The Fabulous Food Adventure

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Are you a big time foodie?  Do you love experimenting new stuff?Or have you tried any craziest things with food? Maybe Yes or No? Even if you have not, then no worry, you would still love the sensational experience. A splash of adventure and thrill that makes the food journey extraordinary and tingle your taste buds. Well you are at the right place to get a glimpse of what I am talking till now


I remember Mac Anderson said “Find what makes your heart sing and create your own music” Certainly my ingredients are food, thrill, excitement etc. to create adventure food recipe.I am an Amateur Chef and have a deep passion for experimenting with food. How about trying out few combinations such as pumpkins muffins, peach galette, Maggi noodles with spring roll, Jelly roll Ice cream bomb,  ice-cream with hot red chillies, Vodka paani puri, Liquid Nitrogen Popcorn? The last one sounds crazy, doesn’t it?Yes, I tried that one.


I am gonna share my experience of Making Liquid Nitrogen filled Caramel Popcorn. It was a spontaneous decision to just try out and taste the popcorn. Nevertheless, the whole experience was amazing. The Popcorn were cooked with the liquid nitrogen and the caramel flavor gave sweet and tangy taste.  The temperature of liquid nitrogen is -196C (-321F). If you put your hand on it, you almost feel as though it’s not touching you. This is due to the Leidenfrost Effect. When you pour it on the popcorn it makes it extremely cold without actually soaking in.It was an amazing experience and I just loved it. You can check my video link here: Liquid nitrogen popcorn It spread like viral on Facebook with over  8k  views in just 10 hours!

liquid nitrogen popcorn, foodventures, love, food, chef vikas khanna, vir sanghvi

You can see how adventurous food can make it an electrifying experience. To make it more exciting I came to know about Foodventures by Axis Bank Dining Delights.It’s all about discovering and creating new dishes through food and culture and a way of experimenting and enjoying it. I really like the idea and this one is bang on. Check out the wonderful video to know about the adventure of experimenting with food and share your #Foodventures recipe and stand a chance to feature in a video with Michelin Star Chef Vikas Khanna and Food connoisseur Vir Sanghvi.



Savour the traditional Bengali Cuisine @ Grand Hyatt, Mumbai

The laughter, the pain, the memories of  Calcutta, the place I know since childhood and those memories will never fade. In every street, you will find something unique and be it food, people, culture etc  is what will make you smile and that’s why it is known as the City of Joy.Once upon a time in Calcutta my old friend Debdas Chatterjee invited me to his wedding but somehow I couldn’t make it since I had late night flight to Bombay. The only regret I had I couldn’t attend the Bengali wedding. It was not just the wedding but I surely missed the traditional Bengali food. Trust me its more than the machi-bhat and rosogulla.

What I love about Bengali food is their use of Panchphoron.Its ideal mixture of five vital flavors, in particular, mustard, fenugreek seed, cumin seed, aniseed, and dark cumin seed.  The forte of Bengali  cuisine lies in the ideal blend  of sweet and fiery flavors. For Bengalis, food is an essential part of their lives. Last week I was invited for Food tasting  @ Grand Hyatt for Maha Bangla Bhoj Festival. I was thrilled when I got the mail and I couldn’t say no this time since it was happening in Mumbai. I met my old food bloggers at the dining.

Chef Partha warmly greeted us at the door. Let me tell you he came all the way  from Kolkata to serve the traditional Bengali food at this fest.  We started off with Chaas (Buttermilk ) given in rustic clay cup. It was refreshing drink  and got a mild taste.  Chef  Partha paid attention to  each preparation and explained us the preparation and few tips on Bengali food.  One huge thali ( earthen plate) where everything is served, this is the tradition in Bengalis they eat everything in one plate (starters, main course, desserts )

Maha bangla bhoj, grand hyatt, chef partha roy, chef amit mondal, bengali food, cuisine, sweets, rosogulla,

Appetizers we had NARKELER BORA, Its is basically a patties with coconut fillings. Its was rich, golden color and perfect to start with. A delight for vegetarians.

