The Magic of Persian Cuisine

The Persian Cuisine is Unique. It forms an integral part of its rich and dynamic culture.The philosophy of food here is to maintain balanced diet between hot and cold food.Persian food has been influenced on the cooking of many regions from India to Rome, Greece etc.

Persian cuisine, iran food, nawab saheb, renaissance hotel

As soon as I entered the Nawab Saheb, Renaissance Hotel, Powai.I felt the magic of Persia  is going to delight me and make me dine like a royal king with live classical music in the backdrop. Chef Mona and Chef Abdul Haleem welcomed us at the entrance and made us comfortable. The Style and décor resemble Arabic art and lanterns set the rustic appeal.Beautiful Divan seats with red and golden fabric make perfect seating to the occasion.

Persian cuisine, iran food, nawab saheb, renaissance hotel

We were served appetizers PANEER KABABI, It’s the mix of Cottage cheese marinated with basil, paprika, and mustard sauce cooked in clay oven( tandoor). It was cooked to perfection, delicious and spicy. I really liked the Veg Patty – ABADAN FALAFEL, which was made by chickpeas, coriander, garlic capsicum. The fillings were superb with equally grated all ingredients  and crispy.  The Persian food made me realize there is so much to discover in Iran and neighbouring countries not only just food but culture, music etc.

Persian cuisine, iran food, nawab saheb, renaissance hotel

Persian cuisine, iran food, nawab saheb, renaissance hotel



The main course KURESH PANIR – it’s a blend of Cottage cheese cooked with spinach, dill,fenugreek, coriander. It’s very rich and perfectly cooked though I did not like the taste. KASHKE BADEMJAN-It’s the Eggplant cooked with curd sauteed onion and garlic and some iraani masala. It was cooked to perfection with exotic iraani spices.

Persian cuisine, iran food, nawab saheb, renaissance hotel


Last but not the least Desserts, We tasted  RANGINAK,  ie Irani dates stuffed with walnuts, pistachio,almondsserved on a bed of sweet flour. It’s a healthy option, very well mixed with dry fruits and definitely one of the best dishes. I really liked the  SHOLEH ZARD, which is A persian rice pudding flavoured with rose water and saffron. The rice pudding is an absolute lip-smacking dish.

Persian cuisine, iran food, nawab saheb, renaissance hotel

Persian cuisine, iran food, nawab saheb, renaissance hotel

Experience the rare culinary magic of Persian kitchen with the sumptuous  feast and  dine like a true Persian style!






Freedom needs no Occasion: Taandav Movie Review

Movie – Taandav
Directed By: Devasish Makhija
Presented By:
Cast: Manoj BajpayeeDuration : 11  mins
Duration: 11  mins

taandav movie review, manoj bajpayee

Life can be quite overwhelming for any of us as we juggle our responsibilities. Our minds are constantly racing from one thought to another. No film has been able to depict this as well as Devashish Makhija’s short film Taandav that explores the dilemma of police constable Tambe.


Tambe, a lower middle-class Mumbai cop, is shown on duty during Ganpati Visarjan. We are immediately pulled into his psyche of mixed emotions, through different flashbacks of incidents in his life.


While Tambe is seen ‘watching’ the crowd, trying to concentrate on his duty at hand, he is unable to tear his mind away from the issues that he is facing back at home.

taandav movie review, manoj bajpayee

One, his wife is not talking to him (due to an argument) and Tambe is also under a lot of pressure to pay for his daughter’s school admission fees.


This only gets aggravated with the festival’s noise, beats, and drums. This film depicts the struggles of the common man (aam aadmi) through themes such as corruption, morality and the art of even letting go.


Amidst this chaos, an irate passenger complains to Tambe because an autowala refuses to take him to a locality. Instead of helping him, Tambe drenched in his own thoughts lands up doing the Tambe dance.


This lands up in him getting suspended but, despite this, he is also happy seeing how his wife and daughter laugh at his irrational behaviour.


The film is a direct reflection of how police constables and officers have to work in, despite being mentally stressed out.


Although the film is just eleven minutes, the ability to depict this tight script along with Manoj Bajpayee’s talent is remarkable, more so because there is no dialogue!


