The Magic of Persian Cuisine

The Persian Cuisine is Unique. It forms an integral part of its rich and dynamic culture.The philosophy of food here is to maintain balanced diet between hot and cold food.Persian food has been influenced on the cooking of many regions from India to Rome, Greece etc.

Persian cuisine, iran food, nawab saheb, renaissance hotel

As soon as I entered the Nawab Saheb, Renaissance Hotel, Powai.I felt the magic of Persia  is going to delight me and make me dine like a royal king with live classical music in the backdrop. Chef Mona and Chef Abdul Haleem welcomed us at the entrance and made us comfortable. The Style and décor resemble Arabic art and lanterns set the rustic appeal.Beautiful Divan seats with red and golden fabric make perfect seating to the occasion.

Persian cuisine, iran food, nawab saheb, renaissance hotel

We were served appetizers PANEER KABABI, It’s the mix of Cottage cheese marinated with basil, paprika, and mustard sauce cooked in clay oven( tandoor). It was cooked to perfection, delicious and spicy. I really liked the Veg Patty – ABADAN FALAFEL, which was made by chickpeas, coriander, garlic capsicum. The fillings were superb with equally grated all ingredients  and crispy.  The Persian food made me realize there is so much to discover in Iran and neighbouring countries not only just food but culture, music etc.

Persian cuisine, iran food, nawab saheb, renaissance hotel

Persian cuisine, iran food, nawab saheb, renaissance hotel



The main course KURESH PANIR – it’s a blend of Cottage cheese cooked with spinach, dill,fenugreek, coriander. It’s very rich and perfectly cooked though I did not like the taste. KASHKE BADEMJAN-It’s the Eggplant cooked with curd sauteed onion and garlic and some iraani masala. It was cooked to perfection with exotic iraani spices.

Persian cuisine, iran food, nawab saheb, renaissance hotel


Last but not the least Desserts, We tasted  RANGINAK,  ie Irani dates stuffed with walnuts, pistachio,almondsserved on a bed of sweet flour. It’s a healthy option, very well mixed with dry fruits and definitely one of the best dishes. I really liked the  SHOLEH ZARD, which is A persian rice pudding flavoured with rose water and saffron. The rice pudding is an absolute lip-smacking dish.

Persian cuisine, iran food, nawab saheb, renaissance hotel

Persian cuisine, iran food, nawab saheb, renaissance hotel

Experience the rare culinary magic of Persian kitchen with the sumptuous  feast and  dine like a true Persian style!






Kranti Sarvajanik Mandal makes eco friendly Ganesh Idol of Fibre

ganeshostav festival 2015,mumbai

Ganeshotsav festival will see for the first time Ganesh idol made up of Fibre by Andheri-based Kranti Sarvajanik Mandal. The initiative is an effort taken up by the mandal to protect the environment from pollution and other marine life hazards.

The Mandal popularly known as ‘Koldongricha Vighnaharta’ in Andheri has been making one of the tallest Ganesh Idol of 21 feet which is made out of fibre. The fibre idol is one-time investment though the shape and size can be moulded and colours can be changed every year.

The mandal brings a small idol made out of clay which is later immersed in water. After the celebration and ritual of 11 days, the statue is packed and kept in the society shed for a year.  No immersion is involved, and the year ahead it is again modified with different colours and design and shape.

Abhishek Vyas, Treasurer of Kranti sarvajanik Mandal Andheri said “ We have been celebrating the festivals since last 4 decades and we want it to be beneficial to society at large. 4 years back we brought clay statue of 21  feet and due to shortage of artificial ponds in Mumbai it was difficult. Hence, we thought of Fibre statue which is a one-time investment and completely environment-friendly. We do not want to harm the environment and we also encourage other Ganeshotsav mandals that bring in huge statues to adopt the Fibre statue model which will not only help the environment but also save a lot of Money involved”.

Let’s celebrate Ganesh Chatuthi without harming the environment by bringing home Eco Friendly Ganpati Idols.


Accepted :Sharing the Load- #WashBucketChallenge

Well few days ago, I was scrolling my email and saw there’s challenge on Blogadda contest -Share the Load – #WashBucketChallenge. Initially i wasn’t keen on taking up. But then i thought why not accept it and gets some exercise done.I don’t take up challenge but this time it was something my heart told me yes and i felt that would create awareness on Gender equality in our society.


After 3 days i received my Ariel matic free sample from Blogadda. I had never operated Washing machine. Its just my mom, sis n maid would do all these years!. It was quite challenging task. I learnt the operation from my sis and got it started.Few clothes in the basket,tub full of water now added the Ariel Matic powder and the twist-spin started and my clothes were moving over and round each other and spins again. I cant believe now my twisted clothes are coming out ready to put in the dryer.



Now that my clothes are out from the dryer, refreshing and as if new baby coming out of the womb.Its really easy task i felt and i feel anybody can do it and share the load. Well let me tell you friends, the whole activity has made me  think over and over again why do we say its women’s job. Are household chores only women’s job? The mindset of the society needs to be changed and sharing the load will not only promote gender equality but also encourage love for each other. Of course Overloading will lead to bad results,why not give a helping hand and share the load daily.Its daunting job but over period of time you will not be burden with it. Its gonna be routine task in household. I salute Airel for coming up with the Unique challenge to address the Inequality in our society and encouraging men to share the load.When you share the responsibility it will lead to happy household.You get sound sleep and twice the love and respect for each other.
I am nominating my friends – Aziz , Pavan, Raj, Bhavin, Apoorve to take up the Challenge.
Do share your personal experiences in my comments section. Would love to hear abt it.