Maha bangla bhoj, grand hyatt, chef partha roy, chef amit mondal, bengali food, cuisine, sweets, rosogulla,

                                                        Narkelar Bora

Maha bangla bhoj, grand hyatt, chef partha roy, chef amit mondal, bengali food, cuisine, sweets, rosogulla,


For the Main course we tasted  ALU POSTO, the name intrigued me and I asked Chef about the how the dish is prepared.Its potatoes cooked in a mustard gravy and can have it with steam rice or loochi (puri).I would say Quintessential Alu Posto.  Next in line was CHENAR DALNA, Its perfect blend of paneer and cashew nut  and onion gravy. Its one of my favorite dish till date.  It makes the good combination with rice.It’s lip smacking dish.

Maha bangla bhoj, grand hyatt, chef partha roy, chef amit mondal, bengali food, cuisine, sweets, rosogulla,

                                   Chenar Dalna

Maha bangla bhoj, grand hyatt, chef partha roy, chef amit mondal, bengali food, cuisine, sweets, rosogulla,

                                Ghee bhat

Bengali food will never end without the sweets.We were served MANOLOVA NALEN GURER. It is basically malpua served in date jaggery syrup. If you’re a malpua fan, you will definitely love this one. It really makes you craving for more. Bengali sweets cant end without rosogulla.Its soft, perfect sugar syrup mixed well and true Bengali style what I use to eat in Kolkatta.

Maha bangla bhoj, grand hyatt, chef partha roy, chef amit mondal, bengali food, cuisine, sweets, rosogulla,

Manalova nalen gurer malpua

Maha bangla bhoj, grand hyatt, chef partha roy, chef amit mondal, bengali food, cuisine, sweets, rosogulla,


The Maha Bangla Bhoj Fesitval is till 24th Feb  At Grand Hyatt, Soma Restaurant. Don’t miss it  if you are in Mumbai. Come and experience the joy and relish the traditional Bengali cuisine and have the delicious feast with your family.

Authentic Italian Cuisine @ Fratelli Fresh

My love for pizza  drove me to a two-hour journey to Renaissance Hotel. You would be wondering why two-hour? Yes, thanks to Mumbai Traffic,but that did not disappoint me knowing I would get to indulge into Authentic Italian Cuisine. No matter how, I was adamant to get through it. Finally the wait was over and I reached my destination though a bit late.

When I entered Fratelli Fresh I just loved the Décor and ambience. The view is amazing, overlooking the beautiful Powai Lake.

Selected food bloggers were invited for a special food tasting at Fratelli fresh by Chef Cristian. He warmly greeted us  and made us  comfortable. Since it was new menu launch, we were first shown  the food journey clip of Chef Cristian and how he started his chef life inspired by his Grandma’s legacy. Chef took care of each preparation and his team did a marvellous job.


My favorite Pizza ie. Vegetarian Pizza topped with Tomato, Mozarella cheese,Caramelised onion and pepper. The thin crust base made all the way and sauce was not piquant. However overall dish was above average.  I would definitely like to have more seasoning and add-on to it.

Fratelli fresh, italian cuisine, renaissance hotel, pizza, pasta

Mushroom Risotto – I usually never try risotto . It took some time to serve but  it was worth the wait.  The preparation and ingredients took it to the next level. It was a perfect blend of mushrooms, risotto rice  and parmesan.

Fratelli fresh, italian cuisine, renaissance hotel, pizza, pasta

Next was Gnocchi  ie its creamy pesto rosso with mozarella gratin. It’s traditional Italian favorite dish.It’s a mixture of cheese, herbs and garlic.I just loved the creamy sauce which is rich and tasty. The pesto gets tossed up with pasta and is so delicious.

Fratelli fresh, italian cuisine, renaissance hotel, pizza, pasta

Heading over to Dessert now , Tiramisu, classical Italian favorite dish.The first time I tried it long back I don’t remember when but  trust me this one its a killer.  It’s a fusion of cocoa dust, mascarpone, kahlua. Its light and yummy.

