Best initiative by Hotel Formule1 – #ChaltaHaiNoMore

hotel formule1, holiday destination, customer service, satisfaction, tourism, travel“Hey  guys,  Its party time lets rock in Goa! “ I immediately told yes to my friend. I could see all my friends were dreaming about it. I was equally thrilled to party in Goa. What could you think better than Goa! Ultimate destination to Party that is closest to Bombay.

Last year I really had an unpleasant experience while I staying in Goa. Well, it was an impromptu decision to go to Goa. We just packed our bags one night and breezed out in the morning. No travel plans. Only in my mind was to Enjoy life! We finally managed to reach Goa next day and found a hotel to stay but here starts the nasty stuff. Well, knowing tourist are treated as God’s guest. But here you are taken for granted.

Let me tell you guys the Hotel we were staying had no wifi. In an internet age, it very hard to imagine but Yes, it’s a true fact. The guy at the receptionist told “Sir Chala lo Aaj ka din” The worst was yet to come. There was no Hot water provided.  We don’t expect great customer service, but bare minimum standards to keep the customer satisfied.Rather than spending so much money on marketing, paid advertising, spend 1/4th of our money in customer experience. It is really an investment in your brand.

hotel formule1, holiday destination, customer service, satisfaction, tourism, travel

Great customer service doesn’t only put a smile on the customer’s face, it not only helps you understand your customer but also define your brand and impacts your bottom line. I was going through One of the travel websites where I found this interesting video  by Hotel formule1 is a unique initiative and drive by Hotel Formule1 to highlight just that.


Hotel Formule1, a Rest Assured hotel by world’s leading hotel operator Accor, is renowned for delivering a great sleep and shower experience. It is the first hotel brand in India filling the void for standardized comfort and convenience. The hotel also offers complimentary Wi-Fi to its guests. The rooms are cleverly designed and more stylish. It is a great value stay combined with quality service and facilities.

This is the best initiative by Hotel Formule1.So shed your Chalta Hai attitude and say #ChaltaHaiNoMore

Food Review : Chili’s American Grill Bar


Mumbai’s 2nd outlet of American casual dining restaurant chain Chili’s American Grill & Bar opened at Inorbit, Vashi. Known for its quintessential Southwest American cuisine, the restaurant was first opened in 1975 in the city of Dallas, Texas inspired by the legendary Terlingua Chili Cook-Off.

With its presence in over 32 countries, Chili’s American Grill & Bar forayed into the Indian market in mid-2009 with the launch of its first outlet in Mumbai. Now all set to bring their cuisine to Navi Mumbai.


I came with my family to experience the American style. We were personally welcomed by Vinay, the Manager. After we settled down at one corner table. He  greeted us and asked for our likes and as we all are veggie.I told him bring on the best of vegans tonight!. He smiled and said “Sir, I will try and make your feast awesome tonight”


Irresistible Savory Appetizers

Plenty of varieties  to choose from. It has options from cocktails,breezer, mocktails  and best of it says Approved for all Ages!. We ordered California (Its mix of watermelon and strawberry) Evolution (mix of passion fruit and pineapple)& Trade wings (Heavy mix of orange juice,pineapple, grenadine and spatter of soda with some lime) The combination just blown my mind takes you to the state of serenity. and its really awesome to start off!


Electrical Starters

I was confused what to order in starters.I called Vinay to suggest few options. He told try out Ultimate dipper that’s  superlative one. It’s basically a combo of southwestern rolls, texas cheese poppers, and fried paneer quesadilla bites (smokey flavored and spicy)  served with carrot sticks and sauces for dipping.It looked colorful and yummilicious to  tickle your taste buds.


Delicious Main Course

We ordered Veggie & Cheese Quesadillas (flour tortillas filled with spinach, fajita onion,) Served with sour cream,pico de gallo  and rice and beans  and we ordered Classic Paneer Fajita(Southwestern spice paneer grilled to perfection!Served with onion and bell pepper. It was fresh farm paneer, colorful and crispy sticks shape. I really loved the texture and was mild spicy and my tummy was about to burst But had little space for desserts ( It won’t end without my favorite sweet )


Tempting Desserts

There were luscious varieties in desserts however we finally settled for the sizzling brownie sundae. It was warm, rich chocolate brownie topped with vanilla ice cream and hot fudge. The brownie just melted in the mouth.Its a rich and truly indulgent dessert.


It was time to leave now. We had a fantastic feast and soon will be coming to try out new dishes with my cousins.

Finally Verdict: –

I would give 4/5-star rating for amazing food and great hospitality that made wonderful dining experience.


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