The Big Fat Indian Wedding

I was invited for a wedding in Bombay. It was royal reception & a la grande decoration.Music plays big role in Indian weddings;without music, Indian wedding is incomplete;Loud voice ,band baja style ,fire crackers welcoming the guest..Let me tell you Wedding preparations done months long back starts with excitement and fun fare… And there comes beautiful bride (draped with rich solid red colour with velvet border) is glowed with lush embellishment. And handsome groom with what we have seen in a fairy tale dressing.I was having fun with my friends at one corner .We saw group of gorgeous girls standing at the other end. Few eye games were played and there my friend in an eccentric way told me that has spoilt many guy’s life   “dude she is looking at you” .Well we guys were having loads of fun and cracking jokes. Moving to the food corner that’s as grand as the wedding. The mouthwatering aroma of desserts took me to the sweets section.  I tasted few sweets like dark lady( Kala Jaam), Yellow ringlets (nothing but Jalebi  ) as jhumka of a girl to spongy white ( Rasogulla) as soft as baby’s cheek. This really tickles my tastebuds.Finally it was time to move on.

The whole atmosphere was mesmurizing and charming.I left the venue with sweet tooth and sweet memory of our Indian culture and Indian wedding. Nevertheless I had gala time with moi friends.  As rightly said by someone   “Marriages are made in heaven “