Exhilarating experience @ Adlabs Imagica


The  moment you hear about the theme park, your mind gets in a rollercoaster spin thinking about the thrills and rollercoaster rides.. exactly that happened with me. “Are you free this Saturday for Imagica trip ?asked soft spoken lady  on the call. “Are you kidding ?” I said. “No I am serious, “  I asked so what’s the deal?  Wait..wait.. don’t be in hurry  Well.. the story is not yet over…  I packed my bag next morning ie on Saturday  and reached the spot  before I miss the bus.

I entered the excitement mode  as soon as I boarded the BEST bus which in association with Adlabs Imagica started the new bus service.  It was organized by Seatrr and Adlabs Imagica team.  There were 15 bloggers and few Media people accompanying us.The 2 hours long journey went very smooth and enjoyed every gossip and chats with all. As soon as we reached, we were  so fricking excited to get in.  We all were so hungry that we gorged on Burgers and colas.  After that, we started off rides in Nitro, Scream Machine, Mr.India,  D2, etc. We covered almost  all of the rides.

The fun was endless while we were running from one ride to another. The scariest of all was Scream machine.  At one point I thought I will fell down (Thanks to the power belt,  I am alive! )  Lastly we were pleased to see the grand Imagica Parade where all the fictional characters came out dancing and waving to everyone from famous mickey mouse, Cinderella, Tubby, Roberto, Rajasaurus, and Mogambo etc. It was a scintillating experience to witness my childhood heroes. There were extra ordinary performers too.I could see the magic and charm in their eyes. It was a visual treat for everyone.

It was an amazing adventure ride. One of the best memories of 2015.  I was thinking about Seatrr while going home. I read about it somewhere it’s a dish discovery app.  What I liked about this app is Its simplicity. It searches the best restaurants in your area for your burning desire using the rating system for each restaurant.  Even a special dish of the restaurant is suggested so that you can satisfy your hunger pangs.


18th dec 6PM


Celebrating World Tourism Day in Mumbai

World Tourism day Celebration event in Mumbai,India on 29th September,at  Meluha -The Fern An Ecotel Hotel.I recieved an invitation from Elsie Gabriel, Founder of Young Environmentalists programme trust.

This year’s World Tourism Day draws special attention to the role of tourism in contributing to  sustainable future for all: Tourism and  Community development. The event started sharp at 11 am by lighted the lamp.

world tourisam day celebrated at mehua hotel powai (11)

It was huge turn out and attended by H.E. Consul General of South Africa .Pule Malefane and H.E. Consul general of Vietnam .Vu Son Thuy, Chairman of Travel council of India Jay Bhatia, Ahmer Shaikh of MTDC, Niranjan Hiranandani,Celebrity Mukesh Rishi, Actor Karan Goddwani, Elise Gabriel Founder Young Environmentalists,Diplomat from Belgium Ms.Pinkey Ahluwalia,Master chef Saranch Goila of Food Food and celebrity Arti Surendranath as well as Punish Sharma along with diplomatic members from Oman, Thailand, Reunion islands, Tourism board of Kenya, Clarence Fernandes-Rwanda Development Board,Co-Chairman Travel, Tourism/ Hospitality Committee-Indian Merchants’ Chamber, and a host of travel delegates from around the world were present at  the event.Hotel management ,Travel and Tourism enthusiatic students,Travel,Lifestyle, food bloggers,writers, media representatives also attended the event. It was followed by respresentative countries video presentation to boost the tourism and give you sneak- peek view of the main attractions, city, food, etc .Elsie Gabriel also presented her book on Get Out Going Going Outdoors which talks about safety during outdoors travel, travel photography, outdoor cooking and various outdoor meditational chapters which prove that travelling outdoors not only enriches but heals the mind.


A special thanks to Elsie Gabriel  for giving me an opportunity  to attend the event.

Magical time in Kolkata


A trip to Kolkata is incomplete if you don’t see Durga Puja festival.   The trip was never planned but it was decided quickly as my sis exams got over a week prior to the festival.  2nd hurdle was to book a ticket on Irctc as always it crashes down. Finally I managed to book tickets and we reached there just a day before. It was marvelous yet fun train ride.


First day early morning we had tea in bhan ( clay cup  ) served with hot singada ( samosa ) dats their passion to drink tea in traditional way. I was excited to sit in a tram. The ride on tram showed us heritage structures and scenic beauty of kolkata . I asked the conductor whats the difference between 1st class and 2nd class in tram , he replied 1st class has fan! .


We planned to see as many pandals as possible ( pandals are fabricated structures constructed  during religious festival ) Here I would like to say the pandals are so well designed and scrupulously crafted. The art work is of top notch, where you will see out of the box creative ideas and minds working and one thing is you will see unique designs in every pandal ,ranging from size, art, décor etc.  As I spoke to one of the committee member of pandal. He said their work start  6-8 months prior on what the theme will be and craftsmen and artisans start their work accordingly. The whole energy wrt to time, money is fully dedicated to Durga puja .Its incredible piece of art. You have  to see it to believe it ,you will know what I mean it. Another thing during these 9 days, Kolkata is immersed in the festival School, Offices, Market, all are closed so that people enjoy with their family and savour the lip smacking food at night. The night seems to be like a day and Kolkata police does wonderful job in maintaining the law and order. We tried to visit as many as pandals with the biggest and colour lighted pandals of north and south of Kolkata (Thanks to my dad’s friend, who helped us to note down the best pandals of the city) During that time we tasted authentic Bengali food, especially sweets like rosogulla, cham-cham, malai sandwich,  misty dai, etc .

I missed the last day of immersion as I had return ticket to Mumbai. I just loved the simplicity and friendly culture of Kolkata. After this trip I am definitely going next year to Kolkata.

śubha nababarṣa