Bajpayee has made his character worthy of sympathy and endearing. We can immediately relate this film to how corruption exists in our society. We also see how policemen have incredibly pressurising jobs to do (on a daily basis) for a meager salary in return and how ‘dance’ is an outlet for any sort of frustration.


One of Bajpayee’s finest performances till date, Taandav is definitely one film that you should not miss out in.




Khud Ko Kar Buland :Our Lives are in OUR hands!

Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get, right? No matter how much we plan, destiny never remains in our hands. This is exactly where we need to take a step back and reassure ourselves that we are not victims of our fate.


destiny, karma, life, trust


Have you ever had high aspirations to study abroad, but suddenly your mother or father falls ill? Do you ever feel that you are at the mercy of the situation?


Have you ever wondered what would happen to your house while you are on a holiday, if everything would be safe? A common worry, I’m sure we all have felt this way when leaving our home and travelling.


khudkokarbuland, birla sun life, mutual fund


Life is full of uncertainties and we cannot avoid it. Can we predict if we fall sick or catch a contagious illness, while in our own hometown or while travelling abroad? Of course not!


At Birla Sun Life Insurance, we want to help you realise that you can take charge of your situation and be in control. You are not a victim to your situations. Following its theme, #KhudKoKarBuland (Make yourself proud), we can steer our lives in any way we choose.


“Honi ko aap rokh nahin sakte. Par honi bhi aap ko kahan rokh sakegi” ((You can’t dodge the inevitable. But fate can’t really stop you from moving forward). Life will constantly throw challenges upon us and its up to us if we want to surrender to it all or fight back to make our dreams come true, fight for what we believe in and want in our lives.


The future cannot be predicted but its safety can be assured. Having a plan in place makes it easier for us to live without having to worry too much. We can choose to have destiny/fate dictate us or we can be the author of our lives and masters of our destiny. Who do you choose to be ?





The Fabulous Food Adventure

foodventures, love, food,


Are you a big time foodie?  Do you love experimenting new stuff?Or have you tried any craziest things with food? Maybe Yes or No? Even if you have not, then no worry, you would still love the sensational experience. A splash of adventure and thrill that makes the food journey extraordinary and tingle your taste buds. Well you are at the right place to get a glimpse of what I am talking till now


I remember Mac Anderson said “Find what makes your heart sing and create your own music” Certainly my ingredients are food, thrill, excitement etc. to create adventure food recipe.I am an Amateur Chef and have a deep passion for experimenting with food. How about trying out few combinations such as pumpkins muffins, peach galette, Maggi noodles with spring roll, Jelly roll Ice cream bomb,  ice-cream with hot red chillies, Vodka paani puri, Liquid Nitrogen Popcorn? The last one sounds crazy, doesn’t it?Yes, I tried that one.


I am gonna share my experience of Making Liquid Nitrogen filled Caramel Popcorn. It was a spontaneous decision to just try out and taste the popcorn. Nevertheless, the whole experience was amazing. The Popcorn were cooked with the liquid nitrogen and the caramel flavor gave sweet and tangy taste.  The temperature of liquid nitrogen is -196C (-321F). If you put your hand on it, you almost feel as though it’s not touching you. This is due to the Leidenfrost Effect. When you pour it on the popcorn it makes it extremely cold without actually soaking in.It was an amazing experience and I just loved it. You can check my video link here: Liquid nitrogen popcorn It spread like viral on Facebook with over  8k  views in just 10 hours!

liquid nitrogen popcorn, foodventures, love, food, chef vikas khanna, vir sanghvi

You can see how adventurous food can make it an electrifying experience. To make it more exciting I came to know about Foodventures by Axis Bank Dining Delights.It’s all about discovering and creating new dishes through food and culture and a way of experimenting and enjoying it. I really like the idea and this one is bang on. Check out the wonderful video to know about the adventure of experimenting with food and share your #Foodventures recipe and stand a chance to feature in a video with Michelin Star Chef Vikas Khanna and Food connoisseur Vir Sanghvi.



Stylish Office Attire for Men: Avoiding the ‘Corporate Drone’ Look

No matter how hard you try to, the ‘Monday blue’s always seem to catch up with you, right? WRONG! Now, here’s your chance to uplift your mood and start your week in a far more jovial manner; just by wearing the right colour clothing!

officelook, corporate style, fashion, lifestyle,

Both men and women are expected to dress as per the workplace that they go to. While media companies may have a rather casual sense of dressing, there are other corporates, which require you to look your best.


