Isabella Spagnolo Non-Alcoholic Fashion Drink Launch Event

isabella spagnolo fashion drinkIsabella Spagnolo, an Italian Non-Alcoholic Fashion Red Carpet Drink launched its foray into the Asian Market with a Grand Launch Party organized by Anup Bhatia and Isabella Spagnolo (The first Armani Supermodel) and executed by Shrrine Entertainment at JW Marriott, Juhu, Mumbai. The event saw the red carpet celebrations for trendsetters in various fields like Fashion Stylist and Make-Up Ojas Rajani, Fashion Designer duo Riddhi Siddhi of Mapxencar’s, Fashion Choreographer Alison Woodham, Car Mini Cooper, Trendsetter Jewellery Gitanjali Jewels, Fitness Suren Joshi I Think Fitness and Health and Wellness Shelly Khera of Slim Sutra. Other celebs who graced the occasion were, Karan Oberoi, Nazia Hussain and Gwen Athaid.

The collection has been specially designed by Italian fashion Supermodel Isabella Spagnolo for those who love to pop a bottle of bubbly yet a non-alcoholic drink for various personal reasons, including religious, health, medical, age or if they just happen to be driving. So years later drawing on her Ph.D. in BioScience and Economics, Isabella worked at producing a 100% non-alcoholic fashion drink while following a wine production process that holds a world patent. The drinks are produced from high-quality Glera grapes (the same variety that is used for producing Prosecco wines in Italy’s Veneto region) and follow the Prosecco production process.

The process for producing the Isabella range is distinct in that, these are not wines from which the alcohol has been removed but are produced in a way that the juice of crushed grapes is not allowed to ferment in the first place. With delicate flavours, soft hues, infused with the effervescence of sparkling wines, light and refreshing, the drinks recreate the pleasures of popping a bubble as they are styled just like sparkling wines, complete with the traditional champagne-styled bottles with natural cork that pop loudly when opened.

isabella spagnolo non alchoholic drink

“It was while walking the ramp at fashion shows in the Gulf and in international fashion capitals as an Armani super model that Isabella observed Muslim guests sipping on soft drinks. She felt it would be really nice if they could enjoy a non-alcoholic sparkling wine”, says Anup Bhatia, National Brand Representative, Isabella No Alcohol Collections, and Promoter, Imported Brands Marketeers India.

“The sole objective of this drink is to give the consumers a taste of wine without the alcoholic effects. This shall make the event look stylized and also equally healthy “, concludes Isabella Spagnolo who initiates this one-of-its-kind concept.



Designer Cherry Sahni & Raghav Sahni mesmerized the audience at The Grand Hyatt of Mumbai with their stunning collection of jewellery inspired by “Tassels” at the 2nd day of India International Jewellery Week, 2015. Amidst the grand set up of blue Moroccan street, their show stopper Aditi Arya walked the ramp in a quintessential yellow diamond neckpiece.

Show Stopper Aditi Arya

Show Stopper Aditi Arya

SoTassel by Diamond treephisticated, Simple, Stunning are three words that best describe the visionary jewellery brand. The eclectic collections of fine, design-led jewellery pieces take as their credo handcrafted elegance entwined with minimal, pure lines, simplification of design, precise attention to detail, and versatility of form and materials used. The collection reflected cherry’s pulse on fashion, offering modern, unique, iconic and edgy designs that make a statement.

“A tuft of loosely hanging jewels knotted at one end to adorn your being forms the underlying concept of my collection”, says Cherry Sahni. The collection found its inspiration in the nuances of mughal period and tassels coupled with the use of high-quality materials and gemstones to create niche jewellery; each piece had the USP of being contemporary, diverse, and uniquely transformable into a variety of adaptable forms. In quiet atypical manner, it was restoring to see models pairing traditional jewellery with denims; the whole idea was to cater to those women who want to explore the world, are not bound by restrictions, and believe in the unconventional, thus defining an art form in itself.

