7 cool things you didn’t know about your smartphone

Smartphones are getting updated with the latest technology every day. The days are gone when we were dependent  CD’s DVD’s etc Most of the technologies  that we have used in the past are no more in use.  #Technocrats With smartphones, you can do a lot of stuff  that you might not be knowing about your phone.Did you know u can work at 1 % battery life ? or You can hide your personal stuff from your friends?  Read my article to know more about it

  1. Create a Guest user profileGuest profile

This is the best option where you can hide your personal stuff  from your friends or someone who wants to check your new smartphone but doesn’t want to show your personal photos or app. It’s pretty simple. Just create profiles and select what they can have access to.  Get started, pull down your notification shade and tap on your profile picture in the top-right corner. There’s a Guest profile there by default, which is great if you’re passing your phone to someone and you want to make sure they don’t stumble on anything they shouldn’t. For more customization options, you can create new profiles via Add user. Just remember to set up a Lock patternPIN, or Password for any profile you don’t want others accessing.
2.  Phone works at 1% charge Screenshot_2015-11-20-09-28-45

Almost every smartphone user is complaining their battery gets drained very quickly.

You can check out where all that juice is going in Settings > Battery, but thankfully, you also have a Battery saver option now.

On the Battery screen, simply tap the three vertical dots in the top right and then choose Battery saver and toggle it on.

You can set it to automatically turn on at 5 or 15 percent if you want. It kills unnecessary vibrations, limits performance, and stops background data. That means you may need to open apps like email to sync them. Moreover, the feature will automatically turn itself off when you plug your phone into a charger.

3. Volume button to take selfies

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Airtel 4G services :Tweet #GetAirtel4G for a 4G SIM free

India’s top telecom services provider Bharti Airtel on Thursday commercially launched its fourth generation (4G) communication services, which are expected to make surfing the web on mobile phones much faster than 3G, in almost 300 towns across the country.

It is said to be India’s first commercial 4G network that will make high-speed mobile broadband a reality.

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