Everything has its time

Last night i made up that tomorrow i will catch my bus at 7.30 am so that i reach office before 8.30 am. But i missed my bus by 10 mins and i had to wait for another 15 mins at bus stop. I nominated myself for time management training session for the sake of it. My thoughts were its all rubbish, attending a session how it could change it. I attended the session and most important thing what i learnt was it changed my thought process and made me re-think.

When you don’t reach on time, we blame the situation, ( train was not on time, bus was late, it was raining heavily, etc etc ) there is always excuses for that. Its all about giving priorities. Do the thing which is important and urgent at first. A classic example of Time management is while going for an interview ;Make sure you have everything in place before the D day. make sure you know the route of your destination and how you would travel and approximate time reaching there (by ┬ábus , train, or car) .This will certainly help you by saving time and also you reach on time. Keep your resumes photocopy ready (unnecessarily running in the morning to take photo copy ). This is one such example which is applicable to your everyday’s life. Plan and execute it and see how you can enjoy every minute of your life.

Managing your time is not difficult but it will take time to make it a habit. Most of the people whether it is personal meeting with friends or going on a date, or conference, they are late. why such things happen over and over again. Blame yourself for that. The trouble is you think you have time.I would say This is your life, this is your time. Manage your time effectively between your life and work.Time is more valuable than money.You can get more money,but you cannot get more time.