Tassel by Diamond tree

While talking about the show, the designer duo said, “This is our second year at IIJW, and we showcased our latest collection based on ‘Tassels’. All the pieces in our collection are a response to the necessity for simple, elegant, flexible jewellery solutions for the modern woman that can be worn by anyone with any given outfit.”


A tassel is a bunch of loose threads or cords bound at one end and hanging free at the other; it is a universal ornament that is seen in varying versions in many cultures around the globe. Picking tassels for an outfit is an art; they give a fun and playful feel to the overall attire and look. Over the eras tassels have undergone a major reformation and certainly for the good.

Diamondtree’s tassel line offers a holistic service to its clientele, whereby it creates striking, authentically-certified jewellery pieces, with a dedication to quality customer-service and after-care of each precious item. The jewellery is crafted keeping the current trend of tassels in mind and intertwining it with the mughal era giving it a blend of royalty with the latest edge.


Raghav and Cherry Sahni together founded ‘Diamondtree’ with a dream to create a brand that would offer the finest quality of diamonds and mesmerizing jewelry. The idea is to skillfully orchestrate a sense of style in pieces that not only have great sentimental significance in lieu with today’s trends, but also inspired by authentic traditions from all over the world and creates masterpieces to match your style and grandeur.

Each piece is specially handcrafted to give nothing but the best and to bring the gorgeous style to everyone and anyone who admires jewelry.

Tassel by Diamond tree,

Deginer Duo – Raghav & Cherry Sahni with Show Stopper – Aditi Arya

Airtel 4G services :Tweet #GetAirtel4G for a 4G SIM free

India’s top telecom services provider Bharti Airtel on Thursday commercially launched its fourth generation (4G) communication services, which are expected to make surfing the web on mobile phones much faster than 3G, in almost 300 towns across the country.

It is said to be India’s first commercial 4G network that will make high-speed mobile broadband a reality.

Airtel 4G SIM  #Getairtel4G,  Bharti airtel,

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Airtel offers a unique 4G SIM delivery service, wherein any Airtel user with a 4G handset can tweet using #GetAirtel4G to get a 4G SIM delivered to their home for free.
Once a user tweets #GetAirtel4G he gets a reply from @AirtelIndia handle directing the user to a link where a user needs to enter his details for SIM delivery.

Isn’t it Amazing!

Airtel is sending free 4G SIMs to their users who have 4G handsets. Just need to tweet #GetAirtel4G

I just tweeted with #GETAIRTEL4G & got a new SIM at my place in 4 hrs!

Wow, that’s Superb! I never expected it to be so quick. But hats off to Airtel 4G and made it accessible to technology waiting a long long time.

It is easy to adopt AIRTEL 4G sim by tweeting with #GetAirtel4G .Airtel 4G SIM is just a tweet away.

Flavours of Thailand in Mumbai:Thai Food Fest at JW Marriot Sahar

Thai food

Food is an important part of our culture. It plays a big role in our day to day life as well as in festivals. Food is not just eating, but it is also a way of socializing with your friends, family. I am big time foodie and I like experimenting new dishes and flavours.

Selected bloggers were invited to Thai food festival  by Blogadda at JW Marriot Sahar, luckily I was one of them. I received a gentle and warm welcome and was escorted to the JW Café. The Café was full packed as  it was Sunday thou we had a reserved table specially for bloggers :-)

Chef Rungtiwa Sorlae, had  came  all the way from Thailand, to tantalize the  tastebuds by creating Authentic Thai recipes. Thai cuisine has made its mark all over the world, with its Aroma, Spices and amazing Chilies, it has become one of the popular cuisines for food lovers all over the world. Like any other cuisine Thai food also has many  base dishes which are hard to find in their authentic avatar

JW Marriott Sahar’s JW Café  is a modern art deco. It is exceptionally rich and tranquil spot to dine.I was  amazed by Thai Decor which included bamboo, umbrellas and staff dressed in thai costumes. The fragrance of food, the freshness of fruits and chilli spread all across.

