Surfset Fitness :Unique Fitness Studio in Town

IMG_20150403_184759You have been told umpteen times that exercise is good for your health, Certainly it’s good not only for losing weight or building muscles but also de-stress yourself. Fitness plays a big role in my life. Being a fitness freak, I always make sure that I  do my workout  at least  4 days a week. For a night owl like me, getting up early is the big headache. I usually wake up at around 9.30 am, but I force myself to go for 6.30 am workout. But then now its routine for me. I try not to skip my workout. Now I have become a morning lark (smiles).  It’s also about feeling good.

I usually never try latest fitness trends but since I saw the Surfset video on Youtube, I was intrigued to their fitness regime. For those who  don’t know about Surfset . It uses a stationary surfboard to replicate the muscle-toning, calorie-burning workout of a real surf session without the water. I was elated when I got a call from Surfset Fitness India  for a trial session at their only studio in Mumbai.In fact in India I would say. It is owned by Surfset Fitness India, by husband-wife duo Kajal and Deepak Tejsinghani under YOLO Brands LLP. They have got Alish& Joshua, Surfest Certified fitness trainer. My trainer for the session was Joshua, very soft spoken  and highly energetic guy. Basically, Surfset  classes actually come in four different levels:


  1. Burn,
  2. Balance,
  3. Build and
  4. Blend,

Which mainly  focuses  on cardio, instability, resistance training and the variety of the moves makes the session  really fun and interactive. My session was for about 45 minute Balance session. Now the session started, we had to step on the surfboards, Initially it was difficult to stand up. I thought how would I manage it for next 45 mins. Where the hell I am trapped? My body was shaky and  was trying to stabilize myself as I was moving left-right  direction.  But my trainer was good enough told no need to worry concentrate on your core you will be able to balance it rightly. Yes, that’s right I was able to balance it now after I found my core-centric. As I was able to balance it, the next exercise would start Few of the moves were recognizable like planks, lunges, squats  but rest all were challenging. I was sweating like someone trapped in a hot steam room with 80-degree temp. My legs were trembling, but the music was upbeat enough to motivate me .After 20 mins, I was able to catch the waves. Lastly the paddling through the water, jumping like a jack up and down, Warrior like pose made me cool surfer for a day.  My class ended with relaxation pose. I was very much happy that I  finished the class. Joshua told me it’s a beginner level what you did. My brain freeze, I was thinking what would be the next level then!


From start to finish, SurfSET was a total body workout, I had enjoyed my session.  I definitely felt the burn in my legs and abs for next few days  after. If you’re interested in training for real surfing or just want to try a fun new fitness class out, I would definitely recommend SurfSET.It’s suitable for all ages, men, and women.The next time you’re feeling down, stressed or anxious, get off the couch and get some exercise instead.


Check out their FB page – SurfSet Fitness India

For more information, you can check out the official Surfset India website.