आईचे जेवण

Sooner or later we realize what’s good for us. My flight was scheduled to leave at 4.00 am .It was chilling weather outside. I reached my destination next day in the evening then I met my colleagues at the night club and had wonderful time with them. The place I had gone for research was picturesque but one problem was food. In the freezing climate outside hardly I got to eat anything except ice-cream and French fries so had to rely on for the next two weeks and got debilitated. I realized how my mother would make food for me and I like a baby wouldn’t eat and make excuses.

Me and my friend thought for a while and shared views on how our mother used to make healthy food that would have all the elements of rich food comprising rabi, kharib crops zayad crops that makes complete Indian healthy diet and add nutrients and proteins to our diet.but we have forgotten that and started munching western style- pasta’s and burgers.. and my friend told me in Marathi “ आईचे जेवण असते तर मजा आली असती”