thai decor umbrella

Thai decor umbrella

We started our Thai Food Journey by having a variety of freshly cut fruits such as Mangosteen, Rambutan, Dragon fruit, Pomelo, Lychee longan


exotic thai fruits

Exotic thai fruits


Then I was captivated to the making of  Som Tam (salad), It’s a blend of crisp fixings which included crude papaya, lime squeeze, and bunches of red chilies in wooden mortar and gave it a decent beating, now topping it with cherry tomatoes and nuts and Voila Som Tam is prepared. It was new and extremely invigorating. I exceptionally enjoyed the sweet and bean stew flavors making a stunning combo for Salad


Chef Rungtiwa Sorlae

Chef Rungtiwa Sorlae

soum tham thai salad

Som tam salad


Try not to miss the Khao Soi. Its one-dish feast includes noodles and coconut milk presented with a variety of garnishes that gives burst of stunning flavors

Khao Soi

Khao Soi

Live satay counter

Live satay counter- Pineapple satay, Tofu satay


Lastly, I tried Thai Pancakes made from rice flour and topped with coconut cream. There are many variations to this crispy pancake.I am still drooling over it.

thai pancakes

Thai pancakes

For the Main Course (vegetarians) – Stir Fry vegetables, Thai curry with Jasmine rice and Thai fried rice  were good options to try.

thai curry

Thai Curry

Thai Curry

JW Sahar brings Thai street food to Mumbai with an array of authentic and sumptuous Thai cuisine.I liked the delicious Khao Soi, crispy thai pancakes, Spicy Thai fried rice.

selfie time food bloggers

Selfie with bloggers- Ekta (, Prerna (

So friends tantalize your taste buds with Thai extravaganza which is exotic and distinct with a perfect balance of strong aroma and varied flavours.

SAB se Anokha Umbrella: World’s Largest Umbrella by SAB TV

In a city like Mumbai, particularly amid monsoon, you don’t anticipate that everything will be hunky-dory. When I saw an old lady looking bewildered standing in the street trying to catch a cab, I decided to help her out. She gave me her blessing and left. That’s when I thought to myself , does an umbrella imply togetherness . At the end of my article, you will think about it.

SAB TV World's largest umbrella

SAB se Anokha Umbrella

I came here to uncover  the world’s biggest Umbrella with 60ft in breadth. 2000 laborers smoldered the midnight oil and made this Iconic  Umbrella.  It is 30 ft tall Umbrella that can shelter  1000 individuals. Gentlemen do look at it this #SABseAnokhaUmbrella   which is at promenade zone, Carter street, Bandra.It connotes the soul of fellowship and elevates individuals to tag along under one rooftop where society is separated by class, races, religions and so forth. The zinger of SAB TV  finishes it exceptionally well – “Asli Mazaa sab ke saath aata hai”.

SAB TV World's largest umbrella Sabse Anokha Umbrella

SAB se Anokha Umbrella: World's Largest Umbrella BY SAB TV

SABseAnokhaUmbrella  was unveiled by Television actor, Manav Gohil  who plays the role of Yamraj in Yam Hain Hum on SAB TV. Sudeepa Singh, Playing Rani pari in Baalveer, Punit Talreja, who plays Hemant Ghotala in Badi Dooooor Se Aaye and Shruti Rawat, who plays Bhairavi in Badi Dooooor Se Aaye unveiled the SABseAnokhaUmbrella. The entire climate was jolting and fans were occupied with clicking photos of their most loved actors. I could see the energy and eager fans thundering to get a look of “Yamraj”. What’s more, Yam was excited to see Anokha Umbrella and told अद्भुत (heavenly).

SAB TV World's largest umbrella Sabse Anokha Umbrella

SAB TV brand message – “Asli Mazaa sab ke saath aata hai”  Exactly it advances unity and  sends the solid message to everybody to meet up under one Umbrella. We might not have everything in perfect order, but rather together we have it all.

