7 cool things you didn’t know about your smartphone

Smartphones are getting updated with the latest technology every day. The days are gone when we were dependent  CD’s DVD’s etc Most of the technologies  that we have used in the past are no more in use.  #Technocrats With smartphones, you can do a lot of stuff  that you might not be knowing about your phone.Did you know u can work at 1 % battery life ? or You can hide your personal stuff from your friends?  Read my article to know more about it

  1. Create a Guest user profileGuest profile

This is the best option where you can hide your personal stuff  from your friends or someone who wants to check your new smartphone but doesn’t want to show your personal photos or app. It’s pretty simple. Just create profiles and select what they can have access to.  Get started, pull down your notification shade and tap on your profile picture in the top-right corner. There’s a Guest profile there by default, which is great if you’re passing your phone to someone and you want to make sure they don’t stumble on anything they shouldn’t. For more customization options, you can create new profiles via Add user. Just remember to set up a Lock patternPIN, or Password for any profile you don’t want others accessing.
2.  Phone works at 1% charge Screenshot_2015-11-20-09-28-45

Almost every smartphone user is complaining their battery gets drained very quickly.

You can check out where all that juice is going in Settings > Battery, but thankfully, you also have a Battery saver option now.

On the Battery screen, simply tap the three vertical dots in the top right and then choose Battery saver and toggle it on.

You can set it to automatically turn on at 5 or 15 percent if you want. It kills unnecessary vibrations, limits performance, and stops background data. That means you may need to open apps like email to sync them. Moreover, the feature will automatically turn itself off when you plug your phone into a charger.

3. Volume button to take selfies

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faida, no buy, no sell

How to get rid of old unwanted stuff and get new stuff free

faida, no buy, no sell

My study room is a mess with my notebooks, solution templates, newspapers..clothes etc. The sight is almost out of storage space. “what a mess you have created ” says my old school friend . The first place to start is to decide what to sell, either online or by hosting a garage sale, and what to give away. We make a living by what we get,but we make a life by what we give.While i started searching online for NGO or someone needy who needs a book to study.

faida, no buy, no sell,only exchange

I came across an interesting site : Faida. Basically It is online barter system website in india for exchanging used mobiles,Electronics,furniture,books Hobbies,furniture and kitchen appliance etc with best barter deals. USP of Faida is there is no buy or sell. Its only Exchange. Isnt it amazing? wait hang on your excitement. I will tell you how it works

  1. Here you can list your items and send exchange requests to anyone for FREE
  2. Search your item you want and place an exchange request
  3. Voila! You receive a message once your request gets accepted. Lets meet and exchange
It’s as simple as that. Here you can exchange Mobiles .Amazing deals on mobiles and tablets .If you are book lover then here is Books section. Sell old books, second-hand book online .   The more you give the more you get.
There are so many sections on the site like Electronics, office stationery, cameras, clothes, home furniture, sports equipment etc. Plenty of options to choose from.  Recycle and reuse old stuff and I believe giving opens the way for receiving. DO good and good will come to you.  SO its time to clear your messy room and get awesome deals at Faida.
Get involved in this fun  game to earn reward points for almost everything you do and then use those points to get Faida merchandise

DELL Laptops for Advanced Users

None of us are unaware of Dell, the most reliable and secure brand for laptops and PC’s.

The three series for laptops- Inspiron,  Xps and Alienware are perfect for you if you are looking for office use, personal use and for gaming purpose respectively. Dell Laptops are amazingly user-friendly, especially for advanced users.

HD clarity on the big screen will get you going. The non-touch screen of inspiron-true life, HD or the 12.5 LED backlit touch display of Xpstruelife and FHD resolution, is very easy to the eyes. You can without any irritation/watering of your eyes and can use your Dell laptop very comfortably for 12-15hrs a day.

Battery life long lasting enough, you’ll never have to keep off your work coz you forgot your charger at home. Long weekends can now be spent away from home, with family without the hassle of carrying the charger anywhere.

Windows 8 OS is very user-friendly and enhances your experience. With Windows 8 you can keep your files in SkyDrive, where they’ll be automatically synced to the cloud for access from any internet-connected device.No more waiting. Intel® Smart Connect Technology automatically updates your email, contacts, social networks and favorite apps, even when your XPS 12 is in sleep mode.

The built-in media card reader makes it easy to transfer videos and photos from your camera while USB 3.0 can transfer data up to 10 times faster than USB 2.0 to external storage. The built-in full-size HDMI port allows you to plug into an external display to see your images and video on the big screen.

I have not even started about the new Dell Alienware, which gives you amplified graphics and real life rush. With the optional Intel® Core™ i7 processor for truly intense, full-voltage quad-core action, the Alienware 15 is equipped with up to 3.5 GHz of turbo power and a seamless gaming experience

All in all, Dell laptops is what you are looking for advanced usage, high speed, large enough storage capacity, easy connectivity, auto-update of data files to the net, so that you never lose any of your data ever, all of this with a friendly user interface.

Mend your HP Laptop Batteries wisely

HP Laptop batteries are just like human beings they eventually die in the end. But if you handle with care it can last longer. These days Laptop has become integral part of our lifestyle. I start my office work on the go. I had a bad experience of my battery being not lasting more than 3 hrs at a stretch.

