Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund Initiative:How to Invest wisely and be rich

maruticarWhen my father bought a new Maruti car, the first thing he did was puja.Basically it’s a ceremony to consecrate or bless a new car in the Lord’s name and keep it safe from bad influences.  Hindus follow superstition from the ages like hanging lemon and seven green chillies outside the home or at a work place. But I am unable to find the good reason behind this. The religious belief is ward off Alakshmi who is considered inauspicious. Alakshmi, she has the taste of sour and spicy thing so that she can be satisfied and does not enter the house.

There are many such superstitious things like never sleep with your head towards the north side, bathing after attending the funeral, eating yogurt before leaving the home. Invest during an auspicious day will bring more wealth and prosperity or lucky numbers you should buy your gold it is considered a good investment. Though these are ridiculous at times, having said that we may find answer if we go back in time and analyze which are indeed “scientific”


Do superstitious beliefs affect investment making?  We make use of superstitious system not on grounds that we think it is effective but rather the fact these rituals offer us the reassurance of feeling in control.

Often superstitions come in the way of good investments. But it doesn’t guarantee returns. Why not think smartly and be rich by taking investment decision wisely?  In the light of Superstitious and Investment,Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund has made a video that showcases how we at times become involved with rituals or superstitions as opposed to thinking and contributing adroitly.

Do you find yourself doing the same thing as Biswa? Maybe 2016 is the time to change that! #JanoTohMano

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