Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund Initiative:How to Invest wisely and be rich

maruticarWhen my father bought a new Maruti car, the first thing he did was puja.Basically it’s a ceremony to consecrate or bless a new car in the Lord’s name and keep it safe from bad influences.  Hindus follow superstition from the ages like hanging lemon and seven green chillies outside the home or at a work place. But I am unable to find the good reason behind this. The religious belief is ward off Alakshmi who is considered inauspicious. Alakshmi, she has the taste of sour and spicy thing so that she can be satisfied and does not enter the house.

There are many such superstitious things like never sleep with your head towards the north side, bathing after attending the funeral, eating yogurt before leaving the home. Invest during an auspicious day will bring more wealth and prosperity or lucky numbers you should buy your gold it is considered a good investment. Though these are ridiculous at times, having said that we may find answer if we go back in time and analyze which are indeed “scientific”


Do superstitious beliefs affect investment making?  We make use of superstitious system not on grounds that we think it is effective but rather the fact these rituals offer us the reassurance of feeling in control.

Often superstitions come in the way of good investments. But it doesn’t guarantee returns. Why not think smartly and be rich by taking investment decision wisely?  In the light of Superstitious and Investment,Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund has made a video that showcases how we at times become involved with rituals or superstitions as opposed to thinking and contributing adroitly.

Do you find yourself doing the same thing as Biswa? Maybe 2016 is the time to change that! #JanoTohMano

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Foodgasm : The ultimate destination for food lovers

Have you ever thought to eat all your favorites at one place?  Not really?  No? Why not get it with an array of delicious spread over your table with  new stuff. Yes, this is it “ Foodgasm” The Ultimate place for food lovers. The Place you would love to go again and again.. Take my words for it.

Last week I was  invited with the bunch of food bloggers for Dinner preview. Let me tell you I just fell in love with the ambiance as soon as I entered. The Décor is stylish and gives you good vibes.  We settled at one corner table as we were almost 6 bloggers who were ready to take the plunge into the pool of exotic dishes combined with local flavors.

Tally Not: It’s Kokum chia cooler with the signature spice blend. It gives you tangy taste and perfect mixture to start with


IMG-20160116-WA0015Hara Pyaaz: The  name itself says it all. It’s creamed onion soup topped with tofu and chives. A very healthy option to try out

IMG-20160116-WA0002Turkish Punjabi: A Turkish gozleme stuffed with spinach, salted feta and mozzarella cheese. It’s one of best starter I had in recent time. It’s simply amazing to taste

IMG-20160116-WA0004Twisted Paani Puri: We all had different types of pain puri till date but this one is going to be very special  not only it has got different flavor such as kalakhatta but also the unique taste that will leave you craving for more. I am definitely going to try it out again


Main course: Quinoa Biryani: Sounds different isn’t it? Yes, it has got quinoa instead of rice. The tweak is  superb and flavors of biryani and quinoa blends very well.


Apne khet se : Its an assortment of tandoori cum, thai mushrooms pesto potatoes, malai broccoli and Kesari cauliflower. The wide array of spreads from different farms is awesome. I liked the  pesto potatoes and something different kind of.



I am almost done after having all delicious meal but Chef says to leave some space for last but not the least dish Its ultimate dub smash: Crumbled dark chocolate and whole wheat brownie with vanilla ice cream


The Foodgasm has a lot to offer and I must say it is a unique of its kind restaurant to serve you  different  flavors with a twist. Its opening on 22nd January 2016. Head over to this awesome place and tickle your taste buds.


No shortcuts in 2016

fitness, exide life insurance, NoMoreShortCuts“Every time you set goals but never achieve it,” said my father while having a supper. “It’s not like that dad, I start it but then I leave it midway and don’t give time to it “ “Nothing new, well that’s the same story every year my son” I nodded off with a wry smile.

fitness, exide life insurance, NoMoreShortCuts

I made a resolution to stay fit in 2015 but I couldn’t stay on my goal and left mid-way.  Some may click and some don’t but that’s not the end of life. I know success goes to those that refuse to give up. Initially, I had a clear mind that I am going to stick to my goal and reach in the next 12 months, but then it did not happen as I thought to be. I use to go one day and next day will take a break and do some other thing and that how I went to 15 sessions instead of 30 session in a month. One thing I learnt is there is no elevator to success; you have to take the stairs.  “Nothing that’s worthwhile is ever easy, remember that”, told my father. Yes I, completely agree with you there is no magic pill it’s only hardwork, dedication and consistency.

fitness, exide life insurance, NoMoreShortCuts

My father’s advice made me realize that I need to stick to my goal and work hard to achieve my target and not leave it halfway.  Those words touched my heart and I told myself No shortcuts in2016: The beginning is always the hardest.   My plan to stay fit is I have made 2 smaller goals to achieve it. One  eat healthy and other exercise regularly. Don’t miss the workout session and have meals thrice a day. This will help me to stay fit and healthy.