Source- andistyan90.blogspot.com

Source- andistyan90.blogspot.com

Having lesson learned, I will share my experience of long lasting battery life that would be helpful to you in future. I am using my laptop since my college days, so it’s been for 4 years, working smoothly. The Lithium-ion battery as used in most laptops has 1.5-2 years useful life. The Lithium technology is made up of many smaller cells. These are charged at one time until the battery reaches full capacity.

There is usually common issue faced by everyone regarding the batteries are

  1. My Battery charge never reaches 100 %
  2. My battery becomes very hot
  3. My battery lasts just 10 mins, it doesn’t last as long as it used to


I would suggest use Power management wisely, it’s an effective tool that can save your laptop battery and increase the battery life.

Source - Screenshot of Power Management

Source – Screenshot of Power Management

1.)   Optimize Power options (Power Saver) can help you maximize battery performance and conserve energy.

2.)   If you are using continuously, the battery will die very soon. Laptops have option to dim your screen so that you can squeeze out some extra juice out of the battery.

3.)   Remove external devices if they are plugged in and not in use as most of them time USB devices like pen drive, mouse etc. and Wifi.If you forget to remove it and it will totally drain down your battery to zero. Also, avoid charging other devices like mobiles, iPod from your laptop, it wipes out the battery too.

4.)   Once I forgot my DVD in the drive. Make sure you don’t keep one in the drive as it consumes power. They spin every time you restart your PC and it takes power even if you are not using it.

5.)   When you are not using your laptop, keep it on hibernate. It will save a lot of power.

I usually stick to above power management tricks that will give my battery life a breather to survive and I get my work done pretty fast. I would like to know your experience as well. Share them with me in my comments section.

Digitalization is the key to transformation

Digitalization is the Key

#DigitalIndia Vision is road map to bring greater efficiency to governance. Digital transformation is nothing but the use of technology to radically improve performance.Successful digital transformation comes from envisioning new ways that digital technology improves performance and customer satisfaction.

E-governance will help us to – Bridge the digital divide :Citizen access to government information/services must increased rather than further divide the digital divide.

–Provide information regarding local resource and demographic information,

–To Enable a platform for interaction between citizens and govt

–Creation of Jobs i.e; generate new opportunities for India’s youth

Through E-governance, will help us to reduce corruption. Its effective and economical way to reach the masses.More importantly it would penetrate among  the youth.The main objective of E-governance is to

–Provide friendly and efficient interface between government and citizens

–Provide transparency in operations

–Provide timely and efficient delivery of services

–Improve quality of government services

The success of E-governance will depend on ease of accessibility of services to the citizens, it should be done on local level ,accountability to be increased, procedure to simple , time savings,last but not the least affordable service. 45% of e-governance projects in developing regions are complete failure; 50% are partial failures; only 15% are completely successful. Govt should spend % of GDP in E-governance It should be reassessed time to time.It depends on what we will be and what we want to be in future.New technology will come up and need to adapt it keeping up with the.The faster you adopt the technology you will reap the benefit of E-governance also make it more of value added services to the citizens.


To support E-governance Initiative, Intel is committed in creating a digitally enabled India and believes  that innovation will drive this movement forward. Intel supports Digital India Vision.Intel is committed towards our government’s vision of a Digital India. Through its ‘Digital Skills for India’ and ‘Innovate for India’ initiatives, Intel has been fostering technology as the enabler for creating a digitized India.

To know more about Intel’s #DigitalIndia Vision check out – http://www.intel.in/

INKTALKS 2014 – Breaking the barrier


The 5th edition of INKtalks 2014 was inspiring and insightful. This year’s theme was “Beyond the boundaries”. The  INK conference was held in Mumbai, it’s  an annual event where artists, writers, authors, inspiring leaders, influencers meet  under one roof for three days in exchange idea’s ,their stories.

I am fortunate to attend  INKtalks this year thanks to Blogadda , gave me an opportunity to explore and took me to a fascinating journey literally beyond the boundaries. It was meaningful interaction and gained insights of powerful changing ideas. This year the participants were from all diversified field from scientist, newbie writers, bloggers, inspiring leaders and artists etc.


I  attended the workshop held by Dell. Dell partnered with INKtalks .Dell India, India’s leading end-to-end technology solutions provider announces the launch of their ‘Dell Campassadors’ program and a strategic partnership with INKtalks, an organization which aims to inspire youth, particularly in emerging economies. The association was born out of Dell’s dedicated focus towards the college student community, who not only exhibits a dynamic use of personal technology, but is also advocates for the adoption of new technologies. With this partnership, Dell aims to engage college students through campus ambassadors in a year-long conversation with Dell & INKtalks to foster a strong sense of social orientation and bring student communities together to share knowledge and ideas with peers and work on collaborative projects, all to prepare them for real life challenges.

The session was “how to create you brand in social media”. It was much awaited, enthralling and engrossing workshop.

Lakshmi Pratury, Host and Curator, INKtalks said, “INKtalks is about opening up the imagination of the youth through stories and equip them to create an impact in the world around them.  We are thrilled to partner with Dell to take our ideas to the student community at large and get them involved in activities throughout the year.  We look forward to engaging with Dell Campassadors who will champion the interaction with their peers, thousands of students in campuses around the country, and catalyze their exposure to INKtalks to help them realizing their imagination into an impact to the society. When we combine the technology outreach of Dell with the projects pioneered by INK, we will have a youth community that can use the technology to make a difference in the communities that they inhabit.”


It was wonderful experience for me, came with a thinking hat and gained meaningful ideas and met inspiring leaders and I am looking forward for next year’s INKtalks