Now, a regular nine-to-five; five days a week office is pretty regular with most people and this may marginally differ from other companies which start at 10 or 11 am and go on till 7 PM. It is very important that one dresses not only with style but a lot of sophistication for their corporate look. Impressions form easily in a corporate space and you never know who is judging you!


White, blue or black shirts paired with navy blue, black or khaki slacks are usually the ideal caricature of what a man on a regular day at the office. On some occasions, he may also wear a plain necktie for formal events such as meetings with clients, etc.


Although it is important to have proper corporate dressing etiquettes it is also very important to have some style or fashion of your own as well!


Consider a Button-down:  Also known as a business short, a button-down is probably something you may want to wear to look your best on Monday. This is not exactly your typical shirt that has buttons down the front but actually refers to the collar tips. Slim fit shirts always look the best and remember, make sure you tuck it in!

officelook, corporate style, fashion, lifestyle, turtle shirts

TIP: A formal beige-lining shirt by Turtle is one that you could opt for.


Think about PINK! While white, blue and black seem to be a favourite amongst men; you may want to go for an unusual colour (on men)! Consider pink! This could be a plain, basic type or striped, whichever you prefer; but make sure it has a collar!


Formal pants come into two different types; pleated and flat front. Known to be the most common suit pant, pleated pants have creases at the front of the pant along the waist. On the other hand, flat fronts are those trousers, which lie flat against the body. It depends on a man’s body type to decide which would look better.

corporate look, style, fashion, mens fashion, lifestyle, office goers

TIP:  A nice pair of navy blue trousers by Blackberrys might be a good choice.


A lot can be said about a man by just the pair of shoes that he is wearing, so you better make sure you opt for a smart pair on a Monday! So, although they say that your eyes are the windows to your soul, shoes are actually like a résumé on your feet.  So while there are plenty of brands to choose from, it is very important to opt for an appropriate colour. Beige, brown and black are some of the colours that are good options. Leather shoes are one of the most popular corporate footwear for men.

corporate look, formal shoes, mens fashion, men dresses, hot dresses, stylish, fashionista

TIP: Formal black leather shoes by Red Tape may just suit you!


Go Gaga over the spring 2016 Trendy Fashion Collection

Every year the fashion world gears up and waits for the Spring Collection fashion week. There is no doubt that this year, the excitement and anticipation are the same. The latest Spring Collection 2016 showcased striking and resplendent fashion wears, clearly sending one message- that spring is coming gorgeous, so put your best foot forward and rock on. The fashion week showed blazing colors, unique necklines, romantic net and mesh fabrics and many other latest fashion for women that are worth having them in the closet. Take a look and get inspired to look trendy for the upcoming spring season.


Peek a boo Shoulder:

A happy news for pear shape and ruler shaped women, this spring season, flaunt your shoulder by wearing off-shoulder dresses, crop top and shoulder cutouts. This is the latest fashion for women and will make you look uber-classy. With off shoulder crop top wear hot pants or denim shorts and welcome the onset of spring. Or go for off a shoulder black dress and wear a metallic belt with golden hoop earrings to look enticing.



Look wild with stripes:

Were you dying to doll up in stripes, but were worried if it would look fashionable? Then lovelies, this is the perfect time to show your fashion quotient because stripes is the latest fashion for women. Want to look slim, then go for vertical stripe shirts, dresses. With stripes outfit, wear denim jacket, boots or fringe heels and look stunning wherever you go.

spring collection, stalkbuylove, fashion, style,



Sensual net affair:

This year Spring fashion week showcased galore of net and mesh. So, if you are the bride’s maid or have prom party, then show the women’s fashion  style by wearing sheer net gowns. Jazz up in a backless net gown and bring a sensual look. Even mesh pattern blouses would bring a bold side, make sure you wear right inner wear to look perfect


Half-moon style and graphic bags:

Apart from women’s fashion clothing, the fashion week showcased an eccentric style of accessories. Among them, the half-moon bags, grabbed the attention of all. Rush to the online stores and possess one of the trendy handbags. Also women looking for a funky look, can accessorize their outfits with graphic bags and look groovy.