Fratelli fresh, italian cuisine, renaissance hotel, pizza, pasta

My verdict : The ambience and décor is stylish yet classic. The service  is quick and servers are attentive and friendly. Awesome food prepared by Chef Cristian.

Fratelli fresh, italian cuisine, renaissance hotel, pizza, pasta

Indulge yourself to authentic Italian cuisine at Fratelli Fresh, Renaissance Hotel, Powai







Foodgasm : The ultimate destination for food lovers

Have you ever thought to eat all your favorites at one place?  Not really?  No? Why not get it with an array of delicious spread over your table with  new stuff. Yes, this is it “ Foodgasm” The Ultimate place for food lovers. The Place you would love to go again and again.. Take my words for it.

Last week I was  invited with the bunch of food bloggers for Dinner preview. Let me tell you I just fell in love with the ambiance as soon as I entered. The Décor is stylish and gives you good vibes.  We settled at one corner table as we were almost 6 bloggers who were ready to take the plunge into the pool of exotic dishes combined with local flavors.

Tally Not: It’s Kokum chia cooler with the signature spice blend. It gives you tangy taste and perfect mixture to start with


IMG-20160116-WA0015Hara Pyaaz: The  name itself says it all. It’s creamed onion soup topped with tofu and chives. A very healthy option to try out

IMG-20160116-WA0002Turkish Punjabi: A Turkish gozleme stuffed with spinach, salted feta and mozzarella cheese. It’s one of best starter I had in recent time. It’s simply amazing to taste

IMG-20160116-WA0004Twisted Paani Puri: We all had different types of pain puri till date but this one is going to be very special  not only it has got different flavor such as kalakhatta but also the unique taste that will leave you craving for more. I am definitely going to try it out again


Main course: Quinoa Biryani: Sounds different isn’t it? Yes, it has got quinoa instead of rice. The tweak is  superb and flavors of biryani and quinoa blends very well.


Apne khet se : Its an assortment of tandoori cum, thai mushrooms pesto potatoes, malai broccoli and Kesari cauliflower. The wide array of spreads from different farms is awesome. I liked the  pesto potatoes and something different kind of.



I am almost done after having all delicious meal but Chef says to leave some space for last but not the least dish Its ultimate dub smash: Crumbled dark chocolate and whole wheat brownie with vanilla ice cream


The Foodgasm has a lot to offer and I must say it is a unique of its kind restaurant to serve you  different  flavors with a twist. Its opening on 22nd January 2016. Head over to this awesome place and tickle your taste buds.


Exhilarating experience @ Adlabs Imagica


The  moment you hear about the theme park, your mind gets in a rollercoaster spin thinking about the thrills and rollercoaster rides.. exactly that happened with me. “Are you free this Saturday for Imagica trip ?asked soft spoken lady  on the call. “Are you kidding ?” I said. “No I am serious, “  I asked so what’s the deal?  Wait..wait.. don’t be in hurry  Well.. the story is not yet over…  I packed my bag next morning ie on Saturday  and reached the spot  before I miss the bus.

I entered the excitement mode  as soon as I boarded the BEST bus which in association with Adlabs Imagica started the new bus service.  It was organized by Seatrr and Adlabs Imagica team.  There were 15 bloggers and few Media people accompanying us.The 2 hours long journey went very smooth and enjoyed every gossip and chats with all. As soon as we reached, we were  so fricking excited to get in.  We all were so hungry that we gorged on Burgers and colas.  After that, we started off rides in Nitro, Scream Machine, Mr.India,  D2, etc. We covered almost  all of the rides.

The fun was endless while we were running from one ride to another. The scariest of all was Scream machine.  At one point I thought I will fell down (Thanks to the power belt,  I am alive! )  Lastly we were pleased to see the grand Imagica Parade where all the fictional characters came out dancing and waving to everyone from famous mickey mouse, Cinderella, Tubby, Roberto, Rajasaurus, and Mogambo etc. It was a scintillating experience to witness my childhood heroes. There were extra ordinary performers too.I could see the magic and charm in their eyes. It was a visual treat for everyone.

