Freedom needs no Occasion: Taandav Movie Review

Movie – Taandav
Directed By: Devasish Makhija
Presented By:
Cast: Manoj BajpayeeDuration : 11  mins
Duration: 11  mins

taandav movie review, manoj bajpayee

Life can be quite overwhelming for any of us as we juggle our responsibilities. Our minds are constantly racing from one thought to another. No film has been able to depict this as well as Devashish Makhija’s short film Taandav that explores the dilemma of police constable Tambe.


Tambe, a lower middle-class Mumbai cop, is shown on duty during Ganpati Visarjan. We are immediately pulled into his psyche of mixed emotions, through different flashbacks of incidents in his life.


While Tambe is seen ‘watching’ the crowd, trying to concentrate on his duty at hand, he is unable to tear his mind away from the issues that he is facing back at home.

taandav movie review, manoj bajpayee

One, his wife is not talking to him (due to an argument) and Tambe is also under a lot of pressure to pay for his daughter’s school admission fees.


This only gets aggravated with the festival’s noise, beats, and drums. This film depicts the struggles of the common man (aam aadmi) through themes such as corruption, morality and the art of even letting go.


Amidst this chaos, an irate passenger complains to Tambe because an autowala refuses to take him to a locality. Instead of helping him, Tambe drenched in his own thoughts lands up doing the Tambe dance.


This lands up in him getting suspended but, despite this, he is also happy seeing how his wife and daughter laugh at his irrational behaviour.


The film is a direct reflection of how police constables and officers have to work in, despite being mentally stressed out.


Although the film is just eleven minutes, the ability to depict this tight script along with Manoj Bajpayee’s talent is remarkable, more so because there is no dialogue!


Bajpayee has made his character worthy of sympathy and endearing. We can immediately relate this film to how corruption exists in our society. We also see how policemen have incredibly pressurising jobs to do (on a daily basis) for a meager salary in return and how ‘dance’ is an outlet for any sort of frustration.


One of Bajpayee’s finest performances till date, Taandav is definitely one film that you should not miss out in.




Movie Review – Talvar

talvar movie

The cinema is a great place to unwind and take a break from  real life, but sometimes a good movie is actually based on a real story.Selected bloggers were invited to attend the special screening of the movie “Talvar”. I was thrilled to view the movie knowing it’s  controversial story. Since the day one, I was following this case through media but I was eager to know the unfolding of the double murder case.

Talvar is a film loosely based on the 2008’s Noida Double Murder case, which is probably the most controversial case in India. The case got many twists and turns in between and received heavy media coverage.In fact, many circumstantial pieces of evidence tampered and officers were replaced in between. The double murder case aroused public interest due to extensive coverage by media.  Watching reality, a movie is so different than what we see in media.Talvar stars powerful actors like Irrfan Khan, Konkana Sen Sharma and Neeraj Kabi backed by names like Meghna Gulzar  and Vishal Bhardwaj.Irrfan Khan gives a power packed performance and takes the story ahead, the rest of the supporting cast did a splendid job. Meghna Gulzar  has done a good job by keeping the story line crisp and to the point. The poster of the Movie  – India’s most controversial case reopens on Oct 2nd, that says the gripping story of the movie. It’s an interesting plot to showcase real life story on Reel.It is slated to release on 2nd Oct 2015.

Talvar opened to an overwhelming response with packed houses at the 40th Toronto International Film Festival. The festival showcased the world premiere of the movie, which is inspired by the 2008 Aarushi Talvar-Hemraj case. The movie created so much anticipation among the audience that the tickets were sold out in few hours. Watch Talvar thisFriday unravels the murder mystery.Irrfan Khan’s stellar performance after global success in “Jurassic World”, he is back to the domestic turf and you won’t be disappointed. Konkana Sen  looks  natural and did justice to her role. Vishal Bhardwaj is the music composer, writer and producer of the movie. The background score is good and keep the story moving at a slow pace since it  is based on real life events. A must watch for those who love content driven movies.


Movie review : The path of Zarathustra

path of zarathustra
Film: The Path of Zarathustra
Director: Oorvazi Irani
Cast: Oorvazi Irani, Tom Alter, Rushad Rana
Language: English
Running time: 79 mins
Rating: ***

The Parsi people are fascinating and jovial by nature. They believe in the existence of one invisible God. There is a continuous war between the good forces (forces of light) and the evil forces (forces of darkness). The good forces will win if people will do good deeds think good and speak well. The quintessences of Zarathustra’s teachings are embodied in the triad Humata (Good Thoughts), Hukhta (Good Words) and Huvarshta(Good Deeds). Harmony between man and nature, respect for all of Creation – Fire, Sun, Earth and Water, and promoting a mutually beneficial existence with these elements, is central to Zoroastrian thought, placing this ancient religion well ahead of its time.

Parsis of India are a unique community, however, their numbers are declining quickly. The Path of Zarathustra’ is a reflection on dwindling community and on the exploration of one’s religious faith


the path of zarathustraThe Path Of Zarathustra reflects the profound view of Parsi faith, belief, and religion. The film is a story of Oorvazi’s journey in understanding and interpreting her religion. The movie starts with a reflection of water in a well that make swells. Set in an ancient rustic home, Oorvazi is coerced to leave her home when her adored granddad dies, before dying he leaves her a secret book which writes itself. Oorvazi left her confined life and travels to Mumbai where her aunt, “Sheramasi” and cousin Perseus stays. She gets a warm welcome by her masi and cousin. She meets various people and she is often reminded, “Message to the keeper of the book somebody will decipher it for you” What is the mystery book? Will it give answers to Oorvazi’s quest? Will the mystery book transform her life?

The movie is slow-paced, philosophical and lacks humor owning to its serious subject. Oorvazi Irani lead actor and director does justice to her role and with a strong supporting cast. The film is a visual delight and reflects the director’s vision.The story flows through the narrative script written by Farrukh Dhondy. Subhadeep Dey’s cinematography is an excellent and great vision.Tushar ghogale’s editing is crisp and to the point. Background score by Vasudha Sharma creates a serene environment.

Overall: The Path of Zarathustra is a reflection movie touches upon the relevant issue in a simplistic manner. A treat for the serious movie buff who loves content based movie.