Stop being Judgemental: Don’t judge the book by its cover page

A gorgeous girl in classy black skirt & red top wearing stilettos rushing towards the main road to catch a cab. While passer by ogling at her and passing comments as come to conclusion about her character by just seeing her dress and style. They say she must be a hawt chic, whore or dirty bitch and little hasty stuff. The next day she feels ashamed to walk towards the lane and talk to anybody.  One thing here I argue is you don’t have the right to judge anybody just on the basis of her dressing style. Who are you to judge about her character? Without knowing her you make judgement about her. And its spreads like vide fire in a society. Whereas NEVER JUDGE ANYONE BECAUSE you don’t know what their life is & what they’re going through, think before you charge at someone.

I would say passing lewd comments is one of the reasons. Some negative elements in our society tend to create disharmony .and that’s the root cause of harassment, rape, murder, molestation. We need to examine psychological behavior of this criminal’s mind.In a country like ours, the law takes its on course and it starts media debate covering the issue, news room discussion starts , news channel raking up their TRP’s  and politicos blaming the opposition and demanding the resignation of the state minister. One thing is it won’t solve problem rather than make stringent law so that it creates fear in criminal that no one dares to do it again.