Happiness is the reflection of goodness


God gave humans wonderful gift to express your feelings and emo’s. They are the luckiest creatures I believe who has the ability to change the world if taken it in positive way. Let me tell you what’s the joy or happiness that brings smile to one’s face. A woman giving birth to a child has pain; she forgets when she sees the face of her baby that instantly bring joy and happiness to her. Those little things seem nothing but give immense pleasure like those meadows flowers. It’s those little things that are vital and make big difference to your life. Find those little things in day to day life that makes you smile. And as said by Humphry Davy “Life is made up, not of great sacrifices or duties, but of little things, in which smiles and kindness, and small obligations given habitually, are what preserve the heart and secure comfort”

Well what does happiness means to me? I am not worried about anything, I do act of selflessness and give respect, I have learnt from my mother to be selfless and touch the people’s heart in positive way. Helping old man cross the road gives me immense joy, when you travel by Bus, in a city like Mumbai, bus drivers job is so high pressure due to congested roads and traffic but nobody gives them the credit they deserve. I went ahead and appreciated his work and told him “Sir, You are safe driver and you are doing splendid job. He was so happy I could see from his eyes, and he told” we never gets such attention nor we want anything but thanks for such inspirational words you made my day” Those are small things but powerful that brings smile on someone’s face. The seed of compassion grows in your yard when you nourish the affection towards the people. I feel so happy when I see others smiling. During my NGO meet, I gave chocolates to the children’s, they were so happy when I entered there. That brought big smile on their face as somebody close to their heart came to say hello and ask about their wellbeing. I felt so good and had dance together like jumping jack, merry go round happier than ever.  Enjoy each and every moment of life.


Friends, there is nothing above happiness. Try to make one person smile each day. It’s all in your mind if you can’t do kind deed, think of kind thought you will treasure the happiness .Remember happiest people are those who are giving more. When you have zest of creating new things in life you will find happiness. A person is not rich by how much he earns, but by his virtue and kind attitude that makes him rich. Stop worrying about things that’s the only way to happiness.Also share your happy moments or stories that made you smile in my comments section. Waiting to hear from you

Coca-cola celebrates International Day of Happiness  http://CokeURL.com/96jnc

#ChooseToStart – Moto E Smart Phone


Smartphones have become inseparable part of our daily lives. We are trapped in the spider web of technology where we breath and live in a smartphone .I can’t spend a day without my smartphone. And that’s bitter truth!


My smart Journey would definitely #ChooseToStart with Moto E . The first look of the phone just took my breath away. Too many features, sleek design that’s comes at unbelievable price tag Rs 6999/- Wouldn’t you believe! Yes, that’s true. I am Music lover and love clicking pics. For music freak like me I like internal memory of 8b and expandable upto 32GB is enough to make my eardrum thumping. Soulful and cheerful music is what makes your mood lively.  So I don’t have to worry about memory. I can save more than 1000 songs and can definitely play non-stop music for more than 5 hrs! Thanks to Moto E battery 2390 Mah that lasts 24 hrs


Since I like clicking life pictures daily its fits my needs and capturing the moments will cherish them forever. It has 5 MP rear camera to shoot HD videos and that’s superb! I will shoot my parents anniversary celebration that’s in April.  Moto E comes with front camera too. Whoa so I can make Skype calls to my friend’s n cousin in US.

Moto E would be apt for me and would make my life better and happier. Do share your first smartphone experience in the comments section and let me know how was it :)

Source – Google Images

To know more abt Moto E  http://www.startwithmotoe.com/

Never lose hope -#StartANewLife

new-life-rasmussedFailures are the stepping stones to success. Most of us takes time to get over failure. Well I wouldn’t say failure is bad. You take it in a  positive way , analyze what’s wrong and I am sure you will overcome your failure. This is my story of #StartANewLife. I was working in Central Govt though from outside it looks like I have got my dream job and getting in Govt job is like considered a big thing especially in India. (You get respect, job security, last but not the least Marriage proposals lol)

Somehow I was not satisfied from my job may be due to work culture as u know how Govt babus work. And being slogged for 12 hrs a days in the past, I certainly found being sluggard is not my cup of tea. I don’t believe in motto “hardly working”, instead do your work smartly.  There I decided that I am gonna hunt and get job in next 6 months. First 1 month being very enthu,and optimistic I would give interviews hoping that it would click but to no avail. Next 3 months started applying to various job portals very seriously. Though I would get shortlisted for companies but would get kick ass in the final round. I said myself “Bro you are a fighter, you cant loose like that” Common you can do it.  Again giving GD, interviews, didn’t yield results. I seriously don’t know how many interviews I gave in that period.

