Life‘s perspective changes when you meet someone who makes you believe nothing is impossible. Our life is a rat race where one competes with another. In a fast-pace life, we seldom meet our expectation and blame our lifestyle. I would share my experience with you, where I meet this lively guy, Ravi, wearing black glasses and formal dress, a jovial at heart and he wears his heart on his sleeve.

He works part time doing odd jobs and helping his brother but one incident changed his life, where he lost his eye-sight in an accident. But his Never-say die attitude in life is what makes him apart from all of us. He never cursed god for about it but made it a point to stand and make his presence feel in the crowd. Though he lost his sight but never lost his vision – to study and be an engineer which he completed and came out with fly colours, scoring first class with distinction. When I asked him how do u feel and how did u achieved your success, he simply told me –my friend, All it takes is a little determination and will power along with a never say die attitude that will help you reach your goal.Never loose hope, try and try you will achieve  what you want. Along with him it was like he is spreading positive vibes in all direction. One thing that stuck my mind was how to overcome your weakness… Which Ravi told me “world would see me as another blind person but I made sure that I will make my weakness as my strength –every weakness has a corresponding strength. Literally he has achieved what normal personal would have. It has influenced my life and so others. I believe what he told me at first that nothing is impossible in this world. (The word itself says I M POSSIBLE)

And finally in the evening it was time to leave, I told Ravi, you life’s story is an inspiration for me and end of the day my thoughts about life is changed, you are ray of sunshine for many of us. And he said I am happy and grateful that I have been able to make one person attitude towards life change.