For 2016 resolution my plans are up and I am firm to achieve my goals in a smarter way that make me feel good and be fit and have a healthy lifestyle.  Similar to my thinking, Exide Life Insurance talks about  no shortcuts in life. The message in the video is very clear you don’t have to be like jugaadulal and do jugaad in every phase of your life #NoMoreShortCuts  but think in a smart way and make plans for your future. To make plan and achieve your long-term financial goals, Exide Life Insurance has got good options in terms of protection plans, Investment and savings plans also Retirement plans. It’s one-stop place for all your financial plans.  Now with Exide Life Insurance by my side, My future is secured.

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Exhilarating experience @ Adlabs Imagica


The  moment you hear about the theme park, your mind gets in a rollercoaster spin thinking about the thrills and rollercoaster rides.. exactly that happened with me. “Are you free this Saturday for Imagica trip ?asked soft spoken lady  on the call. “Are you kidding ?” I said. “No I am serious, “  I asked so what’s the deal?  Wait..wait.. don’t be in hurry  Well.. the story is not yet over…  I packed my bag next morning ie on Saturday  and reached the spot  before I miss the bus.

I entered the excitement mode  as soon as I boarded the BEST bus which in association with Adlabs Imagica started the new bus service.  It was organized by Seatrr and Adlabs Imagica team.  There were 15 bloggers and few Media people accompanying us.The 2 hours long journey went very smooth and enjoyed every gossip and chats with all. As soon as we reached, we were  so fricking excited to get in.  We all were so hungry that we gorged on Burgers and colas.  After that, we started off rides in Nitro, Scream Machine, Mr.India,  D2, etc. We covered almost  all of the rides.

The fun was endless while we were running from one ride to another. The scariest of all was Scream machine.  At one point I thought I will fell down (Thanks to the power belt,  I am alive! )  Lastly we were pleased to see the grand Imagica Parade where all the fictional characters came out dancing and waving to everyone from famous mickey mouse, Cinderella, Tubby, Roberto, Rajasaurus, and Mogambo etc. It was a scintillating experience to witness my childhood heroes. There were extra ordinary performers too.I could see the magic and charm in their eyes. It was a visual treat for everyone.

It was an amazing adventure ride. One of the best memories of 2015.  I was thinking about Seatrr while going home. I read about it somewhere it’s a dish discovery app.  What I liked about this app is Its simplicity. It searches the best restaurants in your area for your burning desire using the rating system for each restaurant.  Even a special dish of the restaurant is suggested so that you can satisfy your hunger pangs.


18th dec 6PM


Best initiative by Hotel Formule1 – #ChaltaHaiNoMore

hotel formule1, holiday destination, customer service, satisfaction, tourism, travel“Hey  guys,  Its party time lets rock in Goa! “ I immediately told yes to my friend. I could see all my friends were dreaming about it. I was equally thrilled to party in Goa. What could you think better than Goa! Ultimate destination to Party that is closest to Bombay.

Last year I really had an unpleasant experience while I staying in Goa. Well, it was an impromptu decision to go to Goa. We just packed our bags one night and breezed out in the morning. No travel plans. Only in my mind was to Enjoy life! We finally managed to reach Goa next day and found a hotel to stay but here starts the nasty stuff. Well, knowing tourist are treated as God’s guest. But here you are taken for granted.

Let me tell you guys the Hotel we were staying had no wifi. In an internet age, it very hard to imagine but Yes, it’s a true fact. The guy at the receptionist told “Sir Chala lo Aaj ka din” The worst was yet to come. There was no Hot water provided.  We don’t expect great customer service, but bare minimum standards to keep the customer satisfied.Rather than spending so much money on marketing, paid advertising, spend 1/4th of our money in customer experience. It is really an investment in your brand.

hotel formule1, holiday destination, customer service, satisfaction, tourism, travel

Great customer service doesn’t only put a smile on the customer’s face, it not only helps you understand your customer but also define your brand and impacts your bottom line. I was going through One of the travel websites where I found this interesting video  by Hotel formule1 is a unique initiative and drive by Hotel Formule1 to highlight just that.