tumblr_m5o2mkZrBE1rsj18oo1_500In the 6th month I lost hope I was depressed, felt I don’t have any quality to get a job..When mom opens the bedroom door, I somehow try to show I m okay. And have my food and go to my bed. I control those salty drops don’t fall from my eyes. I cursed God and nobody there’s to help me.I felt It was the end of my life. But there’s always light at the end of the tunnel. One sunny morning I received a call from one of biggest fortune 500 company. I was in half sleep, didn’t knew was it a dream or reality!. Let me pinch myself first. Yeah it’s real. And the lady on the phone told me you have been shortlisted for the job and come for the interview on Tuesday.  I was so happy and greeted everyone. Felt like I have got new birth. Finally I cleared all the rounds and got selected. I never knew this could happen I mean after so many interview what would you expect?

I would say this was #StartANewLife delightful beginning. I learnt one thing never lose hope in life. Always try no matter what the results are. One day you will succeed. Be it in job, education, exams, business, etc. I was wrong God has kept something good for me. Always believe in God. I felt so better and again the same energy, positive attitude, freshness in mind all got refueled. It was big change in my life and I am so happy and thrilled to share my story. Just like Housing.com Big change to move forward in your life!

Check out Be the change  https://housing.com/


Godrej Interio : Upload and Transform Season 3

A home is combination of style and human warmth.There is no  place other than your home where you feel relaxed and comfy.Home has its own energy .It gives good vibe and has aura of entering  home gives positive energy. Its your love and passion that you are connected with each other. After your work when you enter your bedroom you get  sound sleep. It’s a place to relax, unwind and spend some good time with your family. Ofcourse buying a home in Mumbai is the biggest capital investment today.

Godrej Interio is  a name to reckon when it comes to Innovative interior solutions . I attended Upload and Transform Season 3 where RJ Malishka was Celebrity guest and her interesting story behind the Transformation.

The one thing I liked abt Godrej Interio is they have got expertise knowledge and provides customizable solutions as per your needs. Redesigning your home is quite difficult task you don’t know where to start and how it will go. Lots of questions pop up in mind whether the final layout will look good! Godrej Interio has got answer to  your  each and every question from  color, design,shades layout, style, looks. What type of furniture. You don’t have to worry abt anything. Believe me I mean no need to worry abt it. They will take care of all your needs keeping in mind your habits and taste.(in terms of your home décor likes ).

We were shown Malishka’s home tansformation video.It was fascinating. She shared her  experience with us and how she was skeptical at first but then after the final changes,the room lit up brighter color,shades that soothes your mind  also looks spacious  and gives you positive vibes. Tell you this  transformation was done in just 3 days!

Let’s take a sneak peak of Godrej Interio’s showroom


The Red plugin has built in Bluetooth speaker system. You can sit, relax and enjoy music from your phone.It is adjustable roll it down to make a bed or roll it up to make comfy seating.




I really loved the Dinning table. It not only looks good but also unique in style.This  dazzling black finnish gives sparkling look round table is a gem.This lazy Susan turntable is perfect for smooth-spinning.



Splendid colors and design  furniture add glittering to the rooms.

It was amazing experience @ Godrej Interio and meeting RJ Malishka. Visit Godrej Interio Showroom  and experience the zeal and transform your lives.


Bloggers With RJ Malishka



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Godrej Interio is India’s largest furniture brand. From manufacturing the humble Storwel cupboard 80 years back to being a vibrant, innovative brand with a diverse portfolio – it’s been a brilliant, exciting journey for us.
We love bringing alive your dream space. We emphasize comfort and aesthetics while delivering well designed, fun and functional furniture solutions to you.
True to the Godrej mission to conserve the environment, we design products, set up processes and use raw materials that are eco-friendly to do our bit to preserve natural resources.
We offer our customers home and office furniture, along with solutions for laboratories, hospitals and healthcare establishments, education and training institutes, shipyards and navy, auditoriums and stadiums. We are present across India through our 50 exclusive showrooms in 18 cities and through 800 dealer outlets. At Godrej Interio, we work closely with our clients to understand the needs of their business. Our team of experts comprises qualified designers and project management team at our corporate and branch offices all across the country, including carefully selected & well trained workmen.
Godrej Interio is a business unit of Godrej & Boyce Mfg. Co. Ltd. – part of the Godrej Group, one of India’s largest engineering and consumer product groups.



