Best initiative by Hotel Formule1 – #ChaltaHaiNoMore

hotel formule1, holiday destination, customer service, satisfaction, tourism, travel“Hey  guys,  Its party time lets rock in Goa! “ I immediately told yes to my friend. I could see all my friends were dreaming about it. I was equally thrilled to party in Goa. What could you think better than Goa! Ultimate destination to Party that is closest to Bombay.

Last year I really had an unpleasant experience while I staying in Goa. Well, it was an impromptu decision to go to Goa. We just packed our bags one night and breezed out in the morning. No travel plans. Only in my mind was to Enjoy life! We finally managed to reach Goa next day and found a hotel to stay but here starts the nasty stuff. Well, knowing tourist are treated as God’s guest. But here you are taken for granted.

Let me tell you guys the Hotel we were staying had no wifi. In an internet age, it very hard to imagine but Yes, it’s a true fact. The guy at the receptionist told “Sir Chala lo Aaj ka din” The worst was yet to come. There was no Hot water provided.  We don’t expect great customer service, but bare minimum standards to keep the customer satisfied.Rather than spending so much money on marketing, paid advertising, spend 1/4th of our money in customer experience. It is really an investment in your brand.

hotel formule1, holiday destination, customer service, satisfaction, tourism, travel

Great customer service doesn’t only put a smile on the customer’s face, it not only helps you understand your customer but also define your brand and impacts your bottom line. I was going through One of the travel websites where I found this interesting video  by Hotel formule1 is a unique initiative and drive by Hotel Formule1 to highlight just that.


Hotel Formule1, a Rest Assured hotel by world’s leading hotel operator Accor, is renowned for delivering a great sleep and shower experience. It is the first hotel brand in India filling the void for standardized comfort and convenience. The hotel also offers complimentary Wi-Fi to its guests. The rooms are cleverly designed and more stylish. It is a great value stay combined with quality service and facilities.

This is the best initiative by Hotel Formule1.So shed your Chalta Hai attitude and say #ChaltaHaiNoMore

Top platforms to discover influencers for your brands

brands influencers

Are you Social media evangelist? With the emergence of influencers, brands are seeking out for social media influencers. Most of the people on twitter and FB write on their Bio.It depends how influential you are on social media. Three qualities – Reach, Resonance & Relevance taken into account while selecting an influencer.

social media infleuncers

Why do brands want influencers? The top most thing is when you collaborate with Influencers, it increases brand awareness, online reputation of the brand, brand recommendation etc. It also helps to increase traffic, increase brands followers etc.

How the brands select influencers?

Well, there are many ways to select influencers. There are social media tools where you can find out influencers. They are driven by the different algorithm to assess influencers reach and arrive at a score.


Klout score

Klout is a website and mobile app that uses social media analytics to rank its users according to online social influence and determine their “Klout Score,” which is a numerical value between 1 and 100. The higher your “Klout Score,” is the more influential you are. Your score is determined by a number of factors including followers, likes, comments, retweets, mentions, connections, etc. Klout score is measured with data from the last 90 days.


kred score

Kred is a website and app that reflects generosity in engaging with others and helping them spread their message,” i.e., a user’s retweets, replies and mentions of others. It score falls on a 1,000-point scale.Users with Kred influence score of 600 and above are in the top 21 percent of users.Kred also provides a separate scoring of “outreach level” (on a 10-point scale) that “Users can view their Kred influence score and outreach level scores globally (Global Kred) or by interests/affiliations (Communities).Kred score is measured with data from the past 1,000 days



Traackr is an influencer marketing platform that finds the right people to engage for your promotional, lead generation and social media initiatives. The platform includes tools for discovering influencers, listening to them in real-time, building relationships and monitoring your progress.It is based on keywords, it searches major social networks, blogs and other sites to find the most influential people given your unique requirements. You define the topic and Traackr surfaces the most relevant people, with the most engaged audiences so you can make the most impact.



BuzzSumo is an excellent tool that allows you to search the web to find popular content relevant to your topic. This tool allows you to gather social media statistics on the content as well. It  has a powerful influencers search. You can search for the key influencers in any topic area or location.



Blogmint is  influencer marketing platform that connects brands with social influencers. It helps brands connect and engage with  Bloggers to create powerful social and video content. Ranking is measured in terms of Blogscore. It is a number between 0 to 100 which is derived from blog’s performance, blog’s global benchmarking and blogger’s social influence.


Brands create campaigns  and mention what type of  bloggers they are looking for also their specific  requirements.  Bloggers can apply to the relevant campaign.Once the brand accepts the request, a topic is assigned to the blogger. The blogger submits content and brand reviews the content and comment if any changes to be made.  Once the article is accepted, the blogger publishes it on his website/blog.The  brand rates the contents and writes testimonials about it that allows bloggers to improve their rankings. Blogmint is one of the fastest growing blogging network in India with more than 10,000 bloggers and more joining.I am exceptionally upbeat to have joined with Blogmint and can honestly say that it is the best platform to showcase your writing skills.It not only gives bloggers introduction but also an opportunity to get connected with brands and become influencers and additionally get rewarded for it. I have been associated with Blogmint since last year. I had great experience working with the Blogmint team. It provides profile analytics and how you can enhance it. The best part about Blogmint is transparency. Everything  is crystal and clear on their website: Profile creation, brands, Campaigns, payout etc.

Now it’s time to find influencers, people like products and brands best when they hear from the people they like best.It doesn’t matter what you say, it’s what everybody is saying about you that matters.