It was an amazing adventure ride. One of the best memories of 2015.  I was thinking about Seatrr while going home. I read about it somewhere it’s a dish discovery app.  What I liked about this app is Its simplicity. It searches the best restaurants in your area for your burning desire using the rating system for each restaurant.  Even a special dish of the restaurant is suggested so that you can satisfy your hunger pangs.


18th dec 6PM


ITC Foods You Ask We Answer Bloggers meet

Recently ITC invited selected bloggers for a meet “ITC Foods You Ask We Answer “. Basically, It was knowing the brand and what all goes behind building successful food brands as well as provided an open platform to answer questions related to packed foods.

ITC foods
Let me tell you the story of ITC is quite interesting.ITC’s Branded Packaged Foods business is one of the fastest growing foods businesses in India with a turnover of over a $1 billion.The success of this brand is driven by the superior market standing and consumer franchise of its world-class brands – Aashirvaad, Sunfeast, Bingo!, Yippee!, Kitchens of India, B Natural, mint-o, Candyman and GumOn. ITC’s food products today represented in multiple categories in the market – Staples, Spices, Ready-to-Eat Foods, Bakery, Confectionery and Snack Foods, and the recently launched Juices.

ITC foods
I really liked the Sunfeast Yippee Noodles story. The making of Yippee noodles intrigued me to know more about the brand.ITC entered the instant noodles segment with the launch of Sunfeast YiPPee in 2010.The sourcing and blending expertise that has made Aashirvaad India’s No 1 branded Atta has been leveraged to create a delightful noodle block. A key differentiator is that the block is round and does not need to be broken while cooking, which makes for really long & slurpy noodles. A special scientific process ensures that the noodles do not form a lump even 30 minutes after cooking. SunfeastYiPPee! instant noodles are available in three lip smacking variants – Classic Masala, Magic Masala and Chinese Masala. Classic Masala is the Classical Indian Masala flavour with a perfect blend of spices. Magic Masala is a special masala created by ITC with spices and has five different types of dehydrated vegetables. Chinese Masala is a unique combination of Chinese and Masala flavours.

We had a fun interactive session where food bloggers were given the task to compete and prepare any dish from Yippee noodles.



Fusion Chaat – Mix of vegetables  and YiPPee noodles


ITC- winners – 1st Prize -Aashirvaad Achievers


Kudos to ITC that focuses on consumer quality products backed by their cutting-edge research and development team.

Check out the How are Yippee noodles  made


Bespoke Cocktail Experience

Watch the magic as Ace Mixologist Mahesh turned the bar into molecular laboratory and whips up customised cocktail for me with blueberry, Burberry, golden fig ,pineapple & lime juice

It’s the  first of its kind craft cocktail event I attended at AER Lounge,Four Seasons Hotel  in association with Foodtalkindia that plays host to a Bespoke bar that would impress any of the city’s most acclaimed mixologists. The classic drinks combined with carefully crafted cocktails treats your palate to a showstopping experience. The muted opulence of the decor will make you feel comfortable and glamorous at the same time while you enjoy a mini-mixology lesson

Food talk india, mixologists, AER lounge, Four Seasons hotel,cocktail experience

Food talk india, mixologists, AER lounge, Four Seasons hotel,cocktail experience

Food talk india, mixologists, AER lounge, Four Seasons hotel,cocktail experience

Cocktail recipe


4-5 Burberry

5-6 blueberry

1/2 slice of pineapple,

1 – golden fig

10 ml – Lime juice

30 ml – Absolute

Preparation : -Take all above fruits in the bowl and mash it well and keep aside thereafter  add the mashed fruits and 3 cubes ice to Cocktail Shaker (see video )  and lime juice and Absolute  and use strainer to remove small pieces of fruit pulp, small ice fragments that will over-dilute your cocktail, or other raw stuff  you don’t want to go into your final drink.

Here is your Absolute fresh Cocktail ready.Enjoy!!

Check out the magic video here :