Car Review :My name is BOLT.Tata BOLT

Tata Motors unveiled  their new car “BOLT“a hatchback  with grand launch in Mumbai. I visited the BOLT during their promotion campaign at Inorbit, Vashi.


The latest entrant in this segment is going to take on the mighty Maruti Swift and Hyundai i10 in fiercely competitive market.

When I first saw BOLT, it reminded me of VISTA but then there’s  X elements in BOLT which distinguished from others.There are four models of Bolt – named – XE (entry level), XM (medium), XMS (medium with extra safety) and XT (top model). The Bolt comes in two variants – Petrol and Diesel.

Let me tell you friends, BOLT is going to beat all the cars in this segment.

The unique features have made BOLT stand from rest of the car. Let’s have a look at BOLT inside view


The five feature that I found the best are : –

 Multi drive- Tata Bolt provides three modes viz. Sport, Economy and City.

Choose any mode and enjoy the ride as the mode you select helps ECU (Engine Control Unit) to adjust automatically to optimize engine performance.
Sports mode can be used on express where you will  get more freedom to drive  without  hassles.
Economy mode will reduce throttle (accelerator) response and will help you ride with less acceleration and smoothly. Economy mode will also help you out with low usage of fuel by up-shifting method.In a city like Mumbai Economy mode will suit the best.

Music System

zest-Interior-1-LTata Bolt features Harman Kardon® infotainment system and if the sources are believed, it took 2 years of rigorous work by the Harman engineers to create perfect infotainment system which complements the Bolt.
Harman Kardon® made sure that TATA’s ConnectNext principle comes true to its essence. It was a brilliant decision by Tata Motors to opt to Harman Kardon® Acoustics and infotainment. Their partnership ensured that the consumer gets the best of both world experiences.

Harman Kardon® infotainment system features :


5-inch touchscreen for better multimedia and tactile(touch) experience.
Supports USB, Bluetooth, Auxiliary audio & Smart phones with special apps.
Better voice recognition.
Social media features and touch phone controlled interface.
Harman Kardon® has integrated some Industry leading smartphone supporting phone enabled navigation, internet radio and podcasts for more better  connected driving experience.
Infotainment system will support smartphone based remote control for rear seat passengers and Smartphone based Navigation screen mirroring.
Harman Kardon® has ensured that Bolt customers will experience top-notch listening experience with acoustics solutions including microphones and speakers.

Turbo Charged Engine

Tata-Bolt-revotron-engine (2)tata-bolt-revetron-engine-petrolBolt is installed with 1.2 litre Revotron motorpower of 90 PS and torque of 140 Nm between 1500-4000 RP and nd max power of 90 PS @ 5000 RPM  with 4 cylinders. There would be another version of Bolt which is a diesel variant with 1.3 litre Quadrajet engine. The modern water-cooled turbo-charger, with its low inertia wheel, provides a faster response for a flat, seamless segment-highest torque density, which is kicked in at very low RPM and delivered over a wide range of revolutions, feeding the vehicle with raw power continuously. This translates into a better drive experience and enhanced maneuverability on city roads as well as highways. A built-in catalytic converter reduces toxic emissions. The toxic pollutants in the exhaust gas are turned into less harmful particles. Thereby, minimizing the harm caused to the environment
Tata-Motors-Revotron-Lab-schematic-front-three-quartersThe engine is turbocharged similar to the Tata Zest which was launched earlier by Tata Motors.
The new petrol engines have been developed indigenously by Tata Motors research and development team in collaboration with strategic partners such as AVL from Austria, Germany’s Bosch and US-based Honeywell. Tested extensively in England and South Korea, these multi-point engines are fuel-efficient.The passenger car market is looking up in the last couple of months. With the extension of tax rebates and improvement in business sentiment, the automotive segment is poised to do well,” said Ashesh Dhar, National Sales Head, South and East, Passenger Vehicles.

Speaking at an event organised here to showcase its new Revotron engines, he said the automaker will play a bigger role in the petrol-powered car segment with the launch of Zest and Bolt. The company also plans to export these engines. It has launched Revotron Labs in 15 cities in busy locations such as malls to showcase the new family of engines.

03tata-bolt-zest5TPMS: Its Tyre  pressure monitoring system. It shows all tyres pressure status on a miniscule screen on the right side of the dashboard .The system works like this it gathers accurate pressure data directly from the tyre valves via wireless sensors. It helps with flat tyre prevention, tyre wear reduction and contributes to high impact fuel savings, by ensuring that tyres operate in optimal conditions.It will help to mitigate the risk of accidents caused by tyres. It also includes locking mechanism to prevent theft.



The advanced ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System) with EBD (Electronic brake-force distribution) and CSC (Corner stability Control) ensures your safety in case of emergency braking by sensing the wheel speed, and prevents wheel lock-up while braking, thus maintaining directional control. CSC further improves safety while negotiating tight corners.

home_safetyDual front airbags cushion the impact to protect the driver and front passenger in an accident.

The front brakes are Disc brakes and the rear brakes are Drum brakes .

I will take you on ride to give you the BOLT feeling as you will know premium interiors of the car that are stylish and sleek designed.

The dashboard looks very attractive and appealing.The steering wheel is excellent to hold.The cabin is spacious and gives enough leg space.

EPAS(Electric Power Assisted Steering) with speed sensitivity  and active return function. This feature helps you steer with control on unstable or twisting roads.

Snazzy Java black interior gives you refreshing and modern feel. 1835801-tata_bolt_15

Smartphone enabled navigation from MAPMYINDIA™- This feature will help customers get a MapmyIndia Navigation app specially coded for integration between the user’s phone and the in-dash screen.Basically it is using a technology that enables the MapmyIndia navigation application layer in the user’s smartphone to sync with the car head unit.

Advance voice command recognition – It allows you to control many multimedia functions through voice commands i.e. to make calls ,change tracks,control AC

SMS notifications and read outs- ( Function enabled only if supported by Bluetooth profile of the connected phone) –No more distraction Incoming SMS and new notifications will be read out

Speed sensitive auto volume control- Tied into the speedometer, these circuits make incremental volume changes over the vehicle’s speed range. It’s a handy feature that saves you the trouble of adjusting the volume manually, as may be necessary as the background wind and road noise increase profoundly with speed

Video Playback and Image viewing option  on the touchscreen via USB and SD Card

Driver Seat adjustment-You can adjust the height of the driver’s seat.Its unique feature that  I found unlike other hatchbacks.

Fully automatic AC control on the touchscreen-Interesting feature that controls the AC directly by the touch.

Geo responders for a smooth ride and sound isolators for quiet cabin

petrol-and-diesel-engine (2)Body hugging rugby shoulder seats  – The wide seats ensure you get ample of back support and you can relax and lay down stress free. You get comfy feel.





Surround audio effect  with 4 speakers and 4 tweeters

60:40 Split rear sits – The seats are designed for maximum convenience and comfort. They are also very space-efficient. Of course  there is plenty of room for shopping, luggage, sports gear to carry.


Tata Bolt @ Inorbit,Vashi

The Exterior of BOLT is modernized with

Tata-Bolt-headlight (2)Smoked projector head lamps are  meant to cut through the fog and light up the surface of the road so that drivers can see well enough to stay on the road and within their lane. In addition to fog and mist, fog lights are also useful where there are significant amounts of dust and snow on the road, either drifting in through the air or being churned up from the surface of the road.

Striking power bulge on the bonnet to fit large engine and give sporty look.

TATA signature grill with unique humanity line in piano black finish

Tata-Bolt-ORVM-44720 (2)ORVM  with side indicators –  It’s a safety feature which is useful and it looks so stylish. These additional indicators gives signal while turning and looking fabulous on rear view mirrors.

Sporty rear spoilers – It pushes the back of the car down so the tires can grip the road better and increase stability also adds visibility so that other drivers on the road can easily see the car and prevent rear-end collisions  /






Floating roof accentuated on matte black pillar enhancing its streamlines and elegant form.

Flame shaped tail lamps gives the sporty look

Smart rear wipers starts functioning when you take reverse gear.its useful during rainy season.

My Verdict- Tata BOLT has improved over the years and this time they have got the combination right in terms of speed, quality, safety. Also note here it offers customers whole complete package and just fulfills the expectations.Guys, what are you waiting for? Get Set Bolt

Check out Tata BOLT first look

Source : Video : Youtube                                                                                                                                                                                         Images : Google

The Tata Bolt is an hatchback which offers refreshing looks, attractive interiors, spacious, powerful engine. BOLT will be gamer turner for Tata .Drive in  BOLT with your family. Get.Set.Race. ahead of time

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Future Young talent stars :Max Life I-genius Young Singing Stars Grand Finale

downloadEvery single child is gifted and talented in particular areas like music, singing, dancing, sports, writing, etc. Every child one also has particular challenges. For some children’s the classroom is the place where their genius is hardest to see and their challenges are easiest to see. To find out gem of each child, Max life insurance has taken up initiative to discover the potential and hidden talent across India and nurture the children’s abilities.
I was invited to attend the Max Life I-genius Young Singing Stars Grand Finale on 17th Dec,2014 @ Taj Land’s End , Mumbai (Thanks to Blogadda)
The talent hunt was organized on a wide scale. More than 1.25 lakhs children participated in it between the age group of 8-15 years. After exhaustive 3 stages, selection panel included Music director Salim Merchant, Youtube girl- Shraddha Sharma, Devraj Sanyal – M.D of Universal Music.
Total 10 performers were shortlisted for the finale.
The performers were divided in two categories :-
i-genius Junior – 8-11 years
i-genius Senior – 12-15 years
Some of the childrens were feeling nervous, some were excited, with mixed feelings to perform on grand stage.
I reached the venue at 6.45 pm ( traffucked in bandra , due to christmas shopping ). As I entered the Ballroom, it was set for the time to rock the night away. Live music is soulful. I could feel the noise of the music to my ears.

B5EADzNCAAIrfZwToday’s Emcee was Manasi Scott, enthralled the audience with the song ‘Farmaana’ ”Whatta” start to the evening. It was rocking performance. Anisha Motwani – Max life insurance and Devraj Sanyal inspiring and motivating the performers followed by Max life Brand song. I knew this gonna be epic night.

B5EH990CMAAKEp5Youtube sensational Shraddha Sharma (Dehradun girl) takes centre stage,mesmerized everyone with her rendition of “Kuch toh hai tujh se raabta” and “Haale Dil”.

Everyone was waiting for Salim Merchant to take on stage.ml01B5ENFTUCYAAMstx


However he choose to dedicate his first song ‘Ali maula’ to the kids who lost their lives in Peshawar attack. Next song, one of my favorite- ‘Ae khuda’ Great performance.

After the Amazing performances by our judges, it was time for talented kids come on floor. To name few good performances It was Arpita Basnet voice just stole everyone’s heart with her ‘Maar daala’ song.Petite,but soulful voice, Shreya Basu created magic with ‘Titli’ song. I was enjoying each and every moment. Vani Tripathi, Shivam Ahuja’s Kabira song was amazing. After junior and senior categories round,

IMG_1840           B5EZsoSCYAEnCsb

It was RagaTripping that set the stage on fire with   Acapella . I have never seen such a brilliant talent. They don’t need instruments. Superb show.We are moving towards the end of the grand finale. It was time to announce the winners of Max I-genius




Young Singing Stars.Shivam Ahuja was the winner in Junior Category and Shraddha Shree was the winner in Senior Category.


Top 10 finalist with the Judges
I would like to say the all kids were super talented and are the  future of Indian music. All are the real winners.

This post is a part of Maxlife I-genius and Blogadda.com. I-genius Young Singing Stars is part of Max Life Insurance i-genius programme of nurturing young talent in deserving children and bringing them closer to their dreams. i-genius Young Singing Stars celebrates, recognizes and rewards young singing talent in the country. Over the last 4 years, Max Life Insurance i-genius programme has conducted i-genius Scholarship and i-genius Young Authors Hunt and awarded scholarships to over 5500 children amounting to over Rs 4 crs. Along with our knowledge partner Universal Music India and our brand ambassadors, mentors and jury members, Salim Merchant and Shraddha Sharma, i-genius Young Singing Stars will select and reward 2 young talented singers with solo album contract each with Universal Music India along with 8 runners- up who will win a Singles contract.
About Max Life Insurance
Max Life Insurance is one of the leading life insurers in India, a joint venture between Max India Ltd. and Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Co. Ltd. It offers comprehensive life insurance and retirement solutions for long-term savings and protection, focusing on quality of advice, sound investment expertise and service excellence.

About Universal Music India
Universal Music India Pvt. Ltd. is home to multiple record labels that cater to the extremely rich Indian catalogue comprising songs from classic Hindi and Regional Films, IndiPop, Bhangra, Ghazals and Devotional. It’s enviable catalogue includes artistes such as Asha Bhosle, Anup Jalota, Bombay Vikings, Jagjit Singh, JoSh, Malkit Singh, Pankaj Udhas, Panjabi MC, Raghav, Mohit Chouhan, Euphoria, Adnan Sami, Rabbi Shergill, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan to name a few.