#Lookup Story: Optimistic Mommy


Optimism doesn’t wait on facts. It deals with prospects. Pessimism is a waste of time.” – Norman Cousins .This perfectly tells you everything about being Optimistic.I would share my #Lookup story about my mother who believes in optimism and sends positive vibes. The more positive emanations you send,the more they will feel appreciated,and they will appreciate you in return. I will tell you one incident when my boss took dig at me, no fault of mine and I argued that made the situation worst.it was first time it happened with me. I came back home very sad. I just went to my room , didn’t talk to anyone. Mom entered my room and i told her what happened in the morning.Like a gentle sunshine,she shared her story, A bad day doesn’t mean its bad life and that made me feel good and told to take it in positive way. Never argue, ignore, criticized anyone, its a downer. That’s that i like about her. She has got positive energy all throughout her life and makes everyone feel  warm. She has solutions to almost all the problems you say. She will try to make things simpler and get it down. Those small things makes me feel good and gives me strength to stand up and face the music. I wouldn’t be ever get up if she wasn’t with me. Those qualities i want to inculcate and spread the joy and happiness around the people. Its pretty difficult to be positive and tackle things. But once you get away from negative thoughts you definitely see through angels eyes of positive pathway ahead. If you have been to Mad over donuts outlets,the Optimistic will see the donuts, but pessimist person will see the hole. If you believe you can, half the battle is won there.I learnt from her is to be happy as much as possible.There is kind of magic in her persona that attracts everyone towards her and you get the same energy when you are with her.

There are many reasons to complain and be miserable. In a different perspective is how you look at Life.  And there are so many reasons to be enthusiastic and content that’s how you look at Life. Optimism is the best way to see the life. Optimism isn’t about ignoring the negative things.Its about being content in spite of the negative things.I would say do those little things that makes you happy. The tears of joy and happiness counts in life than sadness. This is my Supermom story that is full of optimism and make sure everyone around her is not dull and sad.This way it brings out change in a person’s thinking and behavior by being positive and climb the ladder of success.

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Hang on Pain Ends (H.O.P.E): The power of being #Together

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“Alone We can do do so little,together we can do so much” – Well said by Helen Keller. The power of being #Together triumphs all other things.I believe stay positive, even when you feel like everything is falling apart. This is my story i like to share with you. The story of overcoming the crisis, being together with my family.

together2 years ago, family was content and happy with life. But sudden monster storm devastated everything. We were in debts and everything was not hunky-dory. But Dad being optimistic, told me we will fight back and will pass on through the bad phase. No matter what happens we held our nerves together. I was reminded my blood type is Be positive. However it took 2 years get back to normalcy life.There’s light even in darkest place so everyone goes through bad phase. Need not worry. We struggled to keep pace with life. Worrying signs were visible on my forehead.All my mind would think how education fees, loans ,daily expenses would be met. There was a time when eating  in hotel would mean luxury,shopping was last on my mind,but never lost hope and confidence we knew someday we will be strong enough to overcome the obstacles. I believe in God. He is always there to help his son whenever you need him. I had lost hope but prayers reminded me God is seeing everything and will bless me with power to deal with the biggest problem in my life. I backed myself that this is the time if we don’t show courage then it will lead to weakness and negative thoughts will wreck you down to pieces. We sailed through the obstacles but it took lot of faith and confidence, Its the power of being Together, that binds us in our darkest hours. Hang on Pain Ends (H.O.P.E)  Some days will be worst than others but shit happens and everything will be okay.The positivity inhales fresh breath of air in your life. You think its the end but its not as what we think. My life struggle in early days taught me to be patient, never loose hope, believe in the power of God. Life is a struggle you need to overcome it.My struggle has shaped me into becoming better person today and i take it in a positive way and i am thankful for the hard times to make me stronger and matured person. Because of the crisis i faced, we came close by and as family are closed -knit together.This is my story of struggle and crisis and i hope its inspire someone not to loose hope and be optimistic and face the problem. I would like to hear your inspirational stories if you have went through your hard days. Do share it in my comments section.

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Never lose hope -#StartANewLife

new-life-rasmussedFailures are the stepping stones to success. Most of us takes time to get over failure. Well I wouldn’t say failure is bad. You take it in a  positive way , analyze what’s wrong and I am sure you will overcome your failure. This is my story of #StartANewLife. I was working in Central Govt though from outside it looks like I have got my dream job and getting in Govt job is like considered a big thing especially in India. (You get respect, job security, last but not the least Marriage proposals lol)

Somehow I was not satisfied from my job may be due to work culture as u know how Govt babus work. And being slogged for 12 hrs a days in the past, I certainly found being sluggard is not my cup of tea. I don’t believe in motto “hardly working”, instead do your work smartly.  There I decided that I am gonna hunt and get job in next 6 months. First 1 month being very enthu,and optimistic I would give interviews hoping that it would click but to no avail. Next 3 months started applying to various job portals very seriously. Though I would get shortlisted for companies but would get kick ass in the final round. I said myself “Bro you are a fighter, you cant loose like that” Common you can do it.  Again giving GD, interviews, didn’t yield results. I seriously don’t know how many interviews I gave in that period.

tumblr_m5o2mkZrBE1rsj18oo1_500In the 6th month I lost hope I was depressed, felt I don’t have any quality to get a job..When mom opens the bedroom door, I somehow try to show I m okay. And have my food and go to my bed. I control those salty drops don’t fall from my eyes. I cursed God and nobody there’s to help me.I felt It was the end of my life. But there’s always light at the end of the tunnel. One sunny morning I received a call from one of biggest fortune 500 company. I was in half sleep, didn’t knew was it a dream or reality!. Let me pinch myself first. Yeah it’s real. And the lady on the phone told me you have been shortlisted for the job and come for the interview on Tuesday.  I was so happy and greeted everyone. Felt like I have got new birth. Finally I cleared all the rounds and got selected. I never knew this could happen I mean after so many interview what would you expect?

I would say this was #StartANewLife delightful beginning. I learnt one thing never lose hope in life. Always try no matter what the results are. One day you will succeed. Be it in job, education, exams, business, etc. I was wrong God has kept something good for me. Always believe in God. I felt so better and again the same energy, positive attitude, freshness in mind all got refueled. It was big change in my life and I am so happy and thrilled to share my story. Just like Housing.com Big change to move forward in your life!

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