Lover’s Cry

College affairs are the memorable one and it remains close to your heart. A short story about it.

My heart pumps up when I see you in the college; my 100% attendance is the reason because of you. Bunking the lecture and having cold coffee with you @ canteen, completing the assignments together and complimenting each other. Munching on chocolate brownie when sun takes long break. I run away behind the door just to see your stunning eyes and I get lost into your lovely eyes .I was so crazy behind you. I feel like I am gobsmacked of your beauty. Not a single day goes without thinking of you. My dreams are incomplete without you. But I don’t understand why you keep running forever. I wonder when you gonna meet me. I felt bad when I saw you holding arms with another guy. My broken heart didn’t stop crying and was drowning in tears. It ripped my heart fully. I am still trying to piece all the parts together.I lost my smile forever. I lost you forever. I don’t know why… it happened .My dreams are shattered like a pack of cards in a moment. I can’t hide the pain on my smiling face. My ears are still waiting to hear your sweet voice.  I wish you had given me your soul !