The magic of Victorian Beauty:

If you want to add a celestial look to your wardrobe, then we bet the ruffles, lace, floral prints, fringes will do a complete justice. This is the latest fashion for women, which is every inch of mystique and romantic. If you are going for a date night or have a romantic evening with your partner, then add these Victorian women’s fashion, you will be flaunting your feminine beauty.


Play in vibrant colors and color block:

Spring women’s fashion must have vibrant colors, and this year orange hue is going to rule the fashion world. If you aren’t a fan of orange, then you can go for orange shade jacket or handbag and welcome the spring season. When we are talking about bright hues, then experiment with the color block outfit, you are to sizzle in them.


So, girls don’t wait, shop online and bring the fashion world in your wardrobe. Do share with us, which of the latest fashion for women took your heart away.

Are trousers really feminine?

Yes, we get it- ladies trousers are indispensable, particularly in the present fashion landscape and the daily rigmarole of office and commuting. The titular question may catch you off guard (aren’t we getting good at this? :D) but there has actually been a huge debate over the femininity quotient of trousers for ladies. For this, we’ll have to draw from history again which we believe is certainly what lends fashion its unique sense of attachment to culture and society.

ladies trousers, feminine,

But enough of the rigmarole (we’re not about to embark on a thesis, so relax) and let it suffice to say that the West, the supposed Mecca of women’s fashion down the ages, was actually strict regarding gender-based dressing. Clothing for women has always been distinguished and differentiated from men except for purposes like battles and other emergencies. Trousers have always been categorized as men’s clothing (these simians always had it easy!) and societal disapproval prevented most women earlier from wearing regular pants like women. The East was always liberal though (hooray!) and Chinese and Malaysian women have long pulled on trousers to go to work (it’s another matter that they’ve only worked for half their lives). Trousers for ladies only became an acceptable trend in the early 20th century and spread like wildfire (we’re not exaggerating) throughout the 1920s and 1930s as well.

By the 90s, ladies trousers started assuming pride of place in regular collections for women churned out by designers of the time. Trousers for ladies started getting categorized into both work and casual segments. Paul Poiret, the acclaimed French designer, was one of the earliest designers to come up with designs revolving around trousers for ladies (wasn’t he a darling?) and created the popular harem pants in 1913 which were an instant hit inspired by the Scheherazade opera. Turning away from this delicious Arabian fantasy, however, let’s say ladies trousers became outfits of choice for women who were required to exert themselves physically everyday in factories and even during the war.

Even Coco Chanel loved ladies trousers preferably worn with the suits of her boyfriends ( the lucky woman she was) and she also started designing trousers for ladies who were involved in sporting activities including horseback riding trousers. Even Katharine Hepburn and Marlene Dietrich wore trousers on a regular basis and continued to shock fashion purists (bunch of old ladies they were it seems). The watershed moment was the featuring of ladies trousers for the very first time in Vogue in 1939 (yes, it was the original Fashion Bible back then). The journey was a little easier for ladies trousers since then and by the 90s, as mentioned, women were wearing trousers in larger numbers.

Coming to the femininity aspect, we believe trousers are as much feminine as skirts or other bottoms since the real deal here is you! It’s who you are, what you are and how you carry yourself which is intrinsically and uniquely feminine. We’re glad to say that most fashion designers and stores seem to agree with this view in recent times, going by the sheer variety of ladies trousers that are available globally.

Even movies started depicting women in trousers and there are too many examples to actually put down in writing here (unless someone commissions us for a unique movie-fashion bibliography!). Stars like Elizabeth Olsen, Zoe Saldana, Rosie Huntington Whiteley (that’s a huge name!) and Kate Moss have been spotted wearing trousers regularly along with a barrage of Bollywood celebrities. Ladies trousers have even been flaunted at award ceremonies and on the red carpet by fashionistas like Naomi Watts, Hannah Davis, Leslie Mann, Gwen Stefani, Anna Kendrick and countless others.

That just answers the femininity question neatly (boohoo critics and age-old skeptics) indeed. Coming to trousers for ladies, there are several exciting options that you will find at StalkBuyLove which prides itself on its diverse and distinctive collections for the new generation of power women. The Black Albatross Jeans is when you wish to play it cool while the Trudy Flare Pants works well for the workplace, formal gatherings, and even parties (try pairing it with a sequined top). The Ebony Bree Pants lends a girly charm to your look while the Blue Lan Pants are to die for! We also firmly believe that a masterpiece like the Athens Pants is a must have for every wardrobe, particularly for its elegant white color and racy design.

