#Famestar app success to stardom

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Talent? Are we born with it? I believe that everyone is born with a talent.Everyone has a special talent .Its a god gift or you were born to be a cricketer, musician or comedian etc. You just have to put your mind into it. We all have hidden talent to become a rock star or writer or singer or dancer. Those who aspire to become famous star and showcase your hidden talent to the world.

Here is the #Fame app that gives you right  platform to display your skills. #Fame, India’s premium digital entertainment network has launched the live video entertainment app where anyone can perform their skills and live stream to their fans.Many celebrities, artists  are part of it. What I liked about #Fame is its content of that includes live entertainment, comedy, fashion, beauty, lifestyle, movies and lots more. #Fame’s digital video sharing options let the talented artist connect  with other social networking platforms like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube for a global reach.

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Live Streaming isn’t the future- It’s NOW.Live streaming is so much fun where you can interact with your fans, you know what your fans expect from you, make new friends and it’s totally different experience. It helps out to be yourself and stay connected with your fans all over the world. #Fame is a global platform to showcase your talent and   a way to reach stardom.What makes #Fame unique is their content and ease to display your skills on Live stream.

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The event was broadcasted live on the #fame app from 12 PM to 3 PM.Eminent personalities like Ayaz Memon (cricket columnist) and Raja Sen (film critic) shared their experiences and insights.

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A panel discussion was held to address the power of live video beam your brand in Delhi. Basically the Fame App lets you live stream videos and it’s super helpful when you are at some event or you want to showcase your skills and want to share your experience with the world to get noticed and recognize.The four-hour long interactive session had three panelist – film critic Raja Sen, cricket columnist Ayaz Memon aka Cricketwallah, Pavleen Gujral one of the #fames featured talents from Delhi and selected influencers in Delhi attended this event on August 30.
There was some live streamer who shared their views and talked about how they are benefiting from the Fame app and how they are using it to get in touch with their fans! One such Famestar shared her views on the Fame App.

Lately, Fame App completed a whopping 1 Million downloads in three months time from the launch date in the app store, isn’t that amazing.

All in all #fame has emerged as Indias No.1 live video entertainment app With over one million downloads, over 15,000+ unique Performers and more than 35,000 live sessions of programming.

Don’t miss this opportunity if you have got it then show it! Download the #fame app now, showcase your talent on a live stream and become a sensational star.