Plan early to make your child’s dream into reality

do your homework, axis bank, child plan, return, mutual fundA child’s future depends upon what kind of education he/she gets while in his/her growing up days and later choosing the right field/stream in which his/her interest graduates.

Choosing the very best for your child in terms of education is a big concern, the main reason being how does one start planning when there is such inflation rate in education sector, besides that being a parent you never know what trend pops up and your child starts following that stream, that is even more, uncertain than what you think.

do your homework, axis bank, child plan, return, mutual fund

This was not the case in my growing up days, I was blessed with inherent possessions from my grandparent when it came to securing my higher education, being an MBA you can imagine what it would have cost, but it’s not the case every time, some do not get their higher education due to lack of funds or higher education fees because their parents didn’t do the homework right and were not ready for the scaling education inflation / know about the education importance.

Recently a campaign was run across India by Axis Mutual Fund

The campaign was aimed to better understand the parent and child thinking about what the parents had in mind for their child in terms of future education and learning is concern and what the child had interest in, this campaign was conducted in major part of the country to better understand the current trend and how well the parent were prepared, the campaign was quite interactive and fun.

Let’s see what the survey conducted results, when asked to the parents about how well they are prepared for their Child’s education funds?

A surprisingly large no. of section said they would opt for an education loan or keep gold as security for funds to fulfil the Childs higher education funds, some banked on grants and scholarships, and few had fixed appreciating assets.

To conclude, we Indian are still to figure out a better alternative to the above mention solutions.

Mutual fund investments is a healthy alternative, It is untapped and better understood in terms of a sound investment proposal for child’s education, if the investment is started as early as 5 years of Childs age, it would definitely pay the dividend, what are your thoughts?

#Doyourhomework  as a parent, stop thinking and start planning with Mutual fund plans with Axis Mutual fund.