While you’re at it on StalkBuyLove, always ensure that you keep the waistband loose enough while wearing trousers. This works well to keep the hem from dragging unnecessarily on the ground (that’s another sweaty home wash you got yourself into!) and will also keep you suitably comfy. Choose trousers that fall smoothly into wide legged or straight boot cut patterns.

Always remember that ladies trousers are the fruit of a huge closet revolution and struggle to be accepted in the feminine fashion lexicon. You should definitely do your bit to take it forward by splurging some more on the same (does it look like we’re kidding?J)!

Savour the traditional Bengali Cuisine @ Grand Hyatt, Mumbai

The laughter, the pain, the memories of  Calcutta, the place I know since childhood and those memories will never fade. In every street, you will find something unique and be it food, people, culture etc  is what will make you smile and that’s why it is known as the City of Joy.Once upon a time in Calcutta my old friend Debdas Chatterjee invited me to his wedding but somehow I couldn’t make it since I had late night flight to Bombay. The only regret I had I couldn’t attend the Bengali wedding. It was not just the wedding but I surely missed the traditional Bengali food. Trust me its more than the machi-bhat and rosogulla.

What I love about Bengali food is their use of Panchphoron.Its ideal mixture of five vital flavors, in particular, mustard, fenugreek seed, cumin seed, aniseed, and dark cumin seed.  The forte of Bengali  cuisine lies in the ideal blend  of sweet and fiery flavors. For Bengalis, food is an essential part of their lives. Last week I was invited for Food tasting  @ Grand Hyatt for Maha Bangla Bhoj Festival. I was thrilled when I got the mail and I couldn’t say no this time since it was happening in Mumbai. I met my old food bloggers at the dining.

Chef Partha warmly greeted us at the door. Let me tell you he came all the way  from Kolkata to serve the traditional Bengali food at this fest.  We started off with Chaas (Buttermilk ) given in rustic clay cup. It was refreshing drink  and got a mild taste.  Chef  Partha paid attention to  each preparation and explained us the preparation and few tips on Bengali food.  One huge thali ( earthen plate) where everything is served, this is the tradition in Bengalis they eat everything in one plate (starters, main course, desserts )

Maha bangla bhoj, grand hyatt, chef partha roy, chef amit mondal, bengali food, cuisine, sweets, rosogulla,

Appetizers we had NARKELER BORA, Its is basically a patties with coconut fillings. Its was rich, golden color and perfect to start with. A delight for vegetarians.

Maha bangla bhoj, grand hyatt, chef partha roy, chef amit mondal, bengali food, cuisine, sweets, rosogulla,

                                                        Narkelar Bora

Maha bangla bhoj, grand hyatt, chef partha roy, chef amit mondal, bengali food, cuisine, sweets, rosogulla,


For the Main course we tasted  ALU POSTO, the name intrigued me and I asked Chef about the how the dish is prepared.Its potatoes cooked in a mustard gravy and can have it with steam rice or loochi (puri).I would say Quintessential Alu Posto.  Next in line was CHENAR DALNA, Its perfect blend of paneer and cashew nut  and onion gravy. Its one of my favorite dish till date.  It makes the good combination with rice.It’s lip smacking dish.

Maha bangla bhoj, grand hyatt, chef partha roy, chef amit mondal, bengali food, cuisine, sweets, rosogulla,

                                   Chenar Dalna

Maha bangla bhoj, grand hyatt, chef partha roy, chef amit mondal, bengali food, cuisine, sweets, rosogulla,

                                Ghee bhat

Bengali food will never end without the sweets.We were served MANOLOVA NALEN GURER. It is basically malpua served in date jaggery syrup. If you’re a malpua fan, you will definitely love this one. It really makes you craving for more. Bengali sweets cant end without rosogulla.Its soft, perfect sugar syrup mixed well and true Bengali style what I use to eat in Kolkatta.

