Exide Money Book : Your Finances in safe hands

Source - My Money Book

Source – My Money Book

In the world of technology, everything is paperless and in digital form. From shopping, e-filing, ordering  food, etc. everything is online. Just a mouse click and you enter the virtual world. However, to be secure, when it comes to financial documents, there are certain things that I believe in which traditional way is best way

We live in a stressful environment and due to fast paced life; we don’t keep our investment details at a particular place. And that’s where the entire hide and seek games starts. Let me make things easier for you. I am talking about “My Money Book “by Exide Life Insurance. This book is a boon to those who keep forgetting and don’t keep track of their investments.  It’s one book to keep all our records secured at one place, needless to worry about anything. It has almost covered every aspect of investments say Mutual funds, Insurance policies, Health insurance, Car insurance, Bank information, Lockers, Demat details, Loans segment, Fixed deposits, Property, PPF,NPS etc .

The cover is white in color; looks pleasant and inside pages are also in the white background that gives you completeness feeling. The book has been made in such a way that’s it’s going to be very practical.

The five things useful things about the My Money Book: –

Easy to understand– It’s very simple and easy to understand. You just have to flip through the pages wherein headlines (Red color) you know what it is.

I loved the Categorization–  Most of the financial needs where everything is covered  in Insurance, Bank details, Loans and Investments and subcategories under that like Mutual funds, Insurance , Health insurance, Car insurance, Bank information, Lockers details ,Demat information,  Loans details, Fixed deposits, Property,PPF,NPS

Complete information – It gives you comprehensive information say example in insurance policy, Policy number, policy holder’s name, premium amount, start date, end date, sum assured, maturity date,premium paying mode, renewal date ,contact details, advisor details, etc so once you fill up this information you can keep your original documents safe and that’s it.

Source - My Money Book

Source – My Money Book

No Data loss or Crash – As this is the traditional way of maintaining the investment details. There is no need to worry about loss of data due to file deletion, gadget breakdown or information misplaced etc.

Petite in Size – It’s very small book, light in weight and so easy to carry anywhere.

These are all good things about the book. Now there is room for improvement to make it more useful and cover other aspects of investment details. Some of my wishlist to be added in next edition of the Book would be:

History of Blood donation date and institute contact no. so that in future if anybody in your family wants blood then can contact the blood bank easily

In Bank Accounts – MICR Code, Nomination details, Timing of Bank Branch and list of bank holidays will be very useful

The untimely death of family member, it’s better to mention the Place of the original documents where it is kept in the house so the claim is processed easily.

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Mend your HP Laptop Batteries wisely

HP Laptop batteries are just like human beings they eventually die in the end. But if you handle with care it can last longer. These days Laptop has become integral part of our lifestyle. I start my office work on the go. I had a bad experience of my battery being not lasting more than 3 hrs at a stretch.

Source- andistyan90.blogspot.com

Source- andistyan90.blogspot.com

Having lesson learned, I will share my experience of long lasting battery life that would be helpful to you in future. I am using my laptop since my college days, so it’s been for 4 years, working smoothly. The Lithium-ion battery as used in most laptops has 1.5-2 years useful life. The Lithium technology is made up of many smaller cells. These are charged at one time until the battery reaches full capacity.

There is usually common issue faced by everyone regarding the batteries are

  1. My Battery charge never reaches 100 %
  2. My battery becomes very hot
  3. My battery lasts just 10 mins, it doesn’t last as long as it used to


I would suggest use Power management wisely, it’s an effective tool that can save your laptop battery and increase the battery life.

Source - Screenshot of Power Management

Source – Screenshot of Power Management

1.)   Optimize Power options (Power Saver) can help you maximize battery performance and conserve energy.

2.)   If you are using continuously, the battery will die very soon. Laptops have option to dim your screen so that you can squeeze out some extra juice out of the battery.

3.)   Remove external devices if they are plugged in and not in use as most of them time USB devices like pen drive, mouse etc. and Wifi.If you forget to remove it and it will totally drain down your battery to zero. Also, avoid charging other devices like mobiles, iPod from your laptop, it wipes out the battery too.

4.)   Once I forgot my DVD in the drive. Make sure you don’t keep one in the drive as it consumes power. They spin every time you restart your PC and it takes power even if you are not using it.

5.)   When you are not using your laptop, keep it on hibernate. It will save a lot of power.

I usually stick to above power management tricks that will give my battery life a breather to survive and I get my work done pretty fast. I would like to know your experience as well. Share them with me in my comments section.