Hotel Formule1, a Rest Assured hotel by world’s leading hotel operator Accor, is renowned for delivering a great sleep and shower experience. It is the first hotel brand in India filling the void for standardized comfort and convenience. The hotel also offers complimentary Wi-Fi to its guests. The rooms are cleverly designed and more stylish. It is a great value stay combined with quality service and facilities.

This is the best initiative by Hotel Formule1.So shed your Chalta Hai attitude and say #ChaltaHaiNoMore

Plan early to make your child’s dream into reality

do your homework, axis bank, child plan, return, mutual fundA child’s future depends upon what kind of education he/she gets while in his/her growing up days and later choosing the right field/stream in which his/her interest graduates.

Choosing the very best for your child in terms of education is a big concern, the main reason being how does one start planning when there is such inflation rate in education sector, besides that being a parent you never know what trend pops up and your child starts following that stream, that is even more, uncertain than what you think.

do your homework, axis bank, child plan, return, mutual fund

This was not the case in my growing up days, I was blessed with inherent possessions from my grandparent when it came to securing my higher education, being an MBA you can imagine what it would have cost, but it’s not the case every time, some do not get their higher education due to lack of funds or higher education fees because their parents didn’t do the homework right and were not ready for the scaling education inflation / know about the education importance.

Recently a campaign was run across India by Axis Mutual Fund

The campaign was aimed to better understand the parent and child thinking about what the parents had in mind for their child in terms of future education and learning is concern and what the child had interest in, this campaign was conducted in major part of the country to better understand the current trend and how well the parent were prepared, the campaign was quite interactive and fun.

Let’s see what the survey conducted results, when asked to the parents about how well they are prepared for their Child’s education funds?

A surprisingly large no. of section said they would opt for an education loan or keep gold as security for funds to fulfil the Childs higher education funds, some banked on grants and scholarships, and few had fixed appreciating assets.

To conclude, we Indian are still to figure out a better alternative to the above mention solutions.

Mutual fund investments is a healthy alternative, It is untapped and better understood in terms of a sound investment proposal for child’s education, if the investment is started as early as 5 years of Childs age, it would definitely pay the dividend, what are your thoughts?

#Doyourhomework  as a parent, stop thinking and start planning with Mutual fund plans with Axis Mutual fund.

ITC Foods You Ask We Answer Bloggers meet

Recently ITC invited selected bloggers for a meet “ITC Foods You Ask We Answer “. Basically, It was knowing the brand and what all goes behind building successful food brands as well as provided an open platform to answer questions related to packed foods.

ITC foods
Let me tell you the story of ITC is quite interesting.ITC’s Branded Packaged Foods business is one of the fastest growing foods businesses in India with a turnover of over a $1 billion.The success of this brand is driven by the superior market standing and consumer franchise of its world-class brands – Aashirvaad, Sunfeast, Bingo!, Yippee!, Kitchens of India, B Natural, mint-o, Candyman and GumOn. ITC’s food products today represented in multiple categories in the market – Staples, Spices, Ready-to-Eat Foods, Bakery, Confectionery and Snack Foods, and the recently launched Juices.

ITC foods
I really liked the Sunfeast Yippee Noodles story. The making of Yippee noodles intrigued me to know more about the brand.ITC entered the instant noodles segment with the launch of Sunfeast YiPPee in 2010.The sourcing and blending expertise that has made Aashirvaad India’s No 1 branded Atta has been leveraged to create a delightful noodle block. A key differentiator is that the block is round and does not need to be broken while cooking, which makes for really long & slurpy noodles. A special scientific process ensures that the noodles do not form a lump even 30 minutes after cooking. SunfeastYiPPee! instant noodles are available in three lip smacking variants – Classic Masala, Magic Masala and Chinese Masala. Classic Masala is the Classical Indian Masala flavour with a perfect blend of spices. Magic Masala is a special masala created by ITC with spices and has five different types of dehydrated vegetables. Chinese Masala is a unique combination of Chinese and Masala flavours.

We had a fun interactive session where food bloggers were given the task to compete and prepare any dish from Yippee noodles.



Fusion Chaat – Mix of vegetables  and YiPPee noodles


ITC- winners – 1st Prize -Aashirvaad Achievers


Kudos to ITC that focuses on consumer quality products backed by their cutting-edge research and development team.

Check out the How are Yippee noodles  made