following its theme, #KhudKoKarBuland (Make yourself proud), we can steer our lives in any way we choose.


“Honi ko aap rokh nahin sakte. Par honi bhi aap ko kahan rokh sakegi” ((You can’t dodge the inevitable. But fate can’t really stop you from moving forward). Life will constantly throw challenges upon us and its up to us if we want to surrender to it all or fight back to make our dreams come true, fight for what we believe in and want in our lives.


The future cannot be predicted but its safety can be assured. Having a plan in place makes it easier for us to live without having to worry too much. We can choose to have destiny/fate dictate us or we can be the author of our lives and masters of our destiny. Who do you choose to be ?





Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund Initiative:How to Invest wisely and be rich

maruticarWhen my father bought a new Maruti car, the first thing he did was puja.Basically it’s a ceremony to consecrate or bless a new car in the Lord’s name and keep it safe from bad influences.  Hindus follow superstition from the ages like hanging lemon and seven green chillies outside the home or at a work place. But I am unable to find the good reason behind this. The religious belief is ward off Alakshmi who is considered inauspicious. Alakshmi, she has the taste of sour and spicy thing so that she can be satisfied and does not enter the house.

There are many such superstitious things like never sleep with your head towards the north side, bathing after attending the funeral, eating yogurt before leaving the home. Invest during an auspicious day will bring more wealth and prosperity or lucky numbers you should buy your gold it is considered a good investment. Though these are ridiculous at times, having said that we may find answer if we go back in time and analyze which are indeed “scientific”


Do superstitious beliefs affect investment making?  We make use of superstitious system not on grounds that we think it is effective but rather the fact these rituals offer us the reassurance of feeling in control.

Often superstitions come in the way of good investments. But it doesn’t guarantee returns. Why not think smartly and be rich by taking investment decision wisely?  In the light of Superstitious and Investment,Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund has made a video that showcases how we at times become involved with rituals or superstitions as opposed to thinking and contributing adroitly.

Do you find yourself doing the same thing as Biswa? Maybe 2016 is the time to change that! #JanoTohMano

Check out to know how to turn your fortune around.


Plan early to make your child’s dream into reality

do your homework, axis bank, child plan, return, mutual fundA child’s future depends upon what kind of education he/she gets while in his/her growing up days and later choosing the right field/stream in which his/her interest graduates.

Choosing the very best for your child in terms of education is a big concern, the main reason being how does one start planning when there is such inflation rate in education sector, besides that being a parent you never know what trend pops up and your child starts following that stream, that is even more, uncertain than what you think.

do your homework, axis bank, child plan, return, mutual fund

This was not the case in my growing up days, I was blessed with inherent possessions from my grandparent when it came to securing my higher education, being an MBA you can imagine what it would have cost, but it’s not the case every time, some do not get their higher education due to lack of funds or higher education fees because their parents didn’t do the homework right and were not ready for the scaling education inflation / know about the education importance.

Recently a campaign was run across India by Axis Mutual Fund

The campaign was aimed to better understand the parent and child thinking about what the parents had in mind for their child in terms of future education and learning is concern and what the child had interest in, this campaign was conducted in major part of the country to better understand the current trend and how well the parent were prepared, the campaign was quite interactive and fun.

Let’s see what the survey conducted results, when asked to the parents about how well they are prepared for their Child’s education funds?

A surprisingly large no. of section said they would opt for an education loan or keep gold as security for funds to fulfil the Childs higher education funds, some banked on grants and scholarships, and few had fixed appreciating assets.

To conclude, we Indian are still to figure out a better alternative to the above mention solutions.

Mutual fund investments is a healthy alternative, It is untapped and better understood in terms of a sound investment proposal for child’s education, if the investment is started as early as 5 years of Childs age, it would definitely pay the dividend, what are your thoughts?

#Doyourhomework  as a parent, stop thinking and start planning with Mutual fund plans with Axis Mutual fund.

It’s never too early to think about Retirement Planning

Life is uncertain, death is certain.In a busy life, we never get time to think abt yourself. We strive hard to earn money and live a better life. But we are trapped in a rat race, where we are entangled in a vicious circle. We never thought about our retirement or how will we pass on our golden years.Last week, I was called for Reliance Meet by Blogadda. I felt I was very fortunate that I got to attend the meet. Reliance Capital Mutual Fund launched “Reliance Retirement Fund”.

We earn and spend most of our savings and if left we make sure we get good returns out of it. But nobody planned for Retirement. The very first question will come is “When”,”How”, “Why”.  It is the most important financial goal plan for every family. The reason is taking care of family and not to be dependent on anyone.  There are many cases where father would say – My children will take care of me”, “I have enough savings”  Most of the people invest their savings in PPF, National pension scheme, Insurance, Fixed deposits. But now the Govt has been sensitive to expand this portfolio ans allow retirement funds to invest in Equity oriented funds. But when you have retirement fund you don’t need to be dependent on your children.The online survey reveals that Retirement planning is the most financial goal ahead of other goals including buy a home, children’s education, marriage. It is most important for 30-40 and 41-55 age group.

Reliance Retirement fund  has two distinct portfolio – Wealth creation & Income Generation

Wealth creation – It mainly focuses on Equity-oriented for accumulation (65-100% in Equity. Ideal for Youth who are ready to take the risk

Income generation – It mainly focuses on Debt-oriented for distribution. 70-95% in Debt & money market securities. 5-30% in Equity.

The key features of this fund  –

  1. Flexibility to manage investments
  2. Auto Transfer to move from accumulation to distribution

Tax Benefit – You get up to 1.50 Lakh per year u/s 80C/(2) on the amount invested in the fund.

Ideal way to invest for Youngsters:-

  1. Set your goal & begin with Wealth-Oriented scheme
  2. Set up SIPs(Systematic Investment Plan) and step up option
  3. Add lump sum along the way
  4. Auto Transfer to income generation scheme before retirement
  5. Continue SIPs until retirement
  6. Set up auto SWP (Systematic Withdrawal Plan) from Income generation on retirement

You can put lump sum amount  minimum of Rs 5000/- or in SIP. SIP starts as low as Rs500 and in multiples of Rs 500/-

It has got Salary ADDvantage Facility which means  Employers can sign up to offer employees a convenient way to invest in Reliance Retirement fund systematically by opting for deduction from their salary.

I learned a lot after this wonderful session. I have started my retirement planning. What are you thinking? Go ahead and Start planning for your retirement, secure your funds and enjoy your 2nd innings and be financial content.