Bridging Dreams : Varanasi Boat School

varanasi boat school
Varanasi is the sacred place since ancient times. It is mentioned in Vedas, Puranas text. Despite being the oldest city in India and having historical significance,it is the most backward in time. India is home to half of the world’s illiterates. There is a regional imbalance in the spread of literacy. This is due to the ineffectiveness of primary schools in enrolling the students and retaining it. As a tradition in India, young children start earning additional money to support their family. There is a substantial level of poverty and high rate of population growth as compared to the low rate of growth in literacy.

Illiteracy is the mother of all issues in India. It gives birth to poverty, Unemployment, child labor, population growth etc. Many poor families cannot afford to send their children to school. We cannot rely on the government to establish schools.It won’t solve the problem.But to a certain extent in Urban India it will mitigate the issue. What about the Rural India, those who stay in far away remote areas, who do not have access to proper schools. It is easy to sit in the comforts of our luxury home and crib about the lack of literacy in our country and how our government is inefficient to tackle it. If people actually start making efforts, things could really change and not just remain an agenda for 2022.

To help these children achieve their dream, The NGO Guria, under the leadership of Ajeet Singh, started Initiative “Boat School” for providing informal education to the children of economically backward community who couldn’t enroll in schools. Its unique idea to develop an interest in learning and education by BOAT school. As in Varanasi, Ganga is considered Holy River and many families’ breads and butter depend on the river for sustenance. It’s just the first step towards a noble cause; gradually everything will be in place. It’s just matter of time. The magical transformation will give these children enhanced learning experience and way forward in creating a better place.

I am thankful to my parents for giving me better education and learning. I got #ScholarShip too. I believe in “Education for all’ Nobody should be deprived of basic education. We need better infrastructure so that these children’s can enjoy the fun activities in the Varanasi Boat School. They can learn new things after their daily labor to keep the excitement alive. It’s something I can say quality education will be more accessible. More and more families will send their children to the Boat school.

This is the right time to Do Right and shows your support towards the noble initiative and making Varanasi Boat school ideal learning place. The journey of doing right starts here.

LED Monitors enhances viewing experience

Those were the days when we use to do our work on CRT monitors. There was kind of euphoria when you see  Monitors & Desktop in neighbor’s house around a decade ago.CRT monitors were huge and bulky in built that gives an impression of baby elephant in the jungle.  Due to new technologies, CRT monitors survival has become tough. When you compare it with new LED monitors are very slick and stylish.


LED Monitor

Now a day’s customers prefer slim and trim monitors! LED monitors are latest to join the trend in Monitors & Desktop  category.  I used my CRT monitor for about 5-6 years and I thought why not get LED monitor as there are ample reasons to get one. My convinced my father to get LED monitors. I searched online and found it useful when I browsed in Monitors & Desktop  category.  The reason for me was shift from CRT to LED was simple.

1.) CRT monitors generally take lots of space due to its boxy looks. I can’t fit it on my wall or anywhere that’s not the case with LED monitor.

2.) High definition display gives you greater pixels per unit area (ppi ) and better dynamic color contrast ratio .Generally LED monitors use light emitting diodes is to enhance the picture quality by backlights. It has much more gradation in intensity and provides true color quality.

3.) It provides vibrant colors and real life pictures with better gradation.

4.) It requires less power to operate due to inherently low energy required by an LED to function.

5.) I work for longer hours daily so LED monitors are preferred choice as they are softer on eyes.

The above factors were so impressive that made my mind and booked an LED monitor. Though the price is relatively higher than others but it’s worth a lifetime. My search for Monitors & Desktop  was productive. It’s very easy to replace your old monitor with LED monitor and enjoy the best picture quality and amazing HD colors and no need to worry about anything.

Accepted :Sharing the Load- #WashBucketChallenge

Well few days ago, I was scrolling my email and saw there’s challenge on Blogadda contest -Share the Load – #WashBucketChallenge. Initially i wasn’t keen on taking up. But then i thought why not accept it and gets some exercise done.I don’t take up challenge but this time it was something my heart told me yes and i felt that would create awareness on Gender equality in our society.


After 3 days i received my Ariel matic free sample from Blogadda. I had never operated Washing machine. Its just my mom, sis n maid would do all these years!. It was quite challenging task. I learnt the operation from my sis and got it started.Few clothes in the basket,tub full of water now added the Ariel Matic powder and the twist-spin started and my clothes were moving over and round each other and spins again. I cant believe now my twisted clothes are coming out ready to put in the dryer.