Maha bangla bhoj, grand hyatt, chef partha roy, chef amit mondal, bengali food, cuisine, sweets, rosogulla,

Manalova nalen gurer malpua

Maha bangla bhoj, grand hyatt, chef partha roy, chef amit mondal, bengali food, cuisine, sweets, rosogulla,


The Maha Bangla Bhoj Fesitval is till 24th Feb  At Grand Hyatt, Soma Restaurant. Don’t miss it  if you are in Mumbai. Come and experience the joy and relish the traditional Bengali cuisine and have the delicious feast with your family.

Authentic Italian Cuisine @ Fratelli Fresh

My love for pizza  drove me to a two-hour journey to Renaissance Hotel. You would be wondering why two-hour? Yes, thanks to Mumbai Traffic,but that did not disappoint me knowing I would get to indulge into Authentic Italian Cuisine. No matter how, I was adamant to get through it. Finally the wait was over and I reached my destination though a bit late.

When I entered Fratelli Fresh I just loved the Décor and ambience. The view is amazing, overlooking the beautiful Powai Lake.

Selected food bloggers were invited for a special food tasting at Fratelli fresh by Chef Cristian. He warmly greeted us  and made us  comfortable. Since it was new menu launch, we were first shown  the food journey clip of Chef Cristian and how he started his chef life inspired by his Grandma’s legacy. Chef took care of each preparation and his team did a marvellous job.


My favorite Pizza ie. Vegetarian Pizza topped with Tomato, Mozarella cheese,Caramelised onion and pepper. The thin crust base made all the way and sauce was not piquant. However overall dish was above average.  I would definitely like to have more seasoning and add-on to it.

Fratelli fresh, italian cuisine, renaissance hotel, pizza, pasta

Mushroom Risotto – I usually never try risotto . It took some time to serve but  it was worth the wait.  The preparation and ingredients took it to the next level. It was a perfect blend of mushrooms, risotto rice  and parmesan.

Fratelli fresh, italian cuisine, renaissance hotel, pizza, pasta

Next was Gnocchi  ie its creamy pesto rosso with mozarella gratin. It’s traditional Italian favorite dish.It’s a mixture of cheese, herbs and garlic.I just loved the creamy sauce which is rich and tasty. The pesto gets tossed up with pasta and is so delicious.

Fratelli fresh, italian cuisine, renaissance hotel, pizza, pasta

Heading over to Dessert now , Tiramisu, classical Italian favorite dish.The first time I tried it long back I don’t remember when but  trust me this one its a killer.  It’s a fusion of cocoa dust, mascarpone, kahlua. Its light and yummy.

Fratelli fresh, italian cuisine, renaissance hotel, pizza, pasta

My verdict : The ambience and décor is stylish yet classic. The service  is quick and servers are attentive and friendly. Awesome food prepared by Chef Cristian.

Fratelli fresh, italian cuisine, renaissance hotel, pizza, pasta

Indulge yourself to authentic Italian cuisine at Fratelli Fresh, Renaissance Hotel, Powai







Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund Initiative:How to Invest wisely and be rich

maruticarWhen my father bought a new Maruti car, the first thing he did was puja.Basically it’s a ceremony to consecrate or bless a new car in the Lord’s name and keep it safe from bad influences.  Hindus follow superstition from the ages like hanging lemon and seven green chillies outside the home or at a work place. But I am unable to find the good reason behind this. The religious belief is ward off Alakshmi who is considered inauspicious. Alakshmi, she has the taste of sour and spicy thing so that she can be satisfied and does not enter the house.

There are many such superstitious things like never sleep with your head towards the north side, bathing after attending the funeral, eating yogurt before leaving the home. Invest during an auspicious day will bring more wealth and prosperity or lucky numbers you should buy your gold it is considered a good investment. Though these are ridiculous at times, having said that we may find answer if we go back in time and analyze which are indeed “scientific”


Do superstitious beliefs affect investment making?  We make use of superstitious system not on grounds that we think it is effective but rather the fact these rituals offer us the reassurance of feeling in control.

Often superstitions come in the way of good investments. But it doesn’t guarantee returns. Why not think smartly and be rich by taking investment decision wisely?  In the light of Superstitious and Investment,Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund has made a video that showcases how we at times become involved with rituals or superstitions as opposed to thinking and contributing adroitly.

Do you find yourself doing the same thing as Biswa? Maybe 2016 is the time to change that! #JanoTohMano

Check out to know how to turn your fortune around.