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Top ten things I want to do before I die

I want to do many things in life. I have jotted down few things that i have in my mind.I would love to experience the zest in life.This is my first list and thanks to  Indiblogger’s Indispire prompt of the week that gave me opportunity to share my “ten things I want to do before I die”

My list is endless but due to constraints writing only 10 most things I like to do before I die

  1. I read a lot both in fiction and non-fictions so in future like to build my own library at my sweet home and share my books with other likeminded readers.
  2. I want to start my own NGO which provides naukri(jobs), shiksha(education) &Bhojan(food) for the poor.
  3. Do scuba diving. Parachuting and experience adrenal rush of a lifetime!
  4. Climb the Kanchenjunga mountain
  5. I want to be entrepreneur
  6. Give my parents whatever they want in life, be it travelling, jewellery, home.
  7. Get one permanent tattoo done ( just to get rid of my Phobia of needles)
  8. Go on bike/cycle ride to Leh and Ladakh with my best friend.
  9. To start a personal blog
  10. Learn to do salsa dance

Last but not the least I know my 10 things are over but can’t resist to have put up the last one (sowwiee guys!!)

11. Like to go on Abroad trip alone and go participate in Tomatina Festival in     Spain

That’s it.. I know I couldn’t write my full list. But yeah if you have got something then do share with me your list.Will be interesting to know 🙂

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Lets post our Bucket List: Ten Things You Would Want To Do, no let me rephrase, TEN THINGS YOU MUST DO BEFORE YOU DIE or else you would feel like a loser on a death bed? lets share and motivate each other about life. Lets Dream about life, your life. #LifeDeathBucketList

101 Not Out

The very first thing in your mind would come is another article on Cricket or Sachin Tendulkar ( Not again! Media & press had all said everything about him  )  Yeah it’s not about sachin. It’s about my first 100 days completed in L&T infotech .

The August Journey till now has been like a roller coaster ride. Starting my 1st day I was running from pillar to post for document processing to verification checks alas it got over till the sun down. The Next three weeks infact four weeks to be precise were like fun yet boring at times ( typical bollywood flicks – Kabhi khushi kabhi gham )  and during that time I met seven stars ( friends ).  Let me introduce to all the gems with Akshay ( fun-loving guy) , Nitesh( jovial person with good sense of humor) , Nikhil(introvert & intelligent) , Shruti( petite gal – “ chota packet bada dhamaka “ , Snehal ( sober and kind natured gal) , Deepak( friendly guy) , Pravin ( critical thinker, good at heart) . later on the friends list got bigger day by day. made other new friends too.During the first three weeks , We were  neither allotted desk nor any computer system so big problem was how to manage the things. We used to spend whole day in conference room, sometimes half day in library,reading newspaper,magazines  or roaming around in the campus. In the conference room, Shruti would make the atmosphere lively with cracking jokes and speaking in typical gujarati accent that would make everyone smile.

The next month festival started – Magic of 9 and each day competition was lined up.  I participated in Photo Frame Contest and Salad Fiesta Contest. And won the 2nd prize in Salad contest. Thanks to ashish, aveek, nitesh, akshay for your moral support.  It wouldn’t have been better than this.  I felt like I m back to college ,again enjoyed in Dandiya night, traditional day etc etc.  Birthday celebrations were on the high! also attended trainings & seminars during the same period.

Oh my god! I get a Deja- Vu feeling. I wonder how fastly the time goes on you never know .I completed 100 days here and I feel as if I am working here since long time. The journey has just begun and I believe it will be enlighten and fruitful for the years to come.

A Real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out

In a short span of life we all have experienced and made friends. Be it nursery friends (langotiya yaar), school friends,  Graduation College buddies,MBA college  friends, office friends, gym friends, dancing class friends, morning walk friends,  train friends, facebook friends.  When two person meet they have ordinary kind of friendship .But when you meet often you begin to understand each other when you get close to each other you are impulsive to know her or him. I still remember my school days when i used to forget my tiffin and would eat from my friend’s tiffin and would drop ink pen point on his shirt.  I can’t imagine my life without friends who have given me heart full of joy; Life is lot more fun with them. There is a magnet in your heart that will attract real friends that magnet is of selflessness, thinking for others. When we rewind the old memories we laugh and enjoy the moment. There are lots of memories attached in every facets of friendship. The friend is one who can be silent with us in a moment of despair or confusion, who can stay with us in an hour of grief and bereavement. In such busy life we seldom keep in touch with all our friends , gone were the days when we used to meet up in the evening daily now it’s been replaced by so called “ whats app” and “facebook” , Virtual is the new “real”. Real friendship is very rare and as precious as pearl.

Friends are part of our life that makes us stay connected with each other. They are the one when going to party who would say “ you are looking bad” today and when your heart is broken would say “ chod na yaar dusri mil jayegi”  and most importantly they know all your  secrets better don’t mess with your best friend. The test of friendship comes when you are in deep trouble you come to know who your real friend is.