Now that my clothes are out from the dryer, refreshing and as if new baby coming out of the womb.Its really easy task i felt and i feel anybody can do it and share the load. Well let me tell you friends, the whole activity has made me  think over and over again why do we say its women’s job. Are household chores only women’s job? The mindset of the society needs to be changed and sharing the load will not only promote gender equality but also encourage love for each other. Of course Overloading will lead to bad results,why not give a helping hand and share the load daily.Its daunting job but over period of time you will not be burden with it. Its gonna be routine task in household. I salute Airel for coming up with the Unique challenge to address the Inequality in our society and encouraging men to share the load.When you share the responsibility it will lead to happy household.You get sound sleep and twice the love and respect for each other.
I am nominating my friends – Aziz , Pavan, Raj, Bhavin, Apoorve to take up the Challenge.
Do share your personal experiences in my comments section. Would love to hear abt it.

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Digitalization is the key to transformation

Digitalization is the Key

#DigitalIndia Vision is road map to bring greater efficiency to governance. Digital transformation is nothing but the use of technology to radically improve performance.Successful digital transformation comes from envisioning new ways that digital technology improves performance and customer satisfaction.

E-governance will help us to – Bridge the digital divide :Citizen access to government information/services must increased rather than further divide the digital divide.

–Provide information regarding local resource and demographic information,

–To Enable a platform for interaction between citizens and govt

–Creation of Jobs i.e; generate new opportunities for India’s youth

Through E-governance, will help us to reduce corruption. Its effective and economical way to reach the masses.More importantly it would penetrate among  the youth.The main objective of E-governance is to

–Provide friendly and efficient interface between government and citizens

–Provide transparency in operations

–Provide timely and efficient delivery of services

–Improve quality of government services

The success of E-governance will depend on ease of accessibility of services to the citizens, it should be done on local level ,accountability to be increased, procedure to simple , time savings,last but not the least affordable service. 45% of e-governance projects in developing regions are complete failure; 50% are partial failures; only 15% are completely successful. Govt should spend % of GDP in E-governance It should be reassessed time to time.It depends on what we will be and what we want to be in future.New technology will come up and need to adapt it keeping up with the.The faster you adopt the technology you will reap the benefit of E-governance also make it more of value added services to the citizens.


To support E-governance Initiative, Intel is committed in creating a digitally enabled India and believes  that innovation will drive this movement forward. Intel supports Digital India Vision.Intel is committed towards our government’s vision of a Digital India. Through its ‘Digital Skills for India’ and ‘Innovate for India’ initiatives, Intel has been fostering technology as the enabler for creating a digitized India.

To know more about Intel’s #DigitalIndia Vision check out – http://www.intel.in/

#Lookup Story: Optimistic Mommy


Optimism doesn’t wait on facts. It deals with prospects. Pessimism is a waste of time.” – Norman Cousins .This perfectly tells you everything about being Optimistic.I would share my #Lookup story about my mother who believes in optimism and sends positive vibes. The more positive emanations you send,the more they will feel appreciated,and they will appreciate you in return. I will tell you one incident when my boss took dig at me, no fault of mine and I argued that made the situation worst.it was first time it happened with me. I came back home very sad. I just went to my room , didn’t talk to anyone. Mom entered my room and i told her what happened in the morning.Like a gentle sunshine,she shared her story, A bad day doesn’t mean its bad life and that made me feel good and told to take it in positive way. Never argue, ignore, criticized anyone, its a downer. That’s that i like about her. She has got positive energy all throughout her life and makes everyone feel  warm. She has solutions to almost all the problems you say. She will try to make things simpler and get it down. Those small things makes me feel good and gives me strength to stand up and face the music. I wouldn’t be ever get up if she wasn’t with me. Those qualities i want to inculcate and spread the joy and happiness around the people. Its pretty difficult to be positive and tackle things. But once you get away from negative thoughts you definitely see through angels eyes of positive pathway ahead. If you have been to Mad over donuts outlets,the Optimistic will see the donuts, but pessimist person will see the hole. If you believe you can, half the battle is won there.I learnt from her is to be happy as much as possible.There is kind of magic in her persona that attracts everyone towards her and you get the same energy when you are with her.

There are many reasons to complain and be miserable. In a different perspective is how you look at Life.  And there are so many reasons to be enthusiastic and content that’s how you look at Life. Optimism is the best way to see the life. Optimism isn’t about ignoring the negative things.Its about being content in spite of the negative things.I would say do those little things that makes you happy. The tears of joy and happiness counts in life than sadness. This is my Supermom story that is full of optimism and make sure everyone around her is not dull and sad.This way it brings out change in a person’s thinking and behavior by being positive and climb the ladder of success.

Check out https://housing.com/lookup.