Recipe : How to make Homemade Butter

home made butter

Making butter at home seems to be complicated one, but this one is very easy and quick to make. Homemade butter is the best and gives a great flavor. I made butter from whole milk cream.

Home Made Butter


2/3 cups of fresh cream

½ to 1 cup of water

½ teaspoon Salt (optional)


  1. Boil milk for 10 min, after boiling milk, leave it aside for some time when it cools down, keep it in the fridge, then take the thick layer of cream/malai and collect them and store it in a container. Collect it daily for about 4-5 days or till your container is full, keep refrigerated.
  2. After 4-5 days the cream you have collected, add a teaspoon of curd in the mixture and mix it well and keep outside i.e. room temperature for one day.
  3. Next day in the morning add 2 glasses of water and ½ teaspoon salt (optional) mix it well with the blender.
  4. In 2 mins, the butter will surface on the top. Once the froth completely turns to a collective buttery then stop the blender.
  5. You could strain the butter from the buttermilk through a fine strainer. You can use your hands to completely squeeze out the buttermilk from the butter and then store it.
  6. Your homemade butter is ready for use 🙂 Collect it in a clean container and refrigerate it.

White butter, pure and fresh  you can use it on parathas, bread, rolls, sandwiches, Dosa also you can use in Punjabi dishes like paneer butter masala, Veg handi, Kolhapuri  etc. Mumbai style butter Pav bhaji and in breakfast also you can have it bread and butter with tea.

Share your homemade butter story here. Looking forward to hear from you