Have a great weekend with your companions and appreciate the Anokha Umbrella. Bear in mind to watch SAB ke Anokhe Awards to be telecast on SAB TV on 31st July 2015 @ 9 p.m

Exclusive : Mira Rajput’s Wedding Jewellery that added glitz and glimmer to our pretty new bollywood bride

There has been a lot of buzz about the Big fat Bollywood wedding of the year.Well, its Chocolate boy of Bollywood, Shahid Kapoor’s wedding. Fans are curious to know about the bride, pretty fair damsel, Mira Rajput, Delhi girl. It was low key wedding affair in Delhi with the selected guest list. The jewellery piece worn by Mira on her wedding day was a half century old majestic piece with gems like Navratna and Polki  designed by the 226-year-old Shri Hari DIAGEMS. The pre-wedding function jewellery was also designed by them. Mira Rajput’s heavy pink lehenga with golden stone embellishments was perfect for the D-day.

Mira Rajput Jewellery

The antique heritage artwork by Shri Hari DIAGEMS

Mira Rajput trying her wedding jewellery

Mira Rajput trying her wedding jewellery



The Jhumar/Passa (Head Ornament) on the wedding day, was breathtaking, it is a Pakistani jewellery piece which was made by a special technique by Shri Hari DIAGEMS.

Couple getting ready on D-day

Mr & Mrs Kapoor getting ready on D-day

Mira Rajput looking graceful at her pre-wedding ceremony and on Wedding day

Mira Rajput looking graceful at her pre-wedding ceremony and on Wedding day

Mira Rajput with co-owner of Shri Ram DIAGEMS Mr. Vinay Gupta

Mira Rajput with co-owner of Shri Hari DIAGEMS Mr.Vinay Gupta

Food Review : Chili’s American Grill Bar


Mumbai’s 2nd outlet of American casual dining restaurant chain Chili’s American Grill & Bar opened at Inorbit, Vashi. Known for its quintessential Southwest American cuisine, the restaurant was first opened in 1975 in the city of Dallas, Texas inspired by the legendary Terlingua Chili Cook-Off.

With its presence in over 32 countries, Chili’s American Grill & Bar forayed into the Indian market in mid-2009 with the launch of its first outlet in Mumbai. Now all set to bring their cuisine to Navi Mumbai.


I came with my family to experience the American style. We were personally welcomed by Vinay, the Manager. After we settled down at one corner table. He  greeted us and asked for our likes and as we all are veggie.I told him bring on the best of vegans tonight!. He smiled and said “Sir, I will try and make your feast awesome tonight”


Irresistible Savory Appetizers

Plenty of varieties  to choose from. It has options from cocktails,breezer, mocktails  and best of it says Approved for all Ages!. We ordered California (Its mix of watermelon and strawberry) Evolution (mix of passion fruit and pineapple)& Trade wings (Heavy mix of orange juice,pineapple, grenadine and spatter of soda with some lime) The combination just blown my mind takes you to the state of serenity. and its really awesome to start off!


Electrical Starters

I was confused what to order in starters.I called Vinay to suggest few options. He told try out Ultimate dipper that’s  superlative one. It’s basically a combo of southwestern rolls, texas cheese poppers, and fried paneer quesadilla bites (smokey flavored and spicy)  served with carrot sticks and sauces for dipping.It looked colorful and yummilicious to  tickle your taste buds.


Delicious Main Course

We ordered Veggie & Cheese Quesadillas (flour tortillas filled with spinach, fajita onion,) Served with sour cream,pico de gallo  and rice and beans  and we ordered Classic Paneer Fajita(Southwestern spice paneer grilled to perfection!Served with onion and bell pepper. It was fresh farm paneer, colorful and crispy sticks shape. I really loved the texture and was mild spicy and my tummy was about to burst But had little space for desserts ( It won’t end without my favorite sweet )


Tempting Desserts

There were luscious varieties in desserts however we finally settled for the sizzling brownie sundae. It was warm, rich chocolate brownie topped with vanilla ice cream and hot fudge. The brownie just melted in the mouth.Its a rich and truly indulgent dessert.


It was time to leave now. We had a fantastic feast and soon will be coming to try out new dishes with my cousins.

Finally Verdict: –

I would give 4/5-star rating for amazing food and great hospitality